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    First breakdown in nine years

    Hi Tim, no not something I’ve had to replace - yet. Think would help you if create a new post with relevant title as I have no doubt some of the guys on here will know the procedure. By the way, spent most of my adult life living in WA before returning to the glorious Irish climate! Miss the...
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    24v Starter PITA

    Many thanks for pointers. Think it’s worth a go. What’s the worst can happen :flushed:
  3. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Thought should upload pic of the earth cable Im looking at to make sure. The other end of the thicker cable is what I mentioned terminates directly to the block below the manifold. Very hard to check what state the cable is actually in as real awkward to get at. Sounds like having more than...
  4. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Think might take it to an auto electrician for extra straps as likely i'll make things worse! Just had a look again and the earth connection on my no. 1 battery has a thin wire to the inner panel and then the thicker cable runs down and terminates against the engine block side just above the...
  5. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Cheers. I had previously checked all the connections for the batteries and the various relays and they seem sound. So if I understand correctly my options are to replace the original battery to block earth strap as this is likely the problem or run a same size strap from number 1 battery neg...
  6. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Unfortunately the lecky side is not my strong point. I can see one earth strap running down from the number one battery and attached to the engine block. Doesn't look too easy got at to clean up if it is that earthing point. Thinking there are a number of earths could be at fault and might just...
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    24v Starter PITA

    ok chris you are a star. Thought would go for easiest option so connected a jump lead from the lift hook to my bull bar and bang off she went. Sooo this tells me somewhere in that engine bay is a bad earth? Maybe I just drive it with the jump lead attached!
  8. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Cheers fellas. Unfortunately currently working on this single handed so cant check 24v at starter terminal when being switched on but definitely getting 12v at rest. Also getting correct voltage at the voltage converter terminals for both batteries looking at the FSM. Think I will try the...
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    24v Starter PITA

    Hi all, Now starting to understand why folk changed over to 12v starter systems. Hoping somebody on here can give me some more things to try for my 80 that is not cranking before I have to admit defeat and get it recovered to a garage for the first time. Turn the key and get the loud clack...
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    First breakdown in nine years

    Title says it all really. Out in the arse end of nowhere having lunch with my young fella, went to drive home and clatter/bang from the starter. Tried usual thumping it but no go. Must admit i sat there in shock for a bit. Just goes to show how reliable these old wagons are and the surprise...
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    rust never sleeps

    the joys of road salt, title says it all really. Found bump stop sitting bottom of shock. more weiding.. Ah well more welding...
  12. Knucklehead

    Before i buy new clutch master and slave

    have this on 3+ years now. Simple fit and working well. As mentioned, easy gravity bleeding:
  13. Knucklehead

    spare alloys by Karl

    Got sorted some spare rims by Karl. Great communication sorting out DHL issues. Top bloke. Cheers, Dave.
  14. Knucklehead

    Grand tour s3

    Just watched ep3 of new series. Sounds like they should have kept using the mighty 80. Clarkson reckons at the end of Columbia trip they went through 6 ‘nearly new’ landcruisers while his Jeep just kept going.:flushed:
  15. Knucklehead

    BFG KM3s are here.....

    For anybody holding out for KM3 in 315 size, holy crap, would be cheaper to fly to the US and bring a set back...
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