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  1. Ben Stratford

    60 Bling

    Not every ones cup of T but I like the look and feel of the wooden steering wheels. This is slightly smaller than the original and with the boss kit, its about 15mm nearer to me. Wont fully tighten until i know that its pointing straight!
  2. Ben Stratford

    Cool Piece Of Kit

    A very neat controller for accessories allbeit not cheap
  3. Ben Stratford

    Wanted - 60 series wheel

    looking for a spare wheel for the 60 which i believe is -25 offset 15x8. Current spare is 16 inch so not ideal. Thanks
  4. Ben Stratford

    How Many Left

    Not sure how accurate this site is but there arent many 40’s & 60’s left on the road. 30 odd SORnd though so still some to find and resurrect
  5. Ben Stratford

    Rusty number plate light unit

    As you can see, rust has become a permanent resident above the number plate It started just 2 weeks after fitting it from brand new. Couldnt be arsed to polish it every 3 days. Have now sanded off the rust. What are the options: Paint it or rechrome it? Has anyone dealt with this before?
  6. Ben Stratford

    Chicken casserole

    3 days camping and outdoor cooking - day 1.... unbelievable how good tinned chicken casserole and tinned new potatoes is when we are at our favourite camp site just 2 miles from the forest inn at hexworthy and half a mile from venford reservoir on dartmoor Got here at 6 and there is no one...
  7. Ben Stratford

    Winch advice

    dont think i will ever be one to search out the nearest bogs, but can envisage getting in a tricky situation as i start to go off road more often so want to understand what winch may be required. The truck will be say 3 tonnes so do i need a 3 tonne winch? Or 6600lb. Everyone seems to have more...
  8. Ben Stratford

    Cable Lockers or ARB?

    i dont have lockers but want some. Must be selectable. Dont like the idea of electric lockers as had lots of issues on my 80’s with those and dont envisage lots of use just occasional. I could get some cable operated Toyota axles and fit them. If opting for ARB air lockers, do I need an open...
  9. Ben Stratford

    Battery Clamps

    Changed all 4 clamps 6 weeks ago and already 2 have broken!! What a load of sh*** Would anyone have a recommendation of a good make that may last? They need to accept bare cables Thanks
  10. Ben Stratford

    Electrical Queries

    I would be very grateful for assistance so I get this right. I would like to install a 10 point fuse box to run 12V things in the front of the cruiser. The stereo, aerial, rear view camera and a couple of small LED lights are planned. Thanks to @Richard Turner I have a 10 amp dropper to provide...
  11. Ben Stratford


    So i have a few areas of concern. End of outer sills, small hole on inner sill, each inner rear wheel arch has some ugly scabs of rust where it joins the boot floor. I know if i look harder more will be found so need to learn how to weld. It will likely be done out on the road. Also want to...
  12. Ben Stratford

    LED Bulbs

    want to change indicator bulbs to LED. But they flash too fast. Do i need a resistor? One per side or one each lamp? Thanks
  13. Ben Stratford

    Tool Recomendations

    looking to get a new screwdriver set, anyone have a recommendation for great quality?
  14. Ben Stratford

    Knuckle Bling

    New everything at each end and all axle mounted brake pipes too. At last I can stop filling the diff every weekend. Terrain Tamer bearing & seal kits used, milner upgrade calipers pads and discs fitted. New back plates and hoses. New nuts, bolts and cone washers from cruiserworld. Very smug now.
  15. Ben Stratford

    Alarm Installation

    My 60 has a master lock switch for the central locking inside the car but does not have any electric connection to the drivers door lock. I would like to unlock the car and set the alarm by either using the drivers door key or the remote fob. IIRC, my 80’s would do this but if the key fob...
  16. Ben Stratford

    Hub Plugs

    had the knuckles rebuilt. Noticed there are big plugs in the hub with square profile to undo them and do them up. But what are they for? Some say that you can squirt more grease in them, is that right?
  17. Ben Stratford

    Leaking Diesel Pump

    When the engine is running the left hand 2 pipes are leaking diesel at the junction with the block. What to do about it? Are there seals in there that can be changed?
  18. Ben Stratford

    SWB 60

    found this on instagram, was it an official version?
  19. Ben Stratford

    Leisure Batteries

    So, to run camping stuff im looking at a split charge relay to divert charge to 2 leisure batteries in the rear of the vehicle. Can these be normal 95Ah batteries as per the front of the car or do they need to be leisure batteries? Whats the difference? Would like to be able to swap All 4...
  20. Ben Stratford

    Nice 60 on Autotrader

    Not sure how to add a link, but it looks brand new, a fantastic UK car obviously looked after all its life. But £23k !!
  21. Ben Stratford

    Annual Report

    So its now been a year since the HJ60 became my only vehicle and I thought a summary of key info may be worth recording. Mileage done - 20,000 Issues: Multiple flat batteries corrected by 2 alternator rebuilds. The first by an incompetent thieving shark and the second by a 45 yr veteran in the...
  22. Ben Stratford

    2H Power Recovery

    ok, so the engine now has 175k Miles on it and runs well but at 28 years old it struggles with hills when fully loaded with occupants and camping gear etc. Never the most powerful motor to start with, I suspect a few horses have escaped and need rounding up again. Is there established wisdom...
  23. Ben Stratford

    60 Roof Rack

    Looking for a full length roof rack so i can attach a fox wing type awning. Seen the arb type from arbil but pricey. Any second hand or other options?
  24. Ben Stratford

    H55F gearbox and transfer box

    The cruiser went in today for oil seal work but has bigger problems. The transfer output bearing is rattling around, there is metal wrapped around the speedo drive and the oil is heavily contaminated with Bronze. Options are to find a substitute so I can get both boxes reconditioned and...
  25. Ben Stratford

