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  1. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    Did 4 hour easy drive on Sat and felt very slight tremor on right turns. No other issues. Thought maybe front bearing on front right was loose again and maybe need to tighten up (had to tighten 5k ir 2 months ago and don't do a lot of driving, no offroad atm) Was due an oil change and some other...
  2. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    Suffering with water on interior lower carpet material on the bottom inside of both middle doors after lots of rain I've changed the outside bellhousing (if thats the name) plastic trim and that helped a little I've opened up the doors and can't figure out where the water is getting in. The...
  3. thelal

    Parasitic power drain from main battery

    I've an electric "leak" that will drain my main starting battery in 4 days. Will drop from 12.7v to 11.85v with all doors closed, no alarm system Have tried tracing 'usage' across main fusebox without any real answer. Any ideas on how to diagnose further? 1997 80 4.5L v6 petrol 1FZ-FE - 330K...
  4. thelal

    new Birf/CV choices - FZJ80 97

    Have Birfs I need to change out as clicking on turns See several options availailble (OEM, RCV, Longfields, Milners, Hdn- Chinese?) Anyone got practical options Thanks
  5. thelal

    Difference rear brake calipers between Petrol and Diesel model?

    I have seized piston on my rear brake caliper and talkign with a trader on Ebay who sells repair kits for calipers. However he is saying my model is different than the diesel (24v) model and the piston (43mm) won't fit. Anyone know if the brake calipers are the same or different? 1997 FZJ80...
  6. thelal

    Headlight stickers converters for driving in Europe

    Anyone know if these stickers work on the 80's headlights for driving in Europe?
  7. thelal

    1FZFE petrol - CO2 Emissions = ?

    I've a USA 1997 model 80 petrol 4.5L petrol automatic 1FZFE For EU (Ireland) I need to know the CO2 emissions number. I cannot find this information anywhere. anyone any ideas?
  8. thelal

    Truck won't start, no crank, RS3000 alarm?

    1997 petrol USA FZJ80 300K starter contacts redone in last 15K miles been "fixing" truck last month or do and batterys (dual) taken out + lots of inside as fixing sunroof leak. Put all back together but won't crank over. Not the battery, as full charge, even had 'jump' start via another car and...
  9. thelal

    Arriving in from many yrs in USA with 80 series + overland trailer. Need advice

    I'm currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina after 1 year on the road from Alaska via North, Central and South America Family have all returned back and I'm left sorting out shipping for 1997 USA 80 series 4.5L petrol automatic Looking at getting some insurance quotes and some advice on state of...
  10. thelal

    Logon different than username

    Can I logon with a username (I want to use my email address) that is different than what is displayed as my "name" on the boards?
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