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  1. James Garvan
    No , this is the petrol. Only 175000 on the clock. I got it off a farm in Armidale from a sheep farmer . Had to replace all the suspension, it hadnt been touched in all its life. About another 4k...
  2. iwan_t24
    Nice old motor... but keep checking it out for rust on the underside! lol :thumbup:
  3. Dag Einar
    Hello Im new here, Im from Norway. My daily car is a J100 07/2006 and a 2003 Yaris Verso D-4d I also have a 1980 HJ45-PU, but unfortunately wihtout plates... I asked a friend at the norwegian...
  4. tony rodaway
    I have had my 120 for 4mths now and cleaned for the first time on Friday and how clean it looks I was impressed.
  5. stgibson
    Love the 70 series pickups! I am looking for one now to restore. Does this have the 6 cyl. HZ diesel?
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