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    Can you tell me what this is for .the switch with off onit.

    follow the wires....
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    FOR SALE: KZJ78 ECU and Rear Door seals

    Yep Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    FOR SALE: KZJ78 ECU and Rear Door seals

    These parts are still for sale. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    FOR SALE: KZJ78 ECU and Rear Door seals

    Hi, only just seen this reply, must have notifications turned off...sorry. are you still interested? If so let me ask around for friends traveling to Aus that can handcarry and post onto you from within Aus. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Spares heads up

    Just so the right guys see my thread I have a couple of 70 series spares for sale - details in the classifieds section: Hope I'm allowed to do this but I know that if folk use Tapatalk it is easy...
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    FOR SALE: KZJ78 ECU and Rear Door seals

    ECU is used but works fine. I bought it as a spare and have now sold the Kzj. I am after £150 plus postage. Also door seals for the rear doors of the same truck. They do also fit other models based on the same chassis/body so check toyodiy. I am only after what I paid for them (plus...
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    Jambo from Watamu!

    yep - what Ben said. Fitting a second temp gauge is definitely recommended and keeping your cooling system meticulously maintained will help. Also blanking off your EGR (then pop the intake off and clean it out well) will help a bit and make the engine a touch more responsive with a touch more...
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    Ecu repairs

    Ken - did you see my reply to your PM? Yes I do have one for sale but it is for a manual box - what do you have? I have just come back from Nairobi but have a friend coming over in a couple of weeks if you want it. Check my PM. Mark
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    Vegetarian or Vegan Tyres?

    you might enjoy this parallel reaction over on the xr650r forum to me sharing the link there as well:
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    Funny Pictures

    hahahahaha :laughing-rolling:
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    Nuts and bolts

    you always undo the nut as 'normal' practice. The purpose of a washer (which is usually under the nut) is to provide a 'bearing' surface that the nut can rotate on. You mention undoing and doing up nuts with the impact wrench...I wouldn't have thought there is anything on a landcruiser that...
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    Vegetarian or Vegan Tyres?

    well I know my Big Red Pig (XR650R) eats tires but I certainly don't...
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    I want to do this

    hadn't seen the motorized ones just the pedal powered but the motorized look like even more fun. less walking up the hills....
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    I want to do this

    do a search for drift trikes in youtube - now they look like fun!!!
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    Jambo from Watamu!

    Karibu from a neighbour in Uganda! smart looking 78 (keep an eye on your temp needle) but you'll want an 80 series soon.... :icon-wink: Mark
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