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    Funny Pictures

    There's someone on FB selling the exact same thing.. They were also selling a very dubious looking door stop.
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    Funny Pictures

    Made me chuckle...
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    My other toy

    A bit of extra ventilation to keep thing cool under the bonnet
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    My Cruiser

    Thanks for the info, It's going to be a while before I get to do any more work on my cruiser it's in Zimbabwe and I'm in the UK..
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    My Cruiser

    Thank you, I think I'll end up doing something very similar.
  6. guruvetim

    My Cruiser

  7. guruvetim

    My Cruiser

    Hi Did you end up fixing the plug here? If so do you have and pics? Thinking it might be a good place to mount them on my 100
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    Steering wheel Cover

    It's really not that bad, there's a video on youtube. It took me about half an hour to do the last one the first was more like 45mins. Fantastic improvement on my cruiser looks like a new wheel.
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    Steering wheel Cover

    I've put one of these on all my vehicles and for around £20 they're great..
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    sorry but had to panic buy

    I'm coming back from Zimbabwe at the weekend, I got a case full of bog roll.. no shortage here. And that's not something we've been able to say about Zim for a long time...
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    Technical Benefits of a Snorkel

    For those who have a snorkel, have you closed off the drain holes in the filter housing? The rubber oneway type of valve on mine is quite hard and doesn't look like it would stop water ingress if it was deep enough.
  12. guruvetim

    63 AMG Hilux

    As the title say.. Bonkers but I think I like it
  13. guruvetim

    Road condition Katima to Kazangula,Zambia

    Hi Harry, If you look on Facebook there's a group called Drive Zim You'll be able to get info for the Zim part of you're trip there.
  14. guruvetim

    My other toy

    A nice write up on my Robin Hood in the April edition of Complete Kit Car magazine.
  15. guruvetim

    steering wheel

    I got one of these for my steering wheel...
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