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    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    So while Trolling the site looking for some other information I came across this old post which stopped being updated at the end of January 2020.... For many this is a similar time when things just stopped due to this Covid thing. I guess my question is did anyone manage to go on any...
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    Wanted - Prado or Colorado (90 or 120 series)

    Hi all A friend of mine is looking for a Prado. Anyone know of one in decent condition without rust issues? I believe the budget is around the £6k mark or lower. Please let me know if you know of any good ones for sale.
  3. dyladams

    Was it you?

    Well done Nick!!!
  4. dyladams

    80 series 2” lift springs - Old Man Emu - FREE

    Hi Lorin I am interested if still available will Send you a PM.
  5. dyladams

    80 series Load Barrier

    Dammit @Rosy .... you beat me to it! If however Rosy does decide not to take it I would be very keen.
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    My 105 Overlander

    Hi there and welcome I believe! that truck looks great. What’s the spec / modifications? also keen to see a couple more pics of this modified roof rack.
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    Rear steel non-slip

    Raptor paint? Or look for something like this:
  8. dyladams

    Adventure Overland sept 2020

    I don’t think I will be able to attend but saw this that might be of interest.
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    1992 brake upgrade

    I think RoughTrax also do Stainless brake lines.
  10. dyladams

    1992 brake upgrade

    I heard that u could use the 100 Series pads on an 80, but have always been a bit sceptical due to side etc. Last thing I want is to lose a pad. Is there a big difference in performance?
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    Wanted /Swop - 80 Series Aux tank button

    Hi all I am looking for a aux tank dashboard switch for my 1996 land cruiser. I picked up a tank with some accessories but the button is for the pre 1995 dash board. does anyone have one going at a reasonable price (or possibly looking for a swop?)
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    Dometic/waeco cdf-11 cheapest I’ve seen (£270)

    Has anyone installed one of these in their centre console on an 80? What did you do with the gap that the original console leaves in the gear shift plastic surround?
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    The Photo in the dunes looks like the Luderitz to Walvis Bay route in Nambia - Am I correct? The Club has the occasional social, normally twice a year just south of Birmingham. See below post for some information...
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    Welcome Hennie, Good to see you found us. You will need to post a couple of pictures of your cruisers!
  15. dyladams

    Mwr4x4 from Spain

    Welcome From the photo it appears to be a 105 series cruiser with solid front axle? What engine do you have in there? Also really like the bumper. Do you have any more specs / photos to share of the truck?
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