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  2. Derfstravels


    My LC80
  3. Olazz

    Engel Fridge

    Anyone got an Engel fridge they're thinking of selling, please PM me Thanks
  4. Olazz

    Dakar 2020

    The reporting in the UK was truly woeful !! Carlton Kirby is appalling at the commentary, even worse than his ignorant drivel on the Tour De France... And then there was RedBull TV... those 2 millennial buffoons, who think their left had "rapping gesticulation" with every word they uttered was...
  5. Olazz

    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    Mark, you seem to have fallen in love with Morocco, indeed a beautiful country. Have you explored anywhere else in Africa? If the Morocco/desert landscape is your 'thing" then you would love Namibia for sure. Why not venture further south on your travels?.. I don't mean W/S or M'tania.
  6. Olazz

    Leaking windscreen.

    Thanks guys.. will advise fitter
  7. Olazz

    Ever wanted more legroom your 80?

    We discussed it a couple weeks ago, including the fitting procedure. You were in it, on the way to see your favourite performer at the the Chilli house. :banana-rock:
  8. Olazz

    Leaking windscreen.

    Some months ago I cracked the windscreen on the '98 petrol 80. I was very reluctant to change the windscreen, because I just knew the new one would be a leak problem. Unfortunately the crack began to creep and grew too large to ignore. Would have failed next MOT for sure. So very...
  9. Olazz

    Ever wanted more legroom your 80?

    Ahem.... Don't forget, I've already got my name down for one set CJ !
  10. Olazz

    My new overland project

    By the time that happens, I'll have lost the will to live!
  11. Olazz

    My new overland project

    A couple of pics of the state of the build. It's been a real grind and not a particularly happy experience to get this far. From the Head looking to the rear. The hole in the bed platform is emergency access to the garage. The workspace over the fridge with main Victron colour control and...
  12. Olazz

    80 Series starts but repeatedly cuts out - 4.5 petrol.

    Yep that's the one. Even though it's a tight fit, if the clip is broken, I'd cable tie it on. I had very similar problems with my fz and tried everything to solve the problem, till I found the plug was connected but not firmly enough. I clipped mine in and cable tied it on. It cured the problem...
  13. Olazz

    80 Series starts but repeatedly cuts out - 4.5 petrol.

    Paul, make sure the MAS plug is plugged in properly, i.e. it is clipped in and tight and there is no water or corrosion in the plug itself. The cause of many starting/running problems on the FZJ80's.
  14. Olazz


    Chas, lighten up boet, we don't all have the same sense of humour. If we all commented on jokes in topic that we didn't find funny, it would be 300+ pages!
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