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    Need help with advice on the right suspension

    I need help with advice on the right suspension for my rig. What to you have on yore rig? Mine is equipped with Drawers system and aux battery, heavy rocksliders, steel rear bumper, spear wheel / carrier, steel roof rack, roof top tent. + 400 kg in the back of the car And all that without...
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    Clunk while turning

    Had exactly the same loud clunk on mine. I thought for myself that clunking sound had to do with some thing on the suspension. Check the position of your springs and that they are sitting correctly in the bowls. But after a complete rebuilding of the front axle ( It was not because of the...
  3. jah

    Good luck buying parts if you're part of this "club"

    I have experienced the same low interest from more than one of the mentioned suppliers. Asked for various parts for the 80 series. No giant expensive interior trim and exterior parts. Can imagine that it is more interesting to spend time on customers who buy "expensive" parts..
  4. jah

    double ended double cardan joint - anyone know ?

    Thanks, active reader of the forum :) Sorry, no photos. Do not remember which length of mine, depends on auto or manual and height etc. I added a new tube, but you can also cut and weld existing ones. I hade it properly balanced.
  5. jah

    double ended double cardan joint - anyone know ?

    You can use 37110-3D530 from Hilux it fits on the 80's axle and transfer flange straight on. You only need short to the right length! That's what I've done on my HDJ80 :)
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