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  1. Jack VZJ90


    Never seen it that far gone .... what did they do with it ??? Lots of succes with restoring, i'am still working on my second VZJ90 ....
  2. Jack VZJ90


    can be fixed ......
  3. Jack VZJ90

    Body mount

    It's saveable like everything on a land cruiser
  4. Jack VZJ90

    Central locking & elec windows failed

    Hi Neil, I think you already checked your fusebox ... Check main switch in drivers door panel. Disconnect and clean switch and contacts. you could also bypass it with a wire so you can check if the problem is in the main switch. Mine had the same issues, and i bought a new switch at Alibaba for...
  5. Jack VZJ90

    Auto Gearbox Oil Flow

    Graham, if you have air in the lines, it won't be a problem. The pump pick-up element / filter is at the bottom of your gearbox. If the pump is working it will push the oil trough the lines. (and push out any air) - You could check for bent or damaged flat tubing. (most unlikely) - Check for...
  6. Jack VZJ90

    Lower Ball Joint Bolt Size

    Roughtrax complete set L+R .... no problem and good quality
  7. Jack VZJ90

    Moving to Germany and looking for a 90...I think

    Plenty of them for sale in Belgium because of the milieu zones or "umweld zone's".
  8. Jack VZJ90

    Ever seen a VZJ90 with removable back-top ??

    Hi Ed, i think this is how they met the Danish rules indeed. Also registered in Denmark as a commercial vehicle, so it makes sense in that way. Only question .... what is the cost of this conversion ? And will the cost benefit ? In Holland the benefit of a commercial vehicle is about 800 euro /...
  9. Jack VZJ90

    Ever seen a VZJ90 with removable back-top ??

    Hi fellow LandCruiser 90 owners, I imported this car from Denmark, anybody knew of the existence of this type ? Can it be originally Toyota ??? Greetz, Jack VZJ90 IMG_2366 by Jack VZJ90 posted Feb 10, 2019 at 10:01 PMIMG_2365 by Jack VZJ90 posted Feb 10, 2019 at 10:01 PMIMG_2364 by Jack VZJ90...
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  15. vzj90 pick-up

    vzj90 pick-up

  16. Jack VZJ90

    Yes sorry, another - but different elec aerial problem!

    You checked inside the antenna ? Take top bolt of, and extract antenna by top button. If it stops pull out the rest of it. Should be a kind of tie-rib with teeth connected to the bottom. Maybe a piece of it is broken. They sell new antenna revision sets at rough trax. I inserted one a few years...
  17. Jack VZJ90

    Comment by 'Jack VZJ90' in media 'Image'

    nice !
  18. Jack VZJ90

    1999 5vz-fe Prado timing belt question

    Joshua, get a workshop manual of your car, and find al the specs ..... Like Haynes for prado / colorado 90
  19. Jack VZJ90

    1999 prado weird noise

    Hi Joshua, Is it a manual or automatic gearbox. If it's a manual gearbox is suspect the bearing from your clutch group. A good mechanic can tell you .... difficult to hear on video .... but sounds the same .... Good luck
  20. Jack VZJ90

    Coolant Loss

    checked the valve of your heater system under the hood ? also a common problem for minor leaks because of age.
  21. Jack VZJ90

    INTERESTING..Didnt think it was possible

    If you really want to drive on LPG there's only one good system. The LPI system is a liquid gas injection system, with gas injectors directly in front of your engine air intake. so if you have a v6, you have six injectors. It works in the same way as your petrol injectors and use the same timing...
  22. Jack VZJ90

    Help! Landcruiser won't start

    Bad massa cable ... or bad connection of massa cable (grounding) You tried a jumper cable directly from the neg. battery to the engine or starter motor chassis ?
  23. Jack VZJ90

    Sudden power loss on motorway

    I don't drive a diesel, but former diesel cars i drove had a diesel fuel cut-off valve to stop the engine. Normally while running it has a 12 volt current on it to stay open. With ignition switch off current stops and valve closes. To test this, you can make an electrical bypass. But again, i...
  24. Jack VZJ90

    Front Brake Shims !

  25. Jack VZJ90

    Front Brake Shims !

    Doesn't matter what brand pad or disq you use. I always use a copper based paste between brake pads and calipers for noise reduction. The same paste i use for greasing the pads in the slots. It's heat resistant, works perfect, and cost almost zero euro's More important is how you brake it in ...
  26. Jack VZJ90

    Is this just a little rust or leading to bigger issue later?

    They put the foam in for noise. If you weld it, first get the foam out !!
  27. Jack VZJ90

    Flat Batteries - charging issue?

    build 1998, 1st alternator ? Mine was build 1997, 350.000 km, and i recently installed a new alternator. I noticed with lights and fan on with lowering engine speed, the fan slowed down and the lights became less bright. You can rebuild you alternator with new power regulator, but if it came...
  28. Jack VZJ90

    Is this just a little rust or leading to bigger issue later?

