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  1. Bodie

    Legality of Bull Bars and Winch Bumpers UK

    Hi Chris, Sorry to be a pain, you shouldn't be so knowledgeable.... Can you point me in the right direction please. I've been searching for a thread on the legality of bull bars - (for example - the ARB's that you have on your 80).... I know the law has changed over the last few years, but there...
  2. Bodie

    Hi from Sunny Suffolk. 80 Series 4.2 Manual

    Hi from Sunny Suffolk, Based in a true Land Rover county!!! and although the owner of a fully galvanised overland prepared 130 defender myself, (which will probably be sold now.!!). I have come back (yet again!) to the 80 Series and just purchased a mint 1997 Manual 4.2 80 Series, to hopefully...
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