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    Daughter wants a petrol 120 series

    Of all the bits that rot on an old 120 the exhaust would be the very least of my worries. I think you can find serious rot anywhere from the fuel tank (check the straps and where the straps bolt to the chassis) backwards. Circular section cross member. The upper control arm mounts on the...
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    Injector Swap

    I'm now on 198000 miles. Think I changed at 120000. Haven't hooked up Techstream for a while. Had to give my old laptop back to a previous employer and haven't tried to reinstall. But engine is quiet from cold still, and my gear stick doesn't throb at idle; both things "fixed" after the swap. I...
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    New car, well new to me

    The first Minors were side-valve engines. There definitely isn't an inline 850 (848) A-series. The A30 had the same 803 engine as the Minor. Could they have been called 850 at the time, before the 848 was a thing?
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    New car, well new to me

    I think it's a Minor 1000. Don't think they made an inline 850. It was an inline 803, same as the Austin A30. Transverse 850 was for the Mini.
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    New car, well new to me

    Very nice. Had a 1970 model as my second car, in 1992. Was talking to someone the other day about how old / different it looked even then. And yet it would be like having a car made in 1998 today which doesn't seem old at all! Put a Midget 1275 engine in mine, which were relative cheap and easy...
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    Road tax hike

    And mine. Can't remember what it was last year, but that seems like a huge jump? At least I'll have an even more robust response next time someone accuses me, as a cyclist, of not paying vehicle tax.
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    How do I get grease in this?

    Brilliant, thank you. Shaft nicely lubed again. That's much easier than my UJs!
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    How do I get grease in this?

    It’s a potters wheel. 30+ years old. The threaded cup is about 21mm 1.5 pitch, but I’m guessing really an imperial equivalent. I’ve never seen a fitting like this before. I’m guessing I need some sort of cap adapter for my regular (does my UJs) grease gun. But not knowing what it might be...
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    Anti-laning gathers pace....

    I don't think it should frighten anyone who is driving sensibly. There's a big "drive" where I live to cut down on the anti-social actions of motorcross / enduro bike riders. Like any community they have their idiots. I've been sprayed a few times with stones as they come past when I'm on a...
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    For fans of simple, off-roaders.

    Unfortunately it's never going to tow what I need, but for any journey I don't need to tow, and is under 40 miles I always take the Jimny over the LC. And for the off-roading I do it's way more maneuverable and doesn't sink up to its axles in mud. That said, my quad bike is better again, but...
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    For fans of simple, off-roaders.

    The Jimny looks to be back. Suzuki Sweden previewing it. Essentially a "commercial" version of the Gen 4 that disappeared in Europe due to emissions quotas. Be interesting to see what this does to the mad prices for Gen 4 models still on the forecourts...
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    B F Goodrich KO 2 on Prado 120

    I've got these in 265/70r17 on standard coil suspension on my LC3. On full lock they just about rub, but my plastic arch liners are a bit "flappy". Spare fits on the backdoor OK too, if that's a concern. I'll take a pic when it's not raining so hard!
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    Importing non-EU 78

    Basic IVA (no emissions test) is available for a limited set of vehicles including LHD and personal imports (that you've owned and lived with abroad for 6 months). You don't need an IVA at all if the (light goods) vehicle is more than 10 years old. A new RHD cruiser will need full IVA. The full...
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    Wind Turbines.

    I does beg that question, and of course the answer is different everywhere. It's relative to the people around you. In the UK we stop paying benefits to single people if they earn more than about £13500 a year. A couple with a child don't get benefits if their combined income is greater than...
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    Wind Turbines.

    Pretty damming, although I never realised Germany was in the same position. Shows how much we have to pay in benefits to people with jobs because their employers don't. We're all subsidising businesses who are getting away with paying their employees less than a living wage.