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    Bringing down the house!

    Well the money you saved on not building a new one can now go towards your next Cruiser project Gav
  2. SteveJB

    Bringing down the house!

    New bigger porch on order to fit the 60 in eh Gav
  3. SteveJB

    Summer Pub Chillout 9 - 11 July

    Me me me me me well me and Esme Well done Trevor thank you very much for this opportunity could someone put us on the list please and if there is going to be a breakfast offered for the weekend then yes please for the weekend and a sausage for the dog for both days
  4. SteveJB


    Chas Chas nobody is saying that you are not normal its just its not normal to be normal
  5. SteveJB

    An Ultra slow Ultra4 build

    Ryan i know not what you do BUT it don aff look look bloody GOOD
  6. SteveJB


    Sounds like you had a bad scrabble night Chas and just making it up for double letters and triple points
  7. SteveJB

    WTF - Ban adverts for SUVs & 4x4s

    Well Shayne if they can get the RR off the production line without breaking down the local scrap dealer sounds like a good idea
  8. SteveJB

    WTF - Ban adverts for SUVs & 4x4s

    So in theory scrap every 4x4 mmm Who is going to to do the shopping for Mr& Mrs Sandle - Treehugger when the next load of unforgiving rain comes down to play on the Somerset Levels Welsh Valleys Batley Bridge or any other place the council and river authorities decided to save money Oh thank...
  9. SteveJB

    WTF - Ban adverts for SUVs & 4x4s

    So its a BIG LIE DINOSAURS still roam the earth
  10. SteveJB

    Anti-laning gathers pace....

    If the plod catch you take you to court fine you a fiver plus costs then thats a CRIME cleared up BUT only if they can catch you RURAL CRIME is way low down on the donut first list
  11. SteveJB

    2021 oil pressure gauge

    Seems most fit an aftermarket oil pressure gauge and exhaust gas temperature gauge you should be able to get what you want from the usual parts shop as well as mounting pods
  12. SteveJB

    April Fools' Day.

    Ah well seems some mothers do have them ME All Kugal to you Chas or is it Kudos
  13. SteveJB

    April Fools' Day.

    Where the bloody hell is Kugel got a pair of right royal edits to sort out
  14. SteveJB

    Coolant needed for water pump change?

    You could do a full coolant change as you are taking the time and money to get everything else sorted seems the more sensible option for you for the sake of a few more quids
  15. SteveJB

    breaking 100 series.

    What you got no takers bloody sad that is
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