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  1. trektheandes

    Accelerator pedal issue

    Hi all, Accelerator pedal stopper (marked red in photo)- is this just an optional limiter or does it serve some other purpose? I did not know I had one on the car till the other day, took it off and left it in the last town, so hoping it was just optional. Car way more powerful without it. The...
  2. trektheandes

    Swing out wheel carrier damage- what did I do wrong?

    Hi all, Some advice please. I had to remove the spare wheel carrier as it had done some damage to the C pillar. Which is why there is a dodgy replacement tail light- as the old one fell out with the movement of the carrier. Can anyone see from the photos please what I did wrong support wise...
  3. trektheandes

    Hi- need some advice miles vs price please

    Hi there, I am English but live in Peru, - looking for a Land Cruiser to use as a daily drive ( 25km each way) and for bigger overland trips to explore more of the continent, three of us, myself and my two daughters. Need something with power for the hills as altitude is a factor- live at 3000...
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