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  1. StarCruiser

    Buyer beware…

    Lynn sported this article this morning. The gist is that a car is posted for sale on eBay and the buyer turns up to buy with cash. Armed robbers then relieve said buyer of cash...
  2. StarCruiser

    Zero emissions Electric JCB

    Amazing what can now be done to help save our planet… :-)
  3. StarCruiser

    Moose avoidance test in action…

    Some of you may remember the bad press the Suzuki SJ received some 25 or more years ago for falling over on the ‘moose avoidance test’ swerving around an object. Not so a well laden Landcruiser 80… Must’ve been their lucky day!
  4. StarCruiser

    Anyone want an Ozpig?

    Just bought meself an Ozpig like Nick’s. :dance: Chap I’ve bought it from says he’s got 2 more and has a listing on eBay. I’ve yet to collect mine from Wymondham in Norfolk.
  5. StarCruiser

    Goodwood review… the new Jimny

    Seems a pretty reasonable review here around some familiar roads (to me at least).
  6. StarCruiser

    Rear calliper stainless clip slide thingies

    When I swapped my pads recently, I inspected the rear ones too. With the pads out, I found one of the stainless clips that line the ends where the ears of the pads sit to be inexplicably split in line with where one of the pads goes. Question is, does anyone know where I can get these on their...
  7. StarCruiser

    Off road training day.

    The members of Sussex 4x4 Response are fortunate to have use of an off road site which is part of the Goodwood Estate for a bit of off road practice. It’s got pretty much everything but mud, though the chalky surface has been like a skating rink at times in the past. Anyway, one of the members...
  8. StarCruiser

    Familiar heavy haul tractor…

    Some interesting loads and a novel way to keep weight down with the Space shuttle.
  9. StarCruiser

    Why own an old vehicle?

    This guy just sums it up. Sit down, put your feet up somewhere quiet and Enjoy. This could be about as close to explaining the cruiser grin as you’ll get I think.
  10. StarCruiser

    Brakes poor after changing pads

    my front pads had begun to squeal so I ordered another set from Milners as the ones fitted had been so good. I also ordered some tears but didn’t change these as there was plenty left on the Ferodo ones in there. I just gave them a bit of Copper Ease around the slidey bits and put them back...
  11. StarCruiser

    Some cool conversions here…including…

    …the yellow one at the end. Well, Is it? I actually think some of these, the thumbnail included, are pretty darn cool. I’d love to see inside one. Others I’m, er, not so keen on.
  12. StarCruiser

    Death Wobble on camera

    Found this with lots of comments below it from fellow sufferers. Looks like the whole axle shakes from side to side rather than just the steering making me think it’s bushings and panhard rod mountings though I’ve no experience of this myself. While I’m putting this up just for the visual...
  13. StarCruiser

    Bad Obsession- Escargot

    The boys have bought and started a new project. :-) Episode one
  14. StarCruiser

    Winch ropes and cables…scary

    An excellent demonstration of what happens when anchor points, ropes or cables let go…
  15. StarCruiser

    Advice on synthetic rope fairleads

    In case I actually get round to fitting my winch, I’ve started looking at the parts I’ve accumulated and have noticed the fairlead I have is somewhat shorter in the letterbox department than my winch drum is wide. Specifically it’s around 24 mm shy of each end at around 110mm from the point...
  16. StarCruiser

    Getting un bogged on sand- no recovery gear

    I found this pretty informative. Basic stuff we should all know I guess but I thought useful to have demonstrated.
  17. StarCruiser

    60 in need of a new home with lots of TLC

    This one’s for sale near me. I spoke to the owner who used it for his shoots until one of the beaters put it in a ditch and broke the Diff which he replaced before laying it up in a barn for 8 years. He seems realistic and says the engine and rad are good. There’s rust and dents to most panels...
  18. StarCruiser

    ‘Unpaid’ worker takes revenge…

    Clearly not a happy bunny… Caution, strong language… And from outside
  19. StarCruiser

    Intercooler adapter elbows on eBay

    Just found this. I know it’s in Oz and it’s not cheap but I cannot see this being made as a one off unless you’ve got the workshop to do it for less. Nice looking item too. They are available for the 24 valve...
  20. StarCruiser

    Most powerful engine in the world

    This is precision engineering on a massive scale. I wouldn’t like to have to pay the bill come oil change time.
  21. StarCruiser

    Winching trucks in the snow…and more.

    I’ve been watching quite a few of this guy’s work videos as big truck heavy recovery in the states while I’ve been couch ridden with man flu over the holidays. Fabulous truck and clearly bags of experience. This is probably most relevant to what we might encounter so have a look at his other...
  22. StarCruiser

    How to get revenge on parcel thieves

    This is brilliant!!
  23. StarCruiser

    Big US 4x4 meets stationary object…not good

    I found this rather sobering. It’s tempting to feel safe when inside a big strong vehicle, but there’s bigger stronger vehicles out there. This clearly didn’t end well.
  24. StarCruiser

    Radio aerial… thoughts on replacements

    A while ago after replacing the element once, my radio aerial got bent over in a storm so I replaced the whole unit with an after market electric aerial. I just removed the Control circuit and wired to the motor direct and it’s worked well ever since. It’s now taken a clout and broken the...
  25. StarCruiser

