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  1. Ben Stratford

    Hj60 seat

    Sold my front seats after fitting some from BMW X3 Much better
  2. Ben Stratford

    To drum or disc it

    Rear drums on my 40 and 60’s have been great for most conditions. But the drums did suffer when repeatedly submerged during stream crossings. But in all other situations they are good. The handbrake is also as good if not better than the 80’s that I had, but does need annual adjustment. If i...
  3. Ben Stratford

    Annual Report

    Another year gone in the blink of an eye! Cruiser running perfectly with 220k miles just clicked over so 30k this year. Quite uneventful with a new set of tyres and an arb bush the only requirements. Did get an engle fridge freezer in the end with an agm battery and redarc dcdc charger...
  4. Ben Stratford

    60 in need of a new home with lots of TLC

    It may yield some useful spares but its well past saving that one
  5. Ben Stratford

    60 up for grabs

    That certainly is diabollockall moggy!!
  6. Ben Stratford

    Headlamp condensation with LEDs

    Or just fit hot bulbs for a day then switch bak
  7. Ben Stratford

    60 up for grabs

    I've had a few 60's in my time and only come across air con on a couple of JDM imports and only LSD axles on the same. I have located an import vx with 12ht, cable lockers, aircon and auto and rust free chassis in uk. He wanted £12k 2 years ago but i am holding off, i know he paid £8k but his...
  8. Ben Stratford

    60 up for grabs

    He said it had difflocks and aircon but didnt send any evidence
  9. Ben Stratford

    Over charging.

    Thats very kind of you @Roger i will PM if needed. Probably wont look at it for a few months though. Thanks ben
  10. Ben Stratford

    Over charging.

    Thanks for raising these points Dave, much appreciated, will check everything thoroughly when i tackle the job
  11. Ben Stratford


    A couple of inches on Dartmoor
  12. Ben Stratford

    FZJ80R from Devon

    Auto caravan trailer erector?
  13. Ben Stratford

    Over charging.

    Yes very quirky all round. I think my current vac pump fits, will check to confirm of course they plan the swap Dave. Another stressful job!
  14. Ben Stratford

    Over charging.

    What a find on ebay ... arrived today A 40 amp internal vr alternator that fits the 60. At last i have a spare! I can now sell my new spare external vr alternator which was a reserve plan
  15. Ben Stratford

    Over charging.

    Thats a good shout roger. I didnt know the vac pumps had different splines aswell!!
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