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    Courtesy lights

    As advised in full solution via pm.
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    Red or Pink Coolant

    Yep, there is pink and red, premixed and concentrate, I think we can all agree on that. The premixed red, is still red, just not so dark as the concentrate, but will obviously lean towards pink, if topped up all the time with plain or de ionized water, so with looking in an unknown vehicles...
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    Overland show June 2021

    Is the severity of the bug any less off a member than a total stranger?
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    Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    Sorry Adrian, my mistake there, dipping you in for extra work. I remember you now talking about the drilling to fit the moonies. Cheers.
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    Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    That info from Karl is the best your gonna get. I have the original handbook for these supplied with vehicle when new , TPA800. It just gives an idea how they work, an idiot could figure that out, and if having problems , "please contact the installer", well, that would have been Toyota...
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    Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    But.... crash !! Technology and improvement eh ? Haha. Cheers Adrian.
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    Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    IMHO they can make you lazy and reliant on something that sooner or later is not reliable. They are of no use anyway if you strike something low, midship. Yes, use them as a guide if you have to, but never rely on them completely, there is no substitute for your eyes, in conjunction with...
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    Where to buy part online?

    Yep, Roughtrax or Milners. I have dealt with both, and they both do some genuine parts and aftermarket too.
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    Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    Yep, my rears are turned off and the fronts had their throat's cut, but that's no help to you, sorry. I just got fed up with the bloody things playing up, and decided I don't need 'em. The first time mine played up, and I was getting nowhere, Karl told me to lightly rub my finger across the...
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    Wondered what the smell was!

    What a mess ! When was the last time that was changed ? Hope you get the smell gone quick.
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    WTF Covid.

    Frank, you omitted to give credit to the important part Buzz Lightyear played in that.
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    WTF Covid.

    Yeah, twice , haha.
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    Recommendations for new tyres

    Hi Adrian, currently running Cooper discoverer at3. They were on the lc3 when I bought it around 18 months ago. I find them quite a soft compound rubber, and at the recommended pressures, they looked flattish, and the steering at low speeds was a struggle, even though the ride was comfortable. I...
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    Purchases from Europe

    I believe that was free post Chas, as I ordered the same thing pre Brexit, and paid the advertised £165, with no additions.
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    Purchases from Europe

    A member on here bought something from Roumania, reduced from £165 to £135, the threshold. This was thought to be a reduction in price to get around all this nonsense. Not so, no indication was made of any further charges, but a few weeks later, a bill for £50+ from hrmc arrives. WTF ? They make...