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    That Bronco is impressive.
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    It isn't that simple, but it could be if manufacturers make it so. Having worked in IT for the last 20 years of my working life and you look at what computers/computing is capable of, not just in communications but in everything from CAD to sending people into space and you see vehicles with...
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    I remember the outcry from the Defender crowd when electronic traction control was added, around '96/'97 I think. They were worried about the durability of electronics in hard core offroading, particularly wading. This new one takes gizmos to a new level.
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    People are probably going to be asking more and more for these old trucks on the run up to the 2030 new ICE ban, until that is the Gov decide to start targeting those hanging on to their old vehicles. On the plus side the 2030 ban doesn't apply to motorcycles!:happy-cheerleaderk:
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    Old Diesel

    When I had the boat and it was laid up for long periods I used to run the outboard completely out of fuel then use misting oil to protect the bores (It was a 4 stroke). Never had any problems restarting it with fresh fuel.
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    Old Diesel

    Going back to 1991 I had a FZR1000 at the time that was laid up for 4 months over Winter with around a gallon left in the tank. When I came to start it is was very reluctant to fire, a lot of cranking where normally it was on the button. When it did fire it was rough running, would barely idle...
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    Old Diesel

    6-12 mounths seems to be the recomended maximum before it goes gummy. It's a small amount so why not wait till the tank is nearly empty, chuck it in and fill with new pump diesel?
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    The Phoenix back up for sale

    How can that be a Lexus LX450? They were based on the 4.5L petrol engine, not diesel, or have I missed something?
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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Corroded fuel pipe

    I'd be tempted to just cut it back and replace it with rubber or silicone fuel pipe. Pipe flaring tools to dress the pipe ends to prevent blow offs are quite cheap. If you have a garage do it they're probably going to join it anyway unless they make a complete pipe which will obviously be more...
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    RIP Nobby Stiles...

    A great player from an era when I was actually interested in football unlike today. A different game back then IMO when team loyalty and "playing for the shirt" was everything. Today it's all about ££££. Players were payed a pittance back then compared to the ridiculous sums banded about today...
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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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