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  1. ValiRom
    @iwan_t24 hi, i have the kzj78 for 4 years and it was never on sale, i just want to keep the electronic pump and the auto gearbox :)
  2. iwan_t24
    I saw some picture's of your truck for sale on here a few months back. Are you the new owner? You could convert it to a manual mechanical fuel pump and it would remove the electrical fueling issue...
  3. Geir Kristiansen
    Strontium chromated primer
  4. iwan_t24
    Absolutely Clive.. they're the answer with the original axle. I'm also pondering on another option... provided I am capable in achieving the end result lol!
  5. clivehorridge
    @iwan_t24 I'm envious of these too Iwan, they only seem to be readily available from Australia or the US, and I'm sure they would cure all the problems I've been having trying to maintain caster...
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