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    Eyesight requirements!

  2. Chris


    The irony is of course, the fact that POR is a rust treatment!
  3. Chris

    New Suspension

    I'd add to that, that the thing I liked about EFS is that you could specify the lift you wanted at the weight you were going to carry. I got mine and it was 6" easy. Got a pic somewhere. I thought blimey that's tall. Then I added all the things I'd calculated and it dropped to exactly the 4"...
  4. Chris


    Oh come on, Defender's aren't that bad Tony......
  5. Chris


    Was just Googling the word bell-end....
  6. Chris

    Eyesight requirements!

    Ahh you're good then Frank. Carry on.
  7. Chris

    Eyesight requirements!

    Well reading it at 41 meters is excellent Frank, but if it's blurred at 20.5 then yes. I can see the sun and that's 93 million miles away, but I can't cut my own nails without glasses.
  8. Chris

    Toyota Land Cruiser j120 rear spring perch

    That's the spring perch. No it's not a component you can buy but the good news is that it's fairly easy to get to and pretty simple to fabricate and weld into place. So not the end of the world. The shroud on the damper has seemingly gone the same way. You been driving through acid? Probably a...
  9. Chris

    Replacing front wings

    Do me a favour someone, just pop round and pick that up for me. Just what I need to replace the rust I have a wing. Almost the right colour too. If I was closer to Birmingham, I'd have that in my boot by now.
  10. Chris


    Speechless. But of course this is an isolated incident....The rest will all be brilliant. Won't they?
  11. Chris


    2 on FB today. A 93 plate at £20k and an R plate at £15k Both look very decent
  12. Chris

    The best Toyota Landcruiser Campervan in the UK. Tiny home tour.

    This was at the fake, fake, Lincomb up in t'Yorkshire
  13. Chris

    I want to upgrade but....

    We went over there on the bikes yesterday Jacob. Looked in the car park, but don't think there was any Yota metal parked there at the time. Just started to rain as we went over the top and down into Holmfirth. Cracking rainbow though
  14. Chris

    I want to upgrade but....

    Interesting comments on the D4D. I had the old 1 KZ-TE which had ridiculous torque but wasn't much of an overtaker that's for sure. Then I got an early 120. it was like swapping from a mini to a McLaren. Fabulous. Had everything I wanted. I got to drive my neighbours Colorado late model D4D and...
  15. Chris

    Transmission not downshifting when stepping on the gas pedal

    Very hard to say straight off the bat. Could be electronic, something to do with the box itself. But as you are getting drive just not down shifting the first thing I'd check might be the throttle position sensor. This effectively tells the box what the engine is doing. No I am not familiar...
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