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    Quick Drain sump plugs

    That was my concern too
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    Quick Drain sump plugs

    Has anyone fitted one of these to their Cruiser?
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    Lockdown cruiser

    Hahaha if that's what you call slow progress, I hate to think how much you get done when you've got a deadline... Great work it all looks lovely..
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    Hi Neighbor!

    I also have a 100, used daily on the road but being in Zimbabwe it gets the occasional off road adventure.. I'm fairly new to off road driving so I don't push my luck but I have to say the 100 series is very capable off road, It's more capable than I am brave so far. Super comfy as well. Mine is...
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    Timing belt intervals 100

    Timing belt, tensioner and pulley all replaced. As suspected all looked like brand new. But at least I now have the piece of mind that all should be good for another 5 years. I can't believe how easy a job it is to do on a 1HDT, all done and the front and rear brakes checked in under an hour...
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    Timing belt intervals 100

    Hi uHu, I'm sure you're right re the belt but as you say it won't do any harm especially as the truck sits for 6-8 months at a time. I'll post a pic of the one that comes off. I've had a rummage through the old receipts and found the one for the timing belt. Theres no mention of tensioner or...
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    Timing belt intervals 100

    Hi Chapel, My cruiser has the 12v engine, is it best to do the water pump at the same time on these?
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    Timing belt intervals 100

    Decided it's probably a good idea to do mine the belt has only been on for 18000km but it's now over 4 years old and the car spends long periods parked up.. Better safe than sorry.
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    Steering rack leaking

    Sorry for the lack of updates... The seal kit did the job
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    Latest Pics

    What a lovely truck
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    Gull wings

    Also interested
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    Intercooler yes or no

    Great, I'm happy with the current performance so as long as I'm not doing any harm by running a bit leaner then I'll leave it be. I've got this if I want power .. Cheers
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    Should i keep my new to me 1998 4.2???

    You'd have to steal my 1998 100 series, I wouldn't sell it...
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    Intercooler yes or no

    So it's just over a year since I had the intercooler fitted and I still haven't been to the diesel specialist to have the engine tuned/adjusted to make the best of the IC. Maybe I'll get time this trip... Will it do any harm running it with an IC and not having the engine adjusted to suit the...
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    Funny Pictures

    Sums up a few mechanics..