    Leakig gear oil

    Hello guys, my problem is a big oil leak from rhe transfer box output shaft seal which looks like a straight forward job to replace, is it? Secondly, prior to this the gearbox oil level keeps going low and transfer box keeps getting too high? Why is this? Could the gearbox seal be passing oil...
  26. Ben Stratford

    Horn Pin Change

    the horn is now hit and miss and the pin has worn down excessively. Looks like i need to remove the steering wheel but there are wierd screws that i dont seem to be able to remove. Am i on the right road or is there an easier way?
  27. Ben Stratford

    Headlamp Upgrade

    my small rectangular lights on the HJ60 are barely adequate in good weather but in fog are totally useless. I want to address it but keep the car looking standard ish. Has anyone got any tips for me or additions that they would recommend please? Thanks ben
  28. Ben Stratford

    Diff Oils Changed

    An easy job turned out to be a nightmare because both fill plugs wouldnt budge. After fannying about for ages i had to weld a bar on to the plugs and use heat to free them. The drain plugs were easy but still needed a jack under the socket. 4 new plugs completed the job and mind at peace once...
  29. Ben Stratford

    Bleeding Brakes

    Hello, i want to change the brake fluid and bleed all the lines. The nipples are quite rusty so want to get a new set first. Are they all the same size on the 60? Where is the best place to get a set? Thanks ben
  30. Ben Stratford

    Window fell off !!

    6am, on the way to work, opened the drivers window and it fell off its mounting inside the door. Then it started to rain A bit of fiddling in a layby and i pulled it out and held it in place by raising the window mechanism. Found out now that the glass has come out of the rubber as the metal...
  31. Ben Stratford

    Dead 60

    Turned the key this morning - totally dead. Not even a click. Whats happening here? Suggestions most welcome.
  32. Ben Stratford

    Ongoing Maintenance

    a few jobs done this weekend: 3 shocks replaced, unfortunately the bolt snapped in the spring seat at the right rear so the seat will need removing and the bolt drilling out. The gas struts were replaced, this was easier than expected. The tailgate is a job to close now!! The hole in the rear...
  33. Ben Stratford

    Warning light

    i have a yellow warning light on, its next to the green 4wd light, could someone advise what it means please? At the same time the battery light is on and voltmeter showing just 22v. After a period, the lights go off and rhe reading on the voltmeter goes back to normal thanks ben
  34. Ben Stratford

    Bumper rechroming

    While the body is being refurbed i have been trying to locate an electroplating firm locally but there don't seem to be many left. The one that keeps cropping up is Doug Taylor in Weston Super Mare. Has anyone got any other recommendations? Hopefully the quote from doug taylor will be here...
  35. Ben Stratford

    Front Seat Replacement

    Either I have a strange shape back, am too tall or the seats are uncomfortable - or all 3! Anyway, I would like to upgrade the front seats at least, rear too if not too difficult on my HJ60. I can see other's have done this - are there any easy conversions - perhaps from an 80 series or surf...
  36. Ben Stratford

    Wanted HJ60 New GX Badge

    Should anyone have one to spare, a PM would be most welcome thanks ben
  37. Ben Stratford

    Headlining replacement

    This must be a hell of a challenge to get it right. Has anyone tried it? would the windscreen have to come out to do it properly
  38. Ben Stratford

    Tyre Recommendations

    Totally stupidly subjective I know, but is there a "consensus" as to the best few types of tyres that we prefer for a given use? my truck has a oair of new road tyres on the back and an old all terrain front left and an ancient mud terrain front right. Before winter i want to get a matched set...
  39. Ben Stratford

    New Radio

    Hello all, Could anyone please help with some knowledge of the radio? The current one is the factory original radio cassette which is visible in my brochure, but does not work at present although it lights up. There is no aerial so probably why I cant hear anything. Anyway, I want to put...
  40. Ben Stratford

    Rear bumper replacement

    On a hot day - a hot job! It was time to remove my very rusty step bumper and replace it with a new old stock straight one. Easy, just undo a few bolts ...... Well, not too difficult but it faught me every step of the way. Of the 8 bolts on the top that have the square section to lock it into...
  41. Ben Stratford

    Electric Window Relay

    So it seems that the 24V relay that is located inside the bottom of the drivers door is unobtainable. As a result, all the other windows work but not the drivers door which is quite awkward at the toll booth! So, has anyone figured out how to connect a standard 24V relay with perhaps different...
  42. Ben Stratford

    Parts Needed for HJ60

    I have a new lower tailgate, number plate light bezel and 4wd badge, but need a new GX badge. Does anyone have one they don't need so I can complete the back end? Need rear leaf springs too with shackles, bushes and u bolts. Spare wheel needed - a 15" like these: Cheers, Ben
  43. Ben Stratford

    HJ60 Central Locking

    Probably a stupid question - but I need to know! The locking on my car works like this: Drivers or passengers doors and tailgate open with the key. But neither open all the doors at the same time. The only way to do this is to use the master switch inside. Is this normal? I would like to...
  44. Ben Stratford

    Devon HJ61

    I'm Ben - with new truck relocated from Doncaster to Devon 2 weeks ago. Lots to do but very keen! My 6th cruiser and second 60 but first 2H Want to use daily forever but need to futureproof it and address current issues. Currently work in Cornwall making Pasties Monday to Friday but spare time...
  45. Ben Stratford

    Power Steering for 1976 HJ45

    New Member here, without a cruiser presently. Seeks a BJ42 RHD with power steering. An HJ45 is available but without power steering. Is there a "normal" route for installation of power steering to the HJ, parts from a later FJ/HJ perhaps? Are they interchangeable? Is the conversion easy...
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