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  1. chapel gate


    he actually seems to like it, but doesnt want to like it. the aussie chap in the youtube review has a after market bull bar on his defender. the dealership that tryed to fit the winch admitted they had never fitted one and it may take a couple of days... for me also the early 90s is the peak of...
  2. chapel gate


    in all fairness its a ground up new vehicle being produced from a brand new shiny factory. theres gonna be some teething problems. if these persist after a couple of years thats a different matter. ok, you can all stop kicking me now...
  3. chapel gate

    Replacing front wings

    saved you a trip. you can even do your shopping at asda after ordering your lovely new wings.. See photos Vertu Toyota Chesterfield Website Directions Save Call 4.4200 Google reviews Car dealer in Chesterfield, England Showroom for Toyotas and other car models, new and secondhand, also...
  4. chapel gate

    Choosing Pre filter for Safari Snorkel

    the toyota topper you have pictured is for the 70 series. unless your rig is churning out big HP it will be fine. its the best looking one imo, the oem 80 series topper is one of the ugliest things known to man kind.. the ram air effect is a myth on snorkles, iirc you would have to be doing...
  5. chapel gate

    Old Diesel

    Put it in a oil can/sprayer and use in place of wd 40 etc on the landcruiser. A bucket full is good for soaking rusty/oily parts in.
  6. chapel gate

    80 Series CV's?

    Pm sent.
  7. chapel gate

    How much do you think this will go for in the end? I'm interested but not at all costs!

    i wouldnt be surprised if it resurfaced within the next week. at least it ran its course and didnt vanish with one day to go..
  8. chapel gate

    105 steering box

    afaik they are the same as an 80 series trev.
  9. chapel gate

    My JDM 1994 80 series daily

    no, buy a less pristine example locally for trail use.
  10. chapel gate

    the straight through crew.

  11. chapel gate

    the straight through crew.

    My turn tomorrow..
  12. chapel gate

    Looking for a SWB 120. Are they really that rare?

    Ime, it will be repaired enough to get it through a MOT.. A bit of welding and a lot of wax oil.
  13. chapel gate

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    cheers fellas.
  14. chapel gate

    80 Series - 3F to 3FE Swap

    nice looking 80. you wont need any more height than the 80 as you lift the engine off the mounts and draw it through the front of the vehicle. the centre of the front clip is removed. along with the headlights, rad etc.
  15. chapel gate

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    this was my presumption also, though i constantly remind myself not to presume... i was hoping there was maybe a hydraulic circuit diagram in the FSM.
  16. chapel gate

    Rebuilding steering box but cannot get steering input UJ off the shaft...!

    personally, i would clean out the grooves and go again.
  17. chapel gate

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    not sure if it even exists.. all of my FSMs etc are on my old laptop which is virtually unusable. need to get all that stuff swapped over. what i really need to know is the circuit split diagonal or front/rear. im thinking maybe front/rear as two lines go into the LSPV then one comes out and...
  18. chapel gate

    Rebuilding steering box but cannot get steering input UJ off the shaft...!

    if your not in a rush, leave it submerged in diesel for a week or two.. gently heat, people have a misconception this means a full on acetylene set up. i can free most stuff with propane. plumbers torches are good. last resort. cut the end of the UJ off and extend the slit, prise open. had to...
  19. chapel gate

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    anyone got the brake circuit diagram for non ABS with rear discs please?
  20. chapel gate

    Higgys 80 restor/project

    did you check compression higgy? ive never seen one of these engines yet that doesnt have blow by. thats why they have the PCV hose attached to the intake. the specs for piston/bore clearance, ring/groove clearance etc are all in the FSM and haynes manual.
  21. chapel gate

    80 Series CV's?

    Hello michael and welcome, i have these in stock. cheaper than £450 each. cheers
  22. chapel gate

    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    yes, diesel. shifts though...
  23. chapel gate

    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    nice car the rav, pretty poor figures economy wise with the auto though imo. em has a 2010, shows 26mpg average on the trip computer.
  24. chapel gate

    40 series chassis, 80 series suspension, 75 series 5 speed, 12HT Diesel, Disc Brakes

    Looks awesome. I can see why he keeps it in his living room..
  25. chapel gate


    yes, via chapel gate.
  26. chapel gate


    Easier to buy one, but you can soon knock one up.
  27. chapel gate


    Still available. About half the price of euro 4x4. I replaced mine ages ago with a new one. I like the "choke" effect on winter days.
  28. chapel gate

    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    No worries.
  29. chapel gate

    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    Back in stock fellas.
  30. chapel gate

    Advice please

    how old is old?
  31. chapel gate

    Autumn Pub Cruiser Chillout. 2 - 4 Oct 2020 *** Cancelled***

    i have an excellent source for cheap 6BTs, very low hours and look like there six months old.. have to admit, ive been looking at other options than a 80 for family camping solutions. apologies for going OT.
  32. chapel gate

    Autumn Pub Cruiser Chillout. 2 - 4 Oct 2020 *** Cancelled***

    good solution to the camping with kids chestnut..! :)
  33. chapel gate

    Missing on overboost

    You could be hitting fuel cut off on the fuel pin.
  34. chapel gate

    EGT a little on the high side..

  35. chapel gate

    Amazing who you meet at Willow Fields campsite!