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    Never seen it that far gone .... what did they do with it ??? Lots of succes with restoring, i'am still working on my second VZJ90 ....
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    can be fixed ......
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    Body mount

    It's saveable like everything on a land cruiser
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    Central locking & elec windows failed

    Hi Neil, I think you already checked your fusebox ... Check main switch in drivers door panel. Disconnect and clean switch and contacts. you could also bypass it with a wire so you can check if the problem is in the main switch. Mine had the same issues, and i bought a new switch at Alibaba for...
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    Auto Gearbox Oil Flow

    Graham, if you have air in the lines, it won't be a problem. The pump pick-up element / filter is at the bottom of your gearbox. If the pump is working it will push the oil trough the lines. (and push out any air) - You could check for bent or damaged flat tubing. (most unlikely) - Check for...
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    Lower Ball Joint Bolt Size

    Roughtrax complete set L+R .... no problem and good quality
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    Moving to Germany and looking for a 90...I think

    Plenty of them for sale in Belgium because of the milieu zones or "umweld zone's".
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    Ever seen a VZJ90 with removable back-top ??

    Hi Ed, i think this is how they met the Danish rules indeed. Also registered in Denmark as a commercial vehicle, so it makes sense in that way. Only question .... what is the cost of this conversion ? And will the cost benefit ? In Holland the benefit of a commercial vehicle is about 800 euro /...
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    Ever seen a VZJ90 with removable back-top ??

    Hi fellow LandCruiser 90 owners, I imported this car from Denmark, anybody knew of the existence of this type ? Can it be originally Toyota ??? Greetz, Jack VZJ90 IMG_2366 by Jack VZJ90 posted Feb 10, 2019 at 10:01 PMIMG_2365 by Jack VZJ90 posted Feb 10, 2019 at 10:01 PMIMG_2364 by Jack VZJ90...
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  15. vzj90 pick-up

    vzj90 pick-up

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