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    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Hope you've all had a good weekend. I need to get along to one of these things again.
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    LJ70 Build Thread!

    It's been a rollercoaster just messaging you and getting updates through Facebook mate, thanks for the link to this. Amazing news about the new arrival on his/her way! So many reasons to be positive
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    Lincomb meets 2018

    Slight change of plan. I've put my back out so won't be camping. My old man doesn't fancy attending on his own so if either of us turn up it'll be for a day trip in one vehicle, probably on Saturday..
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    Lincomb meets 2018

    Rex and I are itching to get to this next month, as is my old man with his Collie. I assume it's being held at Tony's place, despite the amended post at the beginning of the thread? As it looks like that is regarding the spring event.. Do I need to get payment to anyone before the date? Look...
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    heads-up, two and a half LJ78's coming up for sale

    I'm gonna do what I can to get the funds together for Rex, great to see you're getting some enjoyment from him though. Oh, and he's running a Dobinson's lift, not OME. Unless you've changed it of course? Jim.
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    Mega cheap Colorado d4d manual, Wirral

    Someone please put Keith out of his misery, he keeps getting phone calls from wazzucks offering £1500! (I did warn him, though!)
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    Mega cheap Colorado d4d manual, Wirral

    Just to add, if I hadn't already bought my Shogun I'd be buying this (unfortunately he won't take a swap ), it's incredible value for money.
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    Mega cheap Colorado d4d manual, Wirral

    Hi all, Mike's father in law has decided he no longer needs a 4x4 and his trusty collie is now up for sale. For some deluded reason he's shunned mine and my brothers advice to price it in the high 2's and is asking just £2195. Be quick because he's already put it on the 'trader and I'm sure he's...
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    Hello LandCruiser Club

    I meant to reply to this some time ago but must have forgotten about the thread until I saw your eBay ad this evening! Great looking truck mate, I happen to like the two tone brown on these (I suppose REX is testament to that) and once they're on sensible looking boots they look stonking! A...
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    Thanks Tom, do you have experience of the late STT? How do you think they compare in terms of on...

    Thanks Tom, do you have experience of the late STT? How do you think they compare in terms of on and off road performance? Thanks, and thanks for the Amazon tip too!
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    Transfer box question

    Sorry I'm late, only just seen this The button is normal, at least on light duty 70's. The front drive is actuated via a vacuum, which is engaged electronically. I never had an issue with mine, despite regular deep wading. I haven't heard of others having issue with this either. It does...
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    Cooper STT pro... have them listed in the right sizes still, but currently out of stock. Can't find the two most popular sizes listed anywhere else now (265&285/75R16), just the newer "pro" model. I could go for the narrower 235/85R16 which gives a similar height to the 265, might look a little...
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    Cooper STT pro...

    Some will know I've been a lover of the STT since the year dot. Imagine my anguish when I find they have changed the design once again and I now know nothing about them. The last change must've been 11 or 12 years ago now, and I admit that change was for the better, they were just as good off...
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    Front t-case output bearing kdj95 manual

    Bob you're a legend, we actually found your thread on the other site and all that's left to do now is refit the props and reassemble the gaiter! Thanks for all your help
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    Front t-case output bearing kdj95 manual

    Afternoon all, my brother and his father in law both drive these wonderful machines. Unfortunately said bearing has gone on his father in law's. He's stripped it down and has all the parts he needs for repairs, however it's a little confusing as to how it all goes back together... the exploded...