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    Spares heads up

    Just so the right guys see my thread I have a couple of 70 series spares for sale - details in the classifieds section: Hope I'm allowed to do this but I know that if folk use Tapatalk it is easy...
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    FOR SALE: KZJ78 ECU and Rear Door seals

    ECU is used but works fine. I bought it as a spare and have now sold the Kzj. I am after £150 plus postage. Also door seals for the rear doors of the same truck. They do also fit other models based on the same chassis/body so check toyodiy. I am only after what I paid for them (plus...
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    3rd row seats in a jap import VX

    Hey guys, Anyone have the factory installed 3rd row seats in a early (91?) jap import VX that could post a few pics of them and how they mount. I need to get some put in my truck but the seat the guy says is for my car doesn't look quite right. Can anyone identify this seat and Landcruiser it...
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    found my dream 80 series so going over to the other side...

    see for details. So there will be a kzj78 with dobinson suspension all around (2"lift), HD bullbar, for sale in Uganda soon... :dance: Mark
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    coming over from the other least the 70series forum :-)

    Hi guys, As the title says I am about to come over from the other side from a 78 series prado. Been looking for the 'right' 80 series for a while ie good condition and all the mods I want for the right price!!! The one I found has a couple of extra mods too - a winch and a 3 place bench seat...
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    Weight on tow hitch?

    Hey folks, Does anyone know what the max weight on the tow hitch would be on my kzj78. I'm not talking about max weight that can be pulled (towed) but max weight directly down on hitch. I realise that I would need a hitch of the correct rating (and suspension that won't leave the truck...
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    Ecu repairs

    So where do folks send their ecu's for repair in UK and can recommend for good service? Just got to UK with my bad ecu and want to get it fix. Thanks Mark
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    Cylinder Head replacement

    Well folks, looks like it head replacement time for me :evil: The head is off and confirmed as being warped - to buy genuine Toyota here in Uganda is 8,000,000USH (£2000) :roll: hence I'm looking for other options. So far from searching here and 'another forum' I have come up with these...
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