    Big Muskie

    This was the worlds largest walking dragline.
  26. StarCruiser

    Porting and polishing manifolds… the easy way

    What a clever way to do a tricky job, and an amazing result.
  27. StarCruiser

    Project Mongrel… Ford/MX5 hybrid

    I’ve been watching this over the past few weeks. This guy is clearly full time on this build, but his fabrication and eye for what he’s doing seem pretty accurate with seemingly no plans to follow. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  28. StarCruiser

    Transformer overland camper

    First things first… sorry! It’s a Land Rover! But please, bear with me. The design and time this thing takes to put up and pack away is amazing. Genius in fact. I do believe he’s thought of pretty much everything and kept it simple to use. Now, if only it were done to a Landcruiser… KARL!! :)
  29. StarCruiser

    40 series restoration time lapse

    Just found myself watching this. What incredible patience and dedication these guys have and how lucky they are to have a relatively rust free example to start with. Enjoy.
  30. StarCruiser

    Anyone got a scrap Toyota Exhaust downpipe

    …and first box they don’t want for the 4.2 12 valve they could bring to the AO show on Saturday? I’d like one as a pattern. Long shot I know… :)
  31. StarCruiser

    Storm Helene…how much wind can a Howling Moon RTT take?

    Sitting atop the Cruiser in our RTT on a campsite high above St Ives Cornwall with the wind howling and beginning to wish we were inside somewhere solid. It is blowing a hoolie out with some heavy gusts. We had to go out and rescue the Batwing and got that put away successfully. Had to tie the...
  32. StarCruiser

    I hope this isn’t true…if it is, it could make the internet virtually unusable

    …and more importantly it could make forums like this virtually unworkable beyond chat.
  33. StarCruiser

    Serious off roading with a trailer

    I’ve seen a few of these beasts on the road and they are big and powerful but I never gave their off road ability a thought, until this popped up. I’ve no idea what make the tractor units are but they look mighty similar to the Oshkosh ones they have in the States.
  34. StarCruiser

    Overlanding in the snow…Russian style…

    A couple of amazingly capable vehicles and an extreme adventure.
  35. StarCruiser

    How an updated 80 can look…

    …with a little spit and polish for good measure. :)
  36. StarCruiser

    Overland trailer for sale

    One of our Sussex 4x4 Response member’s has decided reluctantly to sell his overland trailer which has only been used 6 times. I cannot imagine this would be in anything other than as new condition knowing the owner. Located in Shropshire. PM me if interested and I’ll put you in touch.
  37. StarCruiser

    Use of a dash cam could land you in jail.….!!!

    According to The Express, (and we know just how measured and accurate they can be) use of dash cams in some countries in Europe is illegal. Even ownership in some of them can land you a fine. Hopefully this will...
  38. StarCruiser

    ‘New’ Air Con gas, one to avoid…

    It seems that some new cars are being supplied with a new refrigerant in their AC systems. R1234YF. So what? Well, there’s a few good reasons to avoid cars with this gas in them. Aside from the cost, about 30 times that of 134A, incredibly it is flammable! What is even worse is that when burned...
  39. StarCruiser

    Possibly reasonable 60 on eBay

    Needs work but could be a good project truck.
  40. StarCruiser

    Great way to loosen stuck nuts and bolts

    Just came across this brilliant tool. It seems there’s quite a few makes and even a DIY kit to be had. Anyway, it’s certainly far better than the trusty gas axe.
  41. StarCruiser

    Keeping it in the family…a peach of a 40

    Find a quiet spot, grab a beer and put your feet up for a near perfect 8 1/2 minutes…
  42. StarCruiser

    Landcruiser Advert

    Had to post this as it made me chuckle.
  43. StarCruiser

    Toyota Red Coolant

    There's been many mentions of Toyota Red Coolant on lots of threads. I finally found an explanation on Youtoob of different coolants, Toyota Red even gets a mention. Ok the video was offered, in fact I’ve managed to watch several of this guys videos and they all seem to be informative. I say...
  44. StarCruiser

    Well sorted 120 LC4

    This caught my eye for anyone wanting a 120 that’s had a full chassis refurb. Not cheap but then a galvanised chassis could be a very good investment knowing how these suffer with rust. Doesn’t say petrol or diesel or whether LHD though...
  45. StarCruiser

    Interesting test of 4 wheel drive vehicles

    AWD or 4 WD
  46. StarCruiser

    The Manslator. Potentially lifesaving gadget

    Thankfully I have no need for one of these…but I believe it will be useful to some, many perhaps. :whistle:
  47. StarCruiser

    Useful App to call 08 numbers free

    Just been notified of this app by a very helpful chap at 3. After spending 19 minutes on the phone to an 0845 number that cost over £8 I'll be using this from now on. Just look for Weq4u :-)
  48. StarCruiser

    When it's time for a new chainsaw…

    Looks like Stihl have been having a play. :-)
  49. StarCruiser

    Petition -remove asbestos from schools.

    Ok, I'm willing to think there are some blunt instruments involved here with surveys etc, but I heard about asbestos board being used in schools 10-15 years ago and was horrified that what I had thought was an asbestos substitute board actually contained it. Notice boards, corridor lining that...
  50. StarCruiser

    Experiments…Ukrainian style…Don't try this at home, seriously!

    I've now watched a few of these videos. These guys are seriously nuts. The dismantled working microwave video just makes me shudder but I have a kind of Frankenstein curiosity whenever another video is offered to me. This really is how...
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