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    Oil sump part

    Hello, i have a leak at the oil sump at my LJ7 (1993, 2.4l Diesel, 66kW). This is because corrosion (rust). It is the engine 2L-T. Where can i get such a part of oil sump? Thanks.
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    Steering rack defective

    Hi, i'm urgently searching a steering rack for a LC100, model year 2006. Here is the part number, taken from the original and defective steering rack: 44200-60040 In my region, in Austria and Germany, it is not available... I've found steering racks at ebay with no 44250-60020, -60021...
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    False Alarms with Onbord-TVSS-System

    Thanks to Towpack for the link. There a further links to pdf-documents, which are very helpful for analysis.
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    False Alarms with Onbord-TVSS-System

    Hello Frank, yes after an alarm event the TVSS is always sharpened. There are situations, where the alarm siren is going every couple of minutes. It could be the radar sensor, which is located in the center console. I should cutting off all the sensors, one after the other and watch, if the...
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    Is it OK to buy LC 100 with rust in the axles

    Hello Thiru, what i see on your pictures is a normal corrosion. It looks not so bad! In countries where salt or salt lye is used on streets in the winter season you have an enormous corrosion, as shown in the attached picture. The picture was made 4 years later after buying a LC 100 in...
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    False Alarms with Onbord-TVSS-System

    Hello, is anybody out there, who can confirm problems with permanently false alarms of the TVSS-Alarm-System? We have some LC100 cars in our pool and all of them have this problem!? Year of construction of all cars is 2006. In some cases i have found that sun shining triggers false alarms...
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    Ignition voltage (Clamp 15) for daytime running lights

    Hello, i have bought a pair of front fog lamps with an integrated led bar for daytime running lights for my Land Cruiser 100 (year of construction: 2006). The fog lamps and the led bar are independently to switch. Is anybody out there, who can give me a tip, on how i can branch clamp 15 (it is...
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