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  1. Knucklehead

    24v Starter PITA

    Hi all, Now starting to understand why folk changed over to 12v starter systems. Hoping somebody on here can give me some more things to try for my 80 that is not cranking before I have to admit defeat and get it recovered to a garage for the first time. Turn the key and get the loud clack...
  2. Knucklehead

    First breakdown in nine years

    Title says it all really. Out in the arse end of nowhere having lunch with my young fella, went to drive home and clatter/bang from the starter. Tried usual thumping it but no go. Must admit i sat there in shock for a bit. Just goes to show how reliable these old wagons are and the surprise...
  3. Knucklehead

    rust never sleeps

    the joys of road salt, title says it all really. Found bump stop sitting bottom of shock. more weiding.. Ah well more welding...
  4. Knucklehead

    spare alloys by Karl

    Got sorted some spare rims by Karl. Great communication sorting out DHL issues. Top bloke. Cheers, Dave.
  5. Knucklehead

    Tyre cracks

    Suspect I know the answer to this bit thought would ask anyhow. Was checking over the cruiser for its MOT next week and noticed that 2 of my 4 Mickey Thompson tyres have developed hairline cracks near the rim. 4 years old with plenty of tread and the rest of the tyre is sound. Oddly only...
  6. Knucklehead

    Defeated by a handbrake cable!

    Hi all, Thought I would replace my stuffed handbrake cable this morning before MOT. Can't be that hard, trusty Haynes says just disconnect from lever and pull through floor hole. Eh?? Looking at the attached pics, I seem to be missing something obvious. I noticed a small tab midway down...
  7. Knucklehead

    Keyless entry options?

    Was wondering if anybody had fitted a keyless remote system to a 93' cruiser? Not sure what year the remote locking key fobs started but mine came with the plain old keys, no fancy buttons. I have a drivers side key that now manages to go about a quarter way in and no further, so no locking...
  8. Knucklehead

    This is likely to spread

    Idea will probably effect those of us on the forum with shall we say less sophisticated Cruisers:flushed:
  9. Knucklehead

    Possible problems ahead off-roading snowdonia

    not unusual to read bad news about off-roading:
  10. Knucklehead

    End of cheap parts?

    Probably like other folk on here, I used to get big ticket items from Amayama UAE warehouse. Even with the custom charges these worked out cheaper than direct in UK. Noticed recently that the only option I could see is out of the Japan warehouse costing a lot more. I contacted Amayama and got...
  11. Knucklehead

    Can anybody give an idiots guide to alternators?

    Hi all, hoping somebody can explain the xmas light show I got after fitting a new alternator today. Got new alternator from RoughTrax who normally supply decent kit. First thing I noticed after starting for the first time was all the dash lights lighting up as shown below which I am fairly...
  12. Knucklehead

    Rear heater bypass

    Guys, hoping can get some advice. Long story short, I managed to track down an ever increasing loss of coolant. Turned out when the garage fitted my g'box back after a new clutch couple of years ago they managed to bend the end of the breather up against the metal rear heater hose behind the...
  13. Knucklehead

    More EU bollocks

    Probably one for the tyre section.. Time has arrived to change probably best M/T tyre I've used, Mickey Thompson MTZs. Turns out no go - we can no longer supply these in the UK due to EU laws. WTF? So far looking for 315/75/16 M/T alternatives I can only see Cooper STT pro in the UK that seem...
  14. Knucklehead

    Is this the end???

    Just heard on the news they are considering paying high polluting diesels owners to scrap their cars. Thinking with most of our 80s reaching quarter century old we would be considered 'high' in the pollution scale. Wondering if they start this scheme and you decide the crusher is not the best...
  15. Knucklehead

    result of a cruiser and an unstable mind

    Everybody has struggles at some time in their life but why affect anybody else FFS.
  16. Knucklehead

    isolating annoying vibration/bellowing noise

    Hoping somebody can give me some idea how to narrow down a loud bellowing sound that my 80 is getting. Hard to explain the noise in text. I can't figure if it is a vibration as it is more a loud bellowing sound that I first thought was exhaust or maybe manifold stuffed as seems to come from...
  17. Knucklehead

    Got an old bike?

    Ok so not cruiser related but it is not often you get something back from the government. Plenty probably know this but was news to me. I just received a new V5 doc from Swansea which kinda surprised me as have owned the bike over 10 years. Gave them a bell and it turns out any pre 1976 bikes...
  18. Knucklehead

    Looks like a good idea....

