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  1. Paul Baker

    Central Diff Lock LC5 120 2007.

    Just a query from you experts :) My CDL doesnt the light comes on and flashs on the dashj, but nothing else happens...the cars has been back to the garage as i still have some warrenty on it :) Basically they have taken the locker off and it all seams ok , they have power to the CDL...
  2. Paul Baker

    LC5 2007 Rear Door, roof mounted, light switch

    Morning all...anyone know where i can get the 3 way rear tailgate light switch (on/off/door) Mine has failed on DOOR even though the power and door contact switch are fine cheers
  3. Paul Baker

    Numpties guide to 4x4

    ok here goes... my LC5 has allsorts of 4x4 toys :) traction control DAC 4x4 hi/low lockable diff switch !! etc etc do i know how to use them ? NOPE :) was just wondering if anyone can give a basic "whats this and how/when to use" for these new toys ........before i go and bust em ! ;)...
  4. Paul Baker

    Handsfree bluetooth/phone kits

    In my old colly i had a Parrot setup..worked ok as far as it in the new LC5 i was looking for another handsfree setup..... Shockingly !! i heard from an installer that Parrot have stopped producing all carkits and turning their attentions to "drones !" Finding this a little hard to...
  5. Paul Baker

    New to forum with "new to me" cruiser

    Hi all Just thought id say an owner of a colorado for the last 14 yrs !! :) i finally swapped her out for a cruiser LC5 2007 at the weekend :) after a quick creep over her i need a few odds and ends....the odd light switch and a passenger sun visor thats a bit droppy :) Just...
  6. Paul Baker

    Fuel Pump Location Colorado 2000 series 90 (KDJ95)

    Hi all im suffering the dreaded "hunting/fuel starvation on accelration issue" yet again.....ibve had this issue on my truck for literally years !! yes years !! :) in the past all i do is replace the fuel filter and the fault clears...for 6 months or so..than it reappears and i have to replace...
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