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  1. J

    Anyone seen or heard .

    From Byron lately Not seen him on here for a while
  2. J

    This weeks effort part two

    Been tinkering again this week
  3. J

    This weeks effort

    Keeping myself to myself ( Social distancing ) in my workshop this weeks effort
  4. J

    Ancestry look up

    Anyone got an Ancestry subscription/account that could do one look up for me, I don’t want to sign up for one of those 30 day free trials, been there got the tee shirt, at the end it’s nigh on impossible to get out of it, every obstacle put in your way
  5. J

    Pension question

    I’m 68 and have been receiving the state pension since I was 65, my wife is 61 and doesn’t work so my pension has to provide for both of us, am I entitled to anything else ?
  6. J

    Slow forums

    Haven’t been on the boards for a while, well since the new smooth upgrade really, I just can’t or it’s extremely slow in any page loading, so slow in fact I give up It’s not my internet connection having a problem as this is the only site I am having problems with Excuse me if I’m slow in...
  7. J

    Mobile help needed

    Samsung s8+ anyone know how to display individual call times not total call log.
  8. J

    Pension policy what would you do ?

    I found an old policy i took out donkeys years ago tucked away in a draw last week, i stopped paying the premiums about six years ago after i had an accident and things were tight, anyway after a call to the company it seems there's a pot of about £20,000 but the charges have been reducing it's...
  9. J

    Ins question

    I have four vehicles all with separate policies , my OH is a named driver on one, my daughter is learning to drive and i will try and get her on the same one as my OH, if god forbid she had an accident and i made a claim would it effect my other policies ?
  10. J

    Mobile phone provider restricting service !!!!!!!

    We use a mobile as our house phone on a PAYG tariff , much cheaper than BT 3p a minuet 1p a text, a couple of months ago our provider withdrew the tariff for new users and have contacted us several times to change to pay monthly, now our signal is either non existent or very poor, both my...
  11. J

    Amazon fire stick help needed

    Want to get a fire stick but unsure which one to get, firstly i assume they plug into an HDMI port, ( no USB ) on our set, secondly there are various ones ranging from £30 then £40 then a jump to £90, i'm not into all this Alexa malarky but would welcome advice.
  12. J

    If you could

    Who would you vote for as our next PM Not that we the public get any say whatsoever. my vote would be Hunt Doris is a total waste of space & a liar.
  13. J

    BBC Free tv licence

    So the beeb are going to make the over 75's pay to watch tv, a disgrace in my opinion. They could prevent this by cutting the huge salaries the executives are on and people like Lineker on 1.75 million a year , news readers on 650k and many more, i could go on.
  14. J

    Cover up !!!!!!!

    Seems like a cover up to me. May sacking our defense minister and telling the police not to take any action, Like something out of Line of duty.
  15. J

    If it was possible

    If it was possible to buy a brand spanking new 80 series tomorrow would you & how much do you think it would cost, my guess would be 100k or more.
  16. J

    For your pleasure

  17. J

    Life saved

    Walking past another unit on our ind est at dinner time a chap who does welding , fabrication, & a bit of mechanics shouted something to me which i didn't hear clearly so i went in, he was standing with his back towards a small gas space heater, chatting to him for a minuet when suddenly he...
  18. J

    Any recommendations !

    Bought a second hand stone bird bath for the garden this afternoon, only cheap but old & very ornate, covered in verdigris & 5hit, cleaned it up to find a crack & it leaks, if i grind the crack open a bit what can i put in it to seal it ?
  19. J

    TV over crimbo/new year

    Don't know what others think but there's been nothing but crap on .
  20. J


    Sad news June Whitfield dies aged 93 RIP
  21. J

    Sky / Satellite question

    We have for years had a tv in the kitchen which is linked to our main telly & sky box by a coax aerial lead & we could watch sky or freeview in the kitchen, recently i bought a new smart tv for the kitchen & we can no longer get sky in the kitchen, there is only one HDMI outlet on the sky box...
  22. J

    Laptop help needed

    My daughter who is an artist & photographer needs a new laptop, we want to get her a new one for crimbo but are clueless on what spec to get her, She has her own website & does a lot of photo editing. Anyone clued up enough to point in the right direction.
  23. J

    Proving your ID

    I have to prove my ID, the only proof they will accept is Passport or photographic driving licence, i don't have a passport & only a paper licence. Going online to try and obtain either results in having to have one or the other to apply for either if you follow my drift.
  24. J

    My latest effort

    Been whittling away for the last few days on these, the white one is what i had to copy from or close ish.
  25. J

