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    Swingout spare wheel carrier

    Sorry i didnt do any drawings. Its all measured and made as a 1 off.
  2. stumog

    Avalanche meet 6-7-8 August.

    Dont think i will meet this as baby due in june. Although would be 6 weeks be a out right to get him behind the wheel
  3. stumog

    Farewell ratrace and rest in peace .

    Poor chap and family thoughts go out
  4. stumog

    80 series winch bumper

    2015 sorry no
  5. stumog

    Waeco cf35 turning off

    Have you changed the wiring recently karl? I redid mine and ran through a something sea fuse block and it really didnt like. Connected back to the battery and fine ever since
  6. stumog

    Lincomb Sept 4 - 6th 2020 (New thread)

    1) Trevor 2) Nick 3) Gav and James 4) Steve Patrick and Esme 5) Chris 6) sam 7) Andy 8) Jon 9) Tony 10) Jacob & Raf 11) Mital & Kalpita 12) Steve 13) Beijing Ballie 14) Sevenedz. Matt and Marie 15) Stu
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    Nato Hitch for Penman Military Trailer Issue

    I had a dixon bate drop slide on my95 it just cleared the rear door
  8. stumog

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    That was going to be my next move thanks Gav. Just acquired a powerprobe to make life easier
  9. stumog

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    My center diff is not working. Got to a point the other day testing that i have a open circuit on the wires going to actuator. I take this isnt normal?
  10. stumog

    camperized 80

    Very nice mate.
  11. stumog

    ARB bumpers

    If you spoke to Arbil dont bother. Try Devon 4x4 they are much more on the ball with ARB stuff. Been very helpful recently with my hilux bar. If i remember the post 02 bar is a more collapsible version and does come with recovery points in it. About that time legislations changed to ensure...
  12. stumog

    Higgys 80 restor/project

    Makes sence if its good enough for a bucket to be moving around all day then should be fine. Do you get any play in them? Never looked that closely to be fair but i am.liking the idea
  13. stumog

    just wondering...

    I am with lv they were one of the few who took trade no claims
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