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    I gave up on the Google search and went old school after finding a number for bosch head quarters (1-888-715-3616) and they supplied me with three different companies that supply diesel parts, two of which were in my state. I then contacted those two finding that both had a seal kit on hand...
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    Thanks for the info. Now all I need to do is locate a seal. I've looked on this "wonderful" tool they call Google but keep finding everything but a Boche 0 460 404 065 injector pump kit. I've got one other store I can call. Wonder if anyone has a Bosh manual?
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    Bosch fuel injector
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    Diesel ToyToy

    pictures of my Toyota pick up engine swap to a VM Motori 95A
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    Fuel leak.jpg

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    The '85 subject

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    Bj73 questions?

    I had some info. wrong. The year and model are 1992 BJ73 Land Cruiser.
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    Bj73 questions?

    Here is a quote from: List of VM Motori engines - Wikipedia "425 OHV 2.5 L; 152.5 cu in (2,499 cc) straight-four, with two (pushrod-actuated) valves-per-cylinder and indirect fuel injection. 92 mm × 94 mm (3.62 in × 3.70 in), the engine size is variably referred to as either 2,500 or 2,499...
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    Bj73 questions?

    I've been looking for a manual for the VM Motori 2.5 hp 4 cylinder engine. This engine was in a 73 Toyota land cruiser 74 series that came from Spain. The engine serial number is 95A/1 17900. As I said, it is a 4 cylinder and not a 5 cylinder engine. If anyone has one or knows where I can get...