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  1. thelal

    FZJ80R from Devon

    Richard, hows is your LPG running and the Flashlube? I'm considering installing a Flashtube as no 'additive' for last 4 years and running LPG more now. Any way to gauge when needed? Thanks
  2. thelal

    My 80

    looks good. What is the alu. metal casing from?
  3. thelal

    Parts for 80 (4.5 Auto Petrol/lpg 1996 Australian import)

    I use ChapelGate, 80breakers, PartSouq, Amayama and some US dealers for parts. Best if you can get outa Aussie (especially if you can get w/o VAT, import taxes)
  4. thelal

    80 series dashboard

    I've a US 97 petrol, if that helps at any time
  5. thelal

    Speedo works, trip counters not

    couldn't get mine seperated with needle and didn't want to force. Will look to try again at some stage but will pickup a donated Camry or Corolla piece (on the basis one of those trip meters may work
  6. thelal

    Air con idler pulley...........

    I've an idler pulley to replace, likely this week and will see (once get my dash all back together - due to aerial coax that ain't pulling thru with radio aetenna needing replacing) if thats my issue or if need to did into A/C compressor
  7. thelal

    The big three O.

    352K on mine - 1997
  8. thelal

    Brackets for tubular sidesteps / running boards.

    interested in what you get done
  9. thelal

    My HDJ80 Overland Build - Part Deux!

    looks great, Mike. Awaiting the inside adventure. Whats the top dimensions (ground to top of roof when closed; front of truck bumper to rear and side to side)
  10. thelal

    Any top tips on how to remove these??

  11. thelal

    I need some sort of help

    very tidy lookn
  12. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    fixed up ok and will keep an eye on 'em,
  13. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    Disagreement on locktite is that Toyota doesn't mention it, but then doesn't mention this part anyways as replacement so no torque specs. Diehards no locktite, others use it just in case On the grease, maybe leakage on oil. Will need to check later
  14. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    Did 4 hour easy drive on Sat and felt very slight tremor on right turns. No other issues. Thought maybe front bearing on front right was loose again and maybe need to tighten up (had to tighten 5k ir 2 months ago and don't do a lot of driving, no offroad atm) Was due an oil change and some other...
  15. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Yet - got it wrong. Here's some pics from camping trip with Jorge/Jessica from Yes - I had the name wrong Heres some pictures from camping in Donegal with Jessica/Jorge
  16. thelal

    Toyota High Mile club.

    I thought it was some sexual act that was performed in your Toyota when you were a Mile above sea level I used to live in Denver : )
  17. thelal

    Double din thingymajig ?

    I was going to pull the Buy button on a unit on a slow ship from China at $50. If it didn't work could have it as a small foot stool Seems every variation under the sun out there. Lets us know how your works out
  18. thelal

    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    Hit me up when you're in Ireland - I'm near Galway
  19. thelal

    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    Did 1 year trip a few years back and was way too short. Does yours include USA as well?
  20. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Looks good. I'd be interesting in popping up to see it, if you fancy some company!
  21. thelal

    My HDJ80 Overland Build - Part Deux!

    looks like roof is fitting good per your custom sizing. Higher in general profile than I though but looks good How you doing on the rear door?
  22. thelal

    My HDJ80 Overland Build - Part Deux!

    was great to see the machine and cabin "in the flesh" the other week. More than eager to see how you progress ; as next in line : ) Like the roof gauge and having cupboard/shelf space there is definitely on my list. Only seen a very small number of folks doing any mods to get a shelf (other...
  23. thelal

    Canberra Bound

    safe trip
  24. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    Thanks will take a look
  25. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    Yep - had that issue but popped off the trim and got a new one. Didn't know sliding it out was an option. Good find
  26. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    Holes at bottom of doors are clear. Definitely just bottom of doors and not coming in on main floor but know what you mean in relation to roof overflows. Having difficulty trying to find right type of plastic to replace it with
  27. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    is it this? 67841-60040...
  28. thelal

    Water leak - middle doors at bottom

    Suffering with water on interior lower carpet material on the bottom inside of both middle doors after lots of rain I've changed the outside bellhousing (if thats the name) plastic trim and that helped a little I've opened up the doors and can't figure out where the water is getting in. The...
  29. thelal

    Removing sunroof glass

    Good stuff. I've a plastic cover piece to replace and hopefully will solve my constant overflows on the sunroof. This should make it easier to get to
  30. thelal

    Parasitic power drain from main battery

    There is nothing "extra" on the main battery. All extra accessories is off the leisure battery
  31. thelal

    Parasitic power drain from main battery

    Forgot to say if I disconnect the positive cable on the main battery it's fine over a week with very little drop
  32. thelal

    Parasitic power drain from main battery

    I've an electric "leak" that will drain my main starting battery in 4 days. Will drop from 12.7v to 11.85v with all doors closed, no alarm system Have tried tracing 'usage' across main fusebox without any real answer. Any ideas on how to diagnose further? 1997 80 4.5L v6 petrol 1FZ-FE - 330K...
  33. thelal

    New stainless exhaust fitted.

    Where they at? and how much?
  34. thelal

    The dreaded handbrake

    be nice if someone could create a dogbone that was (self) adjusting
  35. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Meet Live Work Wander USA guys in Ireland in their borrowed TLC 200 Mantec conversion. Very nice. Will post some pics once sync with mobile. They are getting their TLC 79 (with poptop) moved over to an 80 chassis and upgraded with some more Mantec goodies
  36. thelal


    Richard The only ones I've seen that have been successful have been Progressive Insurance in the USA. Best to check the Overlanding America facebook forum. Not sure that works for Canada and may need another solution there
  37. thelal

    Baby steps.. Overland camping on a budget

    very European now !
  38. thelal

    Possible sale of my 80 pop top Conversion (80 not included!)

    its that dilemma between short term vs long term trips and coping with different climates (rain, cold, hot, muggy) etc.
  39. thelal

    Bargain Forum first offer for an expedition 80

    Have you tried ebay and there are also several overland forums/groups on FB - to give yourself more of an audience
  40. thelal

    Yet another 80 build thread

    Steve - I might be interested, can you send PM and pics/specs etc
  41. thelal

    FZJ80R from Devon

    great fit with the back of the truck
  42. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    last time there were at least 4-5 several camping areas as couldn't fit all in one spot Be interested to see what you find
  43. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    went there as well and lots of eye-candy. Toms is the best quality by far buy mucho monies. Several other vendors as well. Can send some links/photos At the show its better to spend more time in the campgrounds looking at all the real rigs and seeing who has done what, what works etc.
  44. thelal

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    its on my list in near future. Doing R&D and talking with some that have travelled with poptop and next steps (more expansion, bigger body and replacement back) Interested in Bat21 build as well. Looking to meet Renago in Milan during Sept (on trip Ireland->France->Crotia and back) as he is on...
  45. thelal

    My HDJ80 Overland Build

    Good info. Thanks for that On my list on next few years
  46. thelal

    Leaky Landcruiser 80 (image heavy)

    I popped mine off and replaced with new. Did have leak in same spots If know you could slide out I'd have done the same
  47. thelal

    My HDJ80 Overland Build

    Did 6 weeks seem like enough. Was it a lot if driving or got enough mix to enjoy it What were shipping costs and where to where
  48. thelal

    Higgys 80 restor/project

    nice work
  49. thelal

    Eventually started with some jobs

    How easy to get the axle off for derusting/painting
  50. thelal

    removing the back sliding small windows

    Mine looking kinda similiar. Just a lot of TLC cleaning it up. Went back together ok. Didn't need any sealant. Overall main black rubber seal was in good shape
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