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    I think there’s a thread somewhere but @Ben is your man for the 70 series. Might be a bit tricky at the moment as I think he may have his hands full. I think he had a link for manuals.
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    Hi there, i have just joined

    Hi Jamie and welcome. We are a pretty friendly helpful bunch on here but we kinda need a bit more to go on. How about you tell us a bit about you and more importantly (sorry) your truck and maybe someone will be able to help you. Oh, and make this your introduction, then open a new thread in the...
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    105 steering box

    Correct, Clive did upgrade after bending the pitman arm.
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    Any Cylinder mower experts here?

    Not sure on the Masports but some had a ratchet to allow turning. You have to split the frame to remove the roller. Not as bad as it sounds and would be part of a mower shop winter servicing. Remove engine and drive belts/chains first then tip on its side and undo bolts. Remove both blades for...
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    the straight through crew.

    Straight through again last month no advisories. :icon-biggrin:
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    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    Dare I say it Andy, cursed Smart car? Diesels do 94 to the gallon but are like hens teeth, the petrols do 50+ I might even know of a well maintained Brabus cabrio that could be for sale…:shifty: Non Brabus are Xero road tax and the Brabus are around £100 or so can’t remember.
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    New member introduction.

    Hi Frank and welcome to this most friendly informative forum. The V8 ‘hundees’ (100 series) are known to be silky smooth and lovely. Interesting to hear of your transition from G wagon to Cruiser. I’ve long had a soft spot for a V8 Hundee and yours looks a cracker! :thumbup:
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    Great intro Jovita, welcome to the forum. So glad to hear you have given what sounds like a great home to a neglected gem that is your truck. Love the photos and good to hear of your plans. You’ll find most of the info you need on here plus many other likeminded members happy to help out where...
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    Agree with both the above. Check the voltage across the battery with the engine running just after start. Should be no more than 14.4V. A reading of 14.4 or just under is fine. Also check batteries in your key fobs. Other makes have issues if batteries in the fobs are near dead or dead. Check...
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    Saw that. Had to have a little inner chuckle but a bit of despair as well. Do they just not care to get things right for their customers? Ok, this is what warranties are for and there can be teething troubles but…really!!?
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    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    Family member has had a Jazz since they came out and loves it. Lynn loves her Mitsubishi Space Star. 1.9 did. Goes well, and the second we have had (though manual) reasonable room and well made. Mitsi parts guy I’ve known for 25 yrs says the engine goes on and on. Mitsi modified Renault unit...
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    Looks good but don’t trust the seller!!

    Spotted this myself the other day. Looks from the pics very good including underneath from what can be seen. Apart from that sill of course that looks like it’s grounded on something a bit gnarly.
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    Intermittent speedometer

    Well spotted Rosy! :thumbup:
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    Leave it in Japan!

    It’s not pretty is it. I mean these things generally push the boundaries of what can conceivable by called ‘ok ish’ but this one really does go above and beyond. It would look hugely better if the skirts were black and the front grille were standard cruiser.
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    80 series in Hitchin - is that yours?

    I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean Chris. :lol:
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