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    Definitive answer found!

    I have bought a pup, been sold a lemon, been stitched up, ripped off, shafted!. Which ever way you paint it I am now convinced that the auto box is buggered. The car now only needs to be shown a hill or even a slight incline will do and it reduces itself to 10mph and a faint judder. when it...
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    axle case

    Is the rear axle case the same with or without diff lock?
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    3.0 td definitive answer required

    Somebody out there must have had the same issue '97 3.0td power loss as if fuel starvation and throwing error code 14 (crank position sensor) I changed said sensor £90 Toyota genuine part. Changed the fuel pick up pipe (looking crusty and snapped taking tank off) £30 gen Toyota part. New fuel...
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    Fuel Starvation issues

    After a long day keep pulling over on the motorway I have discovered a problem with the fuel system. I have found that I keep needing to prime the filter at regular intervals, apart from the fuel pick up pipe from the tank corroding (my other collie did this) is there any other common issues to...
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    Colorado 3" lift

    I have noticed that milners are selling 3" suspension lift kits for Colorados. I know that LC 80 front springs and 80 rear shockers give a 3" lift to the rear but what struts and springs will have the same effect on the front? would LC 100 parts do the job? at a guess the struts might but what...
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    Rim width

    Evening all I am trying to work out what the rim width is on my Collie (after market wheels) there is no size or offset stamped or cast into the rim. I have measured outside edge to outside edge at 9" the standard wheel measures 8". I know the standard alloy is a 7JJ so I am assuming that the...
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    error code 14

    Hello every one its been a long time but I am back! Bought another Collie '97 R 144k miles in Black and VX trim I love it and had forgotten how good they are. Its been running as It should for the last week then all of a sudden climeing a hill it started to lose power as if the fuel supply had...
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    Has anyone got a drawing for a lwb 70 chassis including dimensions? PDF file would be ok I am wondering if I could use one on my Hilux project. I love the Hilux and the 70 But I can't drive them both at the same time! I'm sure you can see where I'm going here!
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    Is this the end?

    Evening all my wife has had a bit of a bump on an extremely icy corner I know she wasn't driving to fast she is far to aware that she is driving around in a 3 ton killing machine. The damage: both headlights (broken plastic bits), Grill, N/S indicator, bonnet, bumper with brackets and I think...
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    steering rack bushes

    Has anyone changed them? Whats involved and what is the minimum that I will need to take off to do this job?, as its my daily driver and I don't really want to be out under the Collie in the cold ,dark and wet weather for any longer than I need to. cheers Dave.
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    light bar

    Hi chaps I'm thinking of fitting a lightbar to the roof of my 90, I know how to wire it up but the question I need to answer is, how do I route the power cable? I don't want to drill holes in the roof thats asking for trouble in my opinion.
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