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  1. ByronJ

    Breakdown East of the Cederberg Mountains South Africa

    Below is a copy of my recent posting I made on the South Africa LCCSA forum of some fun Zeda and I had when exploring east of the Cederberg in the Western Cape of South Africa. Around 200Km NNE of Cape Town. The area is desert/semi desert and surprisingly remote. Having spent the weekend of...
  2. ByronJ

    please post image of exploded diagram of front hub / steering knuckle

    Hi, we are travelling in the Karoo in our 80 series and I managed to break the studs holding the steering knuckle arm to the knuckle. Stripped out the knuckle and we walked out with it the next morning. Very remote area so it was a long hot day to get to a farm. We have new studs etc. and plan...
  3. ByronJ

    Puzzled by Sinking Brake Pedal

    Hi guys. I would appreciate your thoughts on the behavior of the brakes on my 80. This is the 24v 1995 without ABS. While I was travelling in Greece Zelda reported that Zorro's (thats the 80 with the issue) brakes were 'a little soft'. I got back to Cape Town a few days ago and the brakes...
  4. ByronJ

    My South African 80 Series

    After a lot of frustrating attempts to source an 80 series in South Africa I reached an agreement to buy an 80 of a chap in Durban who turned out to be a member of this club! (@warrenpfo). Warren had bought this grey import 80 when living in the UK and took it back to SA when he returned 3 years...
  5. ByronJ

    Electrical upgrades

    I finished baselining my 1994 80 'Elsie/LC' earlier last year and since then she has been my daily drive. As part of the work I installed a new AC compressor, condenser and filter but even so the aircon never worked for long; clearly the gas was leaking out somewhere. At last we found the leak...
  6. ByronJ

    Wanted South African Registered 80 Series

    Hi I am looking to buy a South African registered 80 series Land Cruiser. Ideally I am after a diesel auto with lift up rear doors. So far I have been looking on,, HUBB, Gumtree and Autotrader. My partner lives in Cape Town but I am...
  7. ByronJ

    Simple and Effective Auxiliary Fuel tank

    I have been wanting to fit an auxiliary fuel tank to my 1994 80 series (Elsie/LC) for some time but found the options available were expensive and unnecessarily complex - at least for my needs. Chatting with Ed and Trevor at Lincomb led us to a kind of joint project and here is the lads...
  8. ByronJ

    Removing the Front Wings on a Land Cruiser 80 Series

    Removing the front wings of an 80 series is a straightforward, if somewhat fiddly, process. The biggest challenge is locating the fixings then coping with removing corroded bolts. The bolts are mainly 10mm (M6) and 12mm (M8) heads, I found a 3/8” socket set a bonus as some of the fittings are in...
  9. ByronJ

    For Sale. 80 Series VX Manual 238,000 miles

    My Neighbour dropped by yesterday to say he wanted to sell his 80 series. There was not a lot of room to photograph the car as my drive was full so there is no significance to me not photographing the driver's side. The car has clocked 238,000 miles and is generally grubby with plenty of...
  10. ByronJ

    Speedometer/Odometer not working but Speed sensor OK.

    My 1994 80 series has just failed its MOT because the speedometer is not working. No speed displayed and the odometer does not turn. Assuming it was the Hall speed sensor I bought a 2nd hand one and swapped it in. Still no speedometer! So I did what I should have done in the first place...
  11. ByronJ

    Information Wanted on Removing Outer and Inner Front Wings on 80 Series

    I plan to replace the inner front wings on my 1994 80 series but have not managed to find any information in the manuals as to how these are fitted on :cry:. I could just work it out as I go along but I would like to see a diagram first. I am probably just making a bad job of...
  12. ByronJ

    Why (I think) we get rust bubbling around the front windscreen on the 80 series

    Once you inspect a number of 80 series trucks you soon realise that bubbling of the paint around the front windscreen is a common problem. This was a puzzle to me as the paint on the 80 series is generally very well applied, My own cruiser (1991) had just a couple of places where there was a...
  13. ByronJ

    A beginner services the 80 series front axle

    Inspired by Chris's recent article on his front axle I decided it was time I serviced the front axle on my 1991 80 series. I read Andrew's very helpful thread 'Rebuilding the 80 series front axle' and on Sunday 16th of February 2014 started the job; yes I know a Sunday re-build is pushing the...
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