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    70 Series Group Buy

    I think Daale may have left the forum. :cry:
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    80 series Air con issues

    Are your headlights on? The climate control lights dim for night time.
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    St David's Day

    “That’s a nasty leek you’ve got on that head”!
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    1KZ-TE AC Compressor bearing replacement kit

    Worth a look at the thread on here where two compressors were made into one. Search ‘Frankenstein’ and you’ll find it. The ‘nose’ that the bearing sits on can wear if the bearing spins on it. Not good. Personally I would avoid any loctite on this bearing nose (to replace in the pulley is a good...
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    HDJ81V Help !

    Well done Vince! Looks like you’ve got to the bottom of things. As Iwan said, you’ve got two lovely cruisers there. :thumbup:
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    HDJ81V Help !

    Vince, sorry, it looks like I wasn’t clear. You don’t need a big cable, just a small piece of wire, I think 18 gauge or the like. you don’t need to be doing anything with the changeover relay or any big cables so put the cover back on. Also refit the plastic cover to the heavy cable on the...
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    HDJ81V Help !

    Forgot to say what a cracking looking pair of cruisers you’ve got yourself there! I approve. :thumbup:
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    HDJ81V Help !

    Hi Vince and welcome to this most friendly forum. As Wout has said, the 12/24 v relay is unlikely. if it was low batteries you would get a rattling machine gun effect of multiple clicks so it’s not likely batteries. These run in parallel during running and only switch over to series during...
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    Not just for the school run!

    Nice looking truck in a fabulous colour. :thumbup: :) Only just run in at 140k too. :lol:
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    Honest Mechanic reviews a 40.

    That’s odd Tony. Have you still got yours up for sale or did it find a new home?
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    Honest Mechanic reviews a 40.

    I wish it was mine Tony. :lol:
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    Honest Mechanic reviews a 40.

    I’ve been watching videos from this guy for a few years. He’s always straight talking and knows his stuff being an independent mechanic all his life. He also happens to be a big Toyota fan.
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    Clicking noise in airconditioning

    Hi Mayhem and welcome. Your description of clicking like a worn cam makes me think it’s not directly AC related, but more info is needed to narrow it down. Can you hear the click inside, outside or both? If inside only, it could be a plastic gear jumping teeth on one of the flaps in the air...
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    80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

    1, Nick, fbnss 2, Steve, steverjuk 3, Tom Burnet 4, Rob, RobfromYork 5, Stuart C Thomson 6, DandyLandy 7, Trev 8. Jonesysi 9, Sub-ac Thanks Jonesysi I’ll send you a PM. I have to say I’m getting a little embarrassed by the delay.… but I have almost got another room finished as carpet is being...
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    LJ70 Build Thread!

    Congratulations Ben and Bec! :dance::dance::clap: Fantastic work as always and good job on little Lucy, (mainly Bec) she’s a smasher!! Good to have an update…I can breathe now! :lol:
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