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    My "40 years in the making" build

    So, when I was a child, my father accidentally ran over my toy truck with his tractor. I tossed it into the weeds and forgot about it. Years later, someone dug it out and put it into a shed, for whatever reason. My father passed away June 19 last year, and about six weeks ago, I was sitting...
  2. 120mm

    A Series 80 build that's "bigger on the inside"

    As many of you know, I picked up a relatively rust free, but quite neglected 1996 Series 80 4.5L Land Cruiser in Arizona back in January, sight unseen. It had an inoperable transfer case, but the price was right, so I bought it. Unfortunately, I shucked a passenger side spindle in San Diego...
  3. 120mm

    Liberia, anyone?

    I know it's not technically a road trip, but our company has purchased a Series 78 and a Series 80 for our work in Liberia. Here's some interesting pictures from a recent outing in Redlight District, Monrovia. Slave labor. Actually, the owner of the company, which in this line of business is...
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    What is the unassigned socket for?

    I pulled off my dash today, and found an extra socket, (the one on the left) which appears to do nothing. I have the bottom right one going toward the mirror adjustment and the top right one going for the instrument cluster light adjustment. I gleefully benefited from the free CDL...
  5. 120mm

    Replacing shock absorbers; springs at the same time?

    My 1996 Series 80 drives quite well, until it hits bumps at speed, and then it porpoises enough to be discomfiting. It's obvious the shocks are gone; The bottom half of all four of them are soaked with escaping fluid. Other than looking at replacing any suspect bushings, I've heard some people...
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    Why you only buy Denso O2 sensors

    The PO had just replaced both O2 sensors on my 1996 series 80, prior to my purchase. What I've learned? Cheaping out, especially here, is an expensive lesson... First, the PO had some butcher replace the upstream O2 sensor with a Chevrolet unit. This involved welding in a section of pipe with...
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    Shipping a Land Cruiser to Europe

    I am an American, moving to Germany in a month or so for a long term job. I own a 1996 series 80 Land Cruiser, and in the process of looking for cars in Germany, someone mentioned the idea of shipping my LC in a 20 foot container, along with a modicum of household goods, as an affordable way to...
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    The official "I must be losing my ever-loving mind" trek thread.

    So, as I mentioned in my intro thread , I am going to fly from Iowa to Phoenix, where I will pick up the broken down FZJ80 I bought, sight unseen, drive it to San Diego, then back through Dallas and up to Iowa from there...
  9. 120mm

    How did you decide? (Series 60 vs 80)

    So, I am about a week out from purchasing my Land Cruiser, and I am looking at several 60 and 80 series rides. I am tending to lean toward the 60, since I like the styling, the agricultural feel of it, plus its relatively stark interior. But some of the 80s really tempt me with the "plush"...
  10. 120mm

    Replacing Transfer Case

    So, I'm looking at a really nice 80 that has a broken transfer case. Owner has priced it accordingly, and am wondering if there is anything special I need to know about replacing it. Am assuming I can just get a junkyard one, bolt it up and go. Thoughts? Drew
  11. 120mm

    Returning to the Land of Cruiser from Midwest US

    Hello! I am currently located in central Iowa, USA, (the land of rust) and am a long term Land Cruiser user from my job as a researcher. I have finally come to the point in my life where I NEED a Land Cruiser in my life again, having given up my N/A diesel Type 76 in 2012, which was my faithful...
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