    Noticed this on Trail-Gear and struck me as a pretty good idea. Might be useful for those still using their 80 offroad and sticking bigish miles on them. Would probably end up fairly pricey with freight, import duties and likes and probably not rebuilding front end enough to justify but does...
  19. Knucklehead

    LSPV removal

    My LSPV is on its way out so thought would ask for experiences for those that have removed these buggers. I have looked at the nice rust free examples on MUD, 'just undue the nuts blah' but back in the salt world, mine is a solid blob of rust. Looking at my options, I thought about removing...
  20. Knucklehead

    Forget 'mechanics' - DIY

    So it is only with extreme reluctance that I ever let any garage near my motor but couple of months ago thought I would ask the guys fitting a new clutch to flush the brake fluid as well. This was no back street garage so thought would have half chance to get it right. Told then wanted bled...
  21. Knucklehead

    Santa was late this year..

    Slowly grabbing bits and pieces for brake overhaul. So far have TRW refurbished front calipers and rebuild kit for rear calipers. Was planning to just rebuild front caliper until noticed TRWs on Amazon for a steal. Also decided to give the MTEC C-Hook design a go. Will report back how they...
  22. Knucklehead

    Sorry- dull wheel question

    Title pretty much says it all but here goes... Have been on the look out for some cheap steel wheels for offroad bash duties. Got offered a set of 16x8 with 0 offset. So far so good. Problem is my std alloys take the earlier 'cone' type wheel nuts while these steels use the later flat washer...
  23. Knucklehead

    Poor windscreen wash - may not be the pump

    Hi all, I had noticed that the force of the windscreen wash was steadily getting worse over time to were it barely made it over the blades. Thought maybe the pump was on its way out but went for the cheapest option first. Pulled the jet nozzles apart, soaked in vinegar and blasted with air...
  24. Knucklehead

    Hating Royal Mail or maybe DHL or maybe both

    RM really are a useless bunch of wan**** along with DHL Germany. Been tracking brake parts coming from Germany with DHL. All going nicely until landed UK yesterday and find out DHL hand them to Parcelfarce at Heathrow. WTF?? Phoned Parcelfarce yesterday to confirm will be with me today as...
  25. Knucklehead

    for anybody with vanishing washer fluid

    Hi all, Went to use the windscreen wash wipe yesterday and no spray. Nowt. Bottle completely empty. Thought I must have been a lazy **** and hadn't topped it up. Then same thing today. So went hunting thinking one of the hoses split but all good. Nope, emptying out through one of the headlight...
  26. Knucklehead

    Anybody extend brake hoses after lift?

    Hello all, In the process of gathering bits and bobs for upcoming brake overhaul. Was about to pull the trigger on stainless brake line kit to suit my 93'. The ABS kit comes with seven hoses then noticed that in OZ they offer kits to suit 2" lift which got me thinking. The pic in EPC for ABS...
  27. Knucklehead

    Replacing motor and transmission mounts.

    Hello All, Quick question. Thinking about making the next job on the list swapping out the Engine and Gearbox mounts. The Gearbox mounts are looking every bit their age. Thinking engine ones probably no better. The Gearbox seem straight forward. Support Gearbox, remove cross member and...
  28. Knucklehead

    MOT failure

    Just had my cruiser knocked back for the first time at the MOT. Gutted. Have no idea how I am going to fix this one. It failed on Service Brake Efficiency 44% needs >50%. Never had any issues before so can only think it is all the extra weight that came with the new 35" MT tyres. Tester...
  29. Knucklehead

    Clutch woes and buying outside EU

    Probably like a few others on here, I sometimes get parts from Amayama. Bought a clutch kit from them which I had recently installed but the throw out bearing failed within a couple of days. Toyota in the UK don't want to know as bought outside the EU and unknown to me Amayama will only stand...
  30. Knucklehead

    Front disk removal

    My old wagon is getting close to needing the front brake disks replaced. Of course being a complete **** I didn't think to replace them when had hubs off recently to repack the front bearings:doh: Anyhow, I am wondering if possible to bash the old disks off through the gap in the disk backing...
  31. Knucklehead

    Idiot proof wheel bearing preload????

