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  1. clivehorridge
    Nice set of photos, interesting looking rig, like it!
  2. driftaeu
    Went out to the Barrington Tops with the 76 and 80 series towing our DOT 5 equip. We tested some new products that we have on our webpage. www.drifta.com.au / www.drifta.eu Cheers Jake
  3. clivehorridge
    Like this sticker, sums it all up :lol:
  4. StanM
    Hi all, I'm trying to resolve an issue with my rear wipers on my YM2000 Land cruiser, 4.2 Diesel, Standard with Barn doors. The issue I have is that the RH rear wiper isn't working but the LH...
  5. 1nitialT
    Will this work on a 75 series? 1985 hj75. Thanks in advance