    Just weld it ..... :blush:
  29. Jack VZJ90


    pre diluted .... with distilled water ... not to be mixed with tap water :smiley:
  30. Jack VZJ90


    Pre diluted glycol based ready mixed with additives. If you mix it with water...... - your anti freezing point goes up. - water oxides your radiator - boiling point changes so never mix with water .....
  31. Jack VZJ90


    Hi, Hutton... Always use the same as prescribed, and ready mixed. You will have constant quality and anti freezing protection. The pink has additives for anti-corrosion of the complete cooling and heating system and are mostly used for aluminium engine's. As long as it's bright pink it's ok...
  32. Jack VZJ90

    Brakes WTF! help please .

    Never !!!! clean the break paths with brake cleaner. (if you use something to clean them, use sandpaper) You installed new disc's ? the new ones come in black coating ..... nice .... but coating doesn't brake, but get in your brake path !! In the instruction the say you can put them on just like...
  33. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    Let’s all vote If you give up ... you yank the bulb
  34. Jack VZJ90

    The dreaded top tube leak - 5VZFE

    Ho Damien, The white marking spots are factory marking from 1th production, nothing else. I think your car ran on water for emergency sometime ago ? What happend is that chalk builts up beteren the hoses and fittings. By refill with purple-red coolant, this coolant is going to eat the chalk and...
  35. Jack VZJ90

    I Bought the Cheapest Toyota Land Cruiser in the USA

    No engine, no interior .....:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  36. Jack VZJ90

    Newbie from Ireland with 1998 Prado

    Hi Frank, Loose all connectors from clock assembly and spray them with electrolube and reconnect. Most likely bat earth in one of those connectors. I had the same problem a few years ago ...
  37. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    Hi Shayne, So you suspect the clock-spring ? Disconnect and measure with multi-meter in ohm's ? If this is your problem, you can try electrolube contact cleaner ..... F1 in a few hours ...... Btw i found a company in holland who revise leather steering wheels .... I'm expecting a quotation on...
  38. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    Shayne, Weird place for a steering wheel on the passenger's side :):):) (LOL)
  39. Jack VZJ90

    Landcruisers at work

    At Work :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
  40. Jack VZJ90

    Pull to Right When Braking

    Hi Mark, I had the same trouble with my LC90, and became worse and worse over time. Changed brake calipers front and back. (fronts were revised 6 years ago, backside was original used over twenty years) Also new brake rotors front and back. Lower suspension arms swapped for new one's with...
  41. Jack VZJ90

    Noise coming from rear.

    Hi Lexi, Maybe funny question ... you still have oil in your rear dif. ? and you also have oil in your transfercase ? If yes ... just before the rear dif. you have a protective ring where the drive shaft goes into the dif. Might be coming from there ....
  42. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    They talk about " Buckle & occupant detection " powered by a switch. I once took out both front seats, and didn't see any cable connected to the seats, so they have to talk about the switch that's connected to the belt winding mechanism ? what else ? Normally when you start the car, light comes...
  43. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    i looked up the diagram at "max Ellery's workshop book" The light has only one fuse (10 amp nr 2), but can't be that one because it's in the positive feeding line. this means that the light is feeded constantly 12 volt + and switched on and of negatively by a switch. In the diagram they talk...
  44. Jack VZJ90

    hello guys

    Hi Tony, Are you talking about the round pipe 2" that connect the left and right chassis beam ? Or better, can you show a pic of it ?
  45. Jack VZJ90

    Seatbelt dash warning light

    Hi Shayne, Been working on the seatbelts ? Cable (2 wire) on mechanism making ground somewhere? I think they run up from the bottom through the B frame above the front door and down again through the A frame till under the dash. Might help you, if you worked around those parts. Succes
  46. Jack VZJ90

    What is this part that is leaking?

    If it's leaking replace imediately. If it's sweating you can drive with it (for emergency) as long as you keep checking your fluid level in the brake cannister under the hood. Because the cannister is at higher level as lsv there won't get air in the lines, but only fluid out. (Gravity at work)...
  47. Jack VZJ90

    Coolant Mystery

    Hi Mel, I don't know if you fixed the problem yet, but i had the same problem a few years ago. Normally they change coulant every two years ? By the look in your overflow tank you can tell the condition of your fluid. Should be red - rose ! (for aluminium engine's suitable) If it's dirty and...
  48. Jack VZJ90

    Best oil for 3.4 petrol 90 series?

    I use half synthetic 5W40. Just because it can be used also in my other car(mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor). Because of the additives it doesn't have that much difference with 10W40. Toyota landcruiser 90 3.4V6 automatic with LPI conversion. 350.000 km built 1997
  49. Jack VZJ90

    Cooling the 1KZ-TE motor:

    Let me guess .... Your wife's name is heather ..... i ment heater ! LOL Happens when first language is dutch ....... LOL
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