    All, Came across this procedure for torque setting the final preload on the front bearings. Never really went down the fish scale/FSM route, tend to set mine more by 'feel' but I think this is the first time I have seen anybody state final torque settings. If I read/understand this correctly...
  32. Knucklehead

    driveline GRrrrrrrr

    Hi, Hoping somebody has some suggestions on how to track down a fairly severe sounding driveline noise. Fairly hard to describe, sort of like load groan/vibration from underneath but only when dropping below 10mph coming to a stop. The noise will disappear when engage the clutch or...
  33. Knucklehead

    manifold studs

    Have been having a read through the 1HDT FSM in prep for pulling the Turbo etc.. to get at a cracked heater pipe. Noticed this mentioned for re-assembling the turbo/manifold and have no clue what it means: (b) Install the turbocharger and exhaust manifold assembly with the twelve nuts. Torque...
  34. Knucklehead

    Thoughts on brake fliud

    Ok, apologies, not the most exciting post..... Next job on the list is flushing out the brake/clutch fluid on my '93. Read this thread: and got me thinking that the DOT3 is the recommended...
  35. Knucklehead

    One for Lazz

    tried to PM you images but seems you can't direct from PC. Anyhow, as requested couple of pics: They are a real hefty piece of kit and the ride on the road is a little harsh but I am happy to put up with that. Run them daily and I personally think these MickeyTs are the business. Duratracs...
  36. Knucklehead

    oh bugger-different type of bad day
  37. Knucklehead

    Scotland off-road recommendations?

    Planning a short trip over to scotland with the wee man next year. Was wondering if anybody could recommend any good off-road spots? Having the young fella on-board not looking anything too extreme, just somewhere I could give the 80 a good work out and hopefully give the young man a taste for...
  38. Knucklehead

    Rock Sliders in UK?

    Has anybody managed to find rock sliders in the UK that are build for that purpose as opposed to cosmetic? Noticed these but don't see them taking much abuse...
  39. Knucklehead

    rattle solved

    Have had a rattle driving me nuts for ages. Sounded like it was just behind me so pulled all the panels in the doors and back trying to find the bugger. No joy. Then came across this thread on mud: Couldn't believe Toyo...
  40. Knucklehead

    Flywheel diameter

    Fast approaching new clutch time and was going to get a mate in OZ to send me one of the Exedy Tuff clutch kits I had used when down there. We then noticed that they are 300mm diameter for the later 95 and up 80 series. Think my '93 came as 275mm standard. Anybody know if the '93 flywheel is...
  41. Knucklehead

    Rear wheel carrier recommendations?

    Now that I have upped the tyre size, trying to figure out options for carrying the spare:think: in the back strapped to the floor anchor points - not ideal on a roof rack - possible finding a rear bumper wheel carrier. Looking at options in the UK, there is ARB at 2nd mortgage prices and a...
  42. Knucklehead

    [email protected] Devon4x4

    Can recommend Mike at Devon 4x4. Got 5 new tyres from them at best prices around and he was happy to help sort out shipment to NI. Something a lot of other tyre suppliers on the mainland weren't keen on. Dave.
  43. Knucklehead

    Pedders shock bush failure?

    Was wondering if anybody had fitted the Pedder's shocks and ended up with the same problem I had with the rear lower shock bush. Shocks on less than a year with little in the way of extra load on: The support at Pedder's was first class as usual and they sent me out two new shocks under...
  44. Knucklehead

    nuff said :flags-australia:
  45. Knucklehead

    cleaning out fuel injector bores?

    finally got some time off work coming up to pull the injectors for long overdue service. Was wondering, after the injectors come out easily without any issues :eusa-whistle:, what would be the best way to clean out the bores? Thinking with 200k on the injectors it could be messy in there and...
  46. Knucklehead


    Decided at 200k it is time the ole cruiser had a freshen up of the injectors. Looking at the FSM, it reckons take out and replace - easy. I'm thinking being wedged in there over 20 years, it may not be so simple. Anybody had issues getting these out and any advice for any welded in types...
  47. Knucklehead

    Suspect this will not buff out

    **Warning - mute sound if eff word offends**
  48. Knucklehead

    turbo reconditioned

    Been noticing an increase in oil showing around the air intake hose where it connects to the turbo. Thought might be a good time to get the turbo reconditioned when removed for upcoming coolant pipe replacement. Anybody got any good recommendation for turbo shops in the UK that can do a good...
  49. Knucklehead

    Exhaust Manifold studs

    Finally had enough of losing expensive Toyo red through my stuffed by-pass pipe which is nicely tucked away under the exhaust manifold/turbo. Anyhow, looking at the exhaust manifold studs/nuts is stuff made of nightmares. Pure rust. Real nasty. So what is best for removing these wee buggers...
  50. Knucklehead

    Coolant flush

    I did search - promise and sure this has been covered before but I am trying to figure out the most effective way of flushing out old coolant in the rad/engine/matrix's etc.. Going to be dropping the old coolant next week to fix up my No1 bypass pipe and thought should give the system a good...
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