    Anyone near

    Bury St Edmunds who could pick up two tyres & post on to me, seller won't post.
  26. J

    Anyone know

    What the traffics like on the North orbital from Hemel Hempstead through to the A1 M at around 7AM on weekday mornings, got to go up to Norfolk & want to avoid getting stuck on the M25 or M11
  27. J

    Forty years ago

    Today i got married
  28. J

    So the BBC

    are going to pay £850,000 towards Cliff Richards legal costs, that's OUR money, yours & mine the licence payer, Auntie beeb cocks up blundering in to his property & we are going to pay for it, lost for words.
  29. J

    Smart meters

    Anyone got one ? Had a letter from our utility supplier today telling us we are having one, not do you want one but your having one, where does it go, heard rumours that they continually beep & are annoying.
  30. J

    Any diabetics on here ?

    That take a packed lunch to work ( sandwiches ) what the hell can you eat Just been diagnosed
  31. J

    How do you

    Read the DOT dating system on the side of tyres ?
  32. J

    New MOT question

    Can't seem to find an answer to this Under the new regs if you have a vehicle tested a month before it's due & passes do you then still get thirteen months cover ?
  33. J

    Any idea's

    We have a wood burner that stands on a quarry tiled hearth, today i thought no more fires this year so removed the log pile & thought i will clean up the tiles, trouble is they have a sort of sticky tar coating on them, no matter what i have tried nothing will shift it, i have tried Ciff, soap &...
  34. J

    Stumbled on this

  35. J

    Sky box

    Our sky box is ancient, not HD, if i bought a box off eblag & plug it in & put my card in will it work ?
  36. J

    Went to docs this morning

    Went to docs this morning, on the way out there was a dog tied to the railings that run next to the path up to the surgery, put my hand out & spoke to the dog which wagged his tail so i stroked it & made a fuss of it for a couple of minuets, went to walk away & it sunk it's teeth in my thigh...
  37. J

    Mobile phone help needed

    Had the opportunity of a fairly new Samsung today so thought i would get it for OH to replace the ancient model she has, problem is the old one takes a large sim, the new one takes a micro sim, it's payg, if i take both phones into vodafone will they swap sims, will she loose her contacts, she...
  38. J

    Anyone's on here ?

    Wondering through our lounge to the back of the house this afternoon i glanced at the goglebox which my daughter was watching an old Midsummer Mudders, a red 80 series caught my eye, L355EPM, i think it was 355 but may have mixed the numbers up, anyone's ?
  39. J

    *****y Ebay buyers

    I have had seven items listed on eblag for the last week, they finished tonight, all were clearly listed as collection only and i would not post & cash on collection, there all quit large heavy items, three didn't sell, the other four have all paid by paypal & want posting...
  40. J

    Suggestions needed

    We have had a tap dripping well slowly running for quit a while in our bathroom basin which has left a stain, taps replaced today, any suggestions for removing the stain.
  41. J

    Question for home owners

    How much do you pay for your gas & electric combined, i changed fro British gas to Utility warehouse last February, they looked at my past usage from BG & set my monthly direct debit at £111.00 per month, last week i had an email saying they had reviewed my first years usage & i had a deficit of...
  42. J

    Worth a watch

    Stumbled on this
  43. J

    Was it you ?

    I followed this morning on the B488 from Horton to grove then onto the A4146 near Leighton buzzard around 9.15 to 9.30 am . A silver N reg 80 with number plate on the spare wheel so an import, also had a snorkel.
  44. J

    Your road tax is going up again
  45. J

    Brolly dollies

    No more brolly dollies in F1 this year No more eye candy, Suppose Moto gp & superbike will follow suit
  46. J

    Question for all you self employed

    What's it like in your trade work wise, I'm a joiner & never known it so quiet, done hardly anything since crimbo & nothing at all this week.
  47. J

    Catchy little number

    It's in German but worth a watch, skip the first 1. 15 secs if you want
  48. J

    Wi-Fi help needed

    We use BT for our broadband & have a BT hub number 4, we have no problems with wi-fi all over the house but i have built my daughter a studio in the garden to work in, problem is the wi-fi doesn't reach it, it's about 30 feet from the back of the house, the hub is at the front of the house & i...
  49. J

    Bit of tech knowledge needed

    I have built a studio in our garden for my daughter to work in, now it needs heating & i am looking at this In the specifications it says wi-fi...
  50. J

    Anyone else

    Having problems signing into AOL Mail, keep getting a warning from my AVG saying it has stopped me signing in because of a phishing virus & to do a scan, done that & everything is now fine, except every time i try & sign in i get the same scenario, keep going round in circles.
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