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  1. chapel gate

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    anyone got the brake circuit diagram for non ABS with rear discs please?
  2. chapel gate

    EGT a little on the high side..

  3. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series seat foam.

    Replacement drivers side base seat foam. Please pm for details and all other parts enquiries.
  4. chapel gate

    Ibex 4x4.
  5. chapel gate

    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    Japanese made replacement fuel pins for 1HD/FT engines. Saves you the hassle and guess work of grinding your existing fuel pin. Has a notch on the back for easy installation. Please pm for further information and all other used and new 80 series parts enquiries.
  6. chapel gate

    80 series torque upgrade.

    Nipped in for a brew at my pals couple of days ago. Was greeted by a 80 having a bit of open heart surgery.. Came out of a British army tracked vehicle. About 300 hrs, not a spot of rust on the engine itself. 240 hp standard. Boom!
  7. chapel gate

    What budget laptop?

    We need a new laptop, or whatever they are called nowadays.. Tbh, I'm struggling to show any interest in mauling through reviews about something I know little about. So, what would those in the know on here recommend? I like that middle ground of best performance for the money, before the...
  8. chapel gate

    the pitfalls of sharing a spotify account.

    so, i was happily cruising along in the 80 listening to a ACDC track far to loud. then, all of a sudden, "what does the fox say" belted out of the speakers even louder! i nearly jumped out of my seat. google it if your not familiar with this really annoying kids song. you have been warned...
  9. chapel gate

    Heavy duty clutch recommendations.

    Well, didn't think I would be needing one of these before fitting a G turbo/wink. Couple of days ago floored it going up a steep hill in fourth, hit the sweet spot, turbo whistled and the boost gauge shot up to 15 psi. As did the tacho.. Slipped on a couple of occasions now, so turned down...
  10. chapel gate

    80 series seats.

    Free. Just get them out of my way, please...
  11. chapel gate

    The big three O.

  12. chapel gate

    The corona virus thread

    Observations. How is it effecting your life so far? What precautions have you started to take? Do you know anyone who has the virus? This might be a good place for some solid advice and tips too. I'm getting the feeling this one might not just blow over..
  13. chapel gate

    Geared engine stand.

    Anyone know if these are available from a UK supplier? They seem to be a generic Chinese job. I've seen them a different colour/make but can't seem to find a UK source. Note; I can be pretty crap at searching for stuff...
  14. chapel gate

    Genuine landcruiser 80 sun visors.

    No paw prints and they won't keep falling down on you.. Visors without the "ears" for 80s with overhead consoles also available.
  15. chapel gate

    When did toyota stop thinking this was a good idea?

    Had a customer's 80 all this week getting some jobs done. For the first time I noticed this; My 96 doesn't have the switch illumination, nor the illuminated halo around the ignition which I keep meaning to retro fit.. Think I'll be fitting a set of these too.
  16. chapel gate

    winter 2019/2020. RIP.

    where is the snow? where are the crispy cold blue sky mornings? worst winter in memory for me. utter tripe..
  17. chapel gate

    Aftermarket cup holder.

    What's the bestest, most awesome money no object cup holder available? Something that folded out of the way would be good but not essential. It's for the unimog.
  18. chapel gate

    Lifting straps and towing straps.

    What's the difference? I get the stretchy recovery strap thing, but what's the difference between lifting straps and towing straps. I found it mildly amusing today when some timber we were lifting slowly passed by me with a hint of impending doom suggested on a tag as "not to be used for...
  19. chapel gate

    Genuine landcruiser 80 track and tie rod ends.

    Complete with fittings. Please pm for details and all other new and used parts enquiries.
  20. chapel gate

    Bad big end bearings.

    OK, it's been a while since we've had pics of shot big end bearings. So here we are; Lowish miles 12 valve at 178000 miles...
  21. chapel gate


    With all the negativity surrounding diesel at the moment. Just so it knows its not completely unloved.
  22. chapel gate

    modern ish 4x4s and mpg.

    couple of nights ago now, went out for a black pudding bacon and stilton starter, followed by a 8 oz fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and mash. finished off with a cheesecake with caramel sauce and ice cream. washed down with several beers and a house red.. anyway, I drove ems car there and...
  23. chapel gate

    80 series new genuine ignition barrel and key set.

    Please pm for details and all other new and used part enquiries.
  24. chapel gate

    Outer wings from toyota uk.

    Just a heads up. If anyone was putting off getting new wings from toyota uk, I'd bite the bullet as they are not long off being discontinued. They have already been discontinued in the US.
  25. chapel gate

    Something 80 owners should check.

    Noticed a small rusty patch seeping moisture. Then noticed the rubber bung. Prodded it a bit and it starting dripping. Pulled the bung out and about half a cup of water went right down my sleeve. Better down my sleeve than trapped in my 80..
  26. chapel gate

    Snorkeling 80.
  27. chapel gate

    Landcruiser museum.

    Landcruiser museum in the US. An interesting contribution from a reader on Dana self contained axles used on mining trucks. Click on "Community"
  28. chapel gate

    Big puddles and modern cars..

    Came across a few incidents over the weekend with the heavy rain. You'll need to zoom in. Looked like a virtually new merc. It "just cut out". It also wouldn't shift out of drive. Then there's that towing eye shambles that I'm very familiar with. "grab the towing eye mate" "whats a towing...
  29. chapel gate

    alternator oval plug wiring.

    can someone save me some searching time and tell me what the three wires are? positive, negative and signal wire?
  30. chapel gate

    Tyre deflators.

    Any thoughts on these? Not for the 80, got stuck in a water logged field in the Unimog the other day. Took me ages to air down to 18 psi. Unfortunately haven't got CTIS. Seen very similar on ebay for about 8 quid.. OK
  31. chapel gate

    Away for the weekend. Warning, proud dad content.

    With the nice weather given made a last minute decision to chuck the rtt on.. Drove past the madness.. This will do. Little man sorting out the firewood. Retired the old bowsaw. Camp. "it is by the Irish said, hawthorn makes the sweetest bread" The dead standing hawthorn...
  32. chapel gate

    Cross country ultimate top mount intercooler.

    Anyone on here run one of these?
  33. chapel gate

    Getting bored now. Warning, patio content.

  34. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series rear door window trim.

    These will shortly be NLA. Grab them while you can. Please pm for details and all other new and used parts enquiries.
  35. chapel gate

    Genuine toyota oil and fuel filters.

    For the 80 series and many other toyota vehicles. These are sourced from a UK main dealer. Sump plug washer included. Please pm for further details and all other new and used part enquiries.
  36. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series body mounts.

    To compliment the other kits I offer. A Complete set of body mounts for the 80 series. Please pm for details, and any other new or used parts enquiries.
  37. chapel gate

    Cadbury double decker.

    I'd forgotten just how good these actually are...
  38. chapel gate

    Fuel Filler neck replacement.

    Asking for me dad. Does the body need lifting on the 100 to fit a replacement filler neck?
  39. chapel gate

    Workshop treats.

    Post your new workshop acquisitions here. Had these a couple of weeks now after my milwaukee that I had given to me packed in. Pretty good value as bare units as I already have the batteries.
  40. chapel gate

    Air con re-gas

    With summer brewing and the old air conditioning in the 80 not being as cool as it can be, I went to my normal place to get it recharged. I had it last done about 3-4 years ago, it was 50 notes then.. 90 BLOODY QUID!! Keep the gas in there folks... .
  41. chapel gate

    Lengthening a chassis.

    Very early days on a possible upcoming project. Im happy with the fabrication side of things, but what are the implications regarding MOT, DVLA etc? Anyone with experience of this?
  42. chapel gate

    289000 miles..

    ...odd number i know, but it means I've clocked up 200000 miles in my 80. Here's to the next 200000!:dance:
  43. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series cv joints.

    About time I kept these in stock. The rolex of constant velocity joints. Please pm for details and all other new and used parts enquiries.
  44. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series brake and clutch pedal rubbers.

    Here they are. Brace yourselves.. Please pm for details and all other 80 series parts used and new.
  45. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series complete lock and key set.

    Following on from the popular lock and key sets I've managed to source these alternatives at a lower price. Please pm for further details and all other parts enquiries.
  46. chapel gate

    Cheap cordless CC TV cam thingy?

    Some poor minded scrotum pos is regularly dumping crap, at a lovely out of the way spot near us. Is there a cheap cam of some description that could be planted to identify the low life? I can't abide this sort of thing. Especially in my own backyard so to speak..
  47. chapel gate

    Working out CFM

    We have a vary large, very old compressor. Anyone know a simple way of working out its CFM?
  48. chapel gate

    80 series inner wings.

    Very good condition. Solid with only light surface rust in area's. Please pm for details on these and all other new and used 80 series parts.
  49. chapel gate

    What obd 11 reader?

    Any recommendations at about the £100 mark? Ta.
  50. chapel gate

    80s series cloth seats.

    Putting these on the forum for a couple of days before ebay. Good overall condition. The foam is a bit saggy in the usual place on the sides. The piping on the drivers side is damaged shown in the picture. Worth refurbing imo. Please pm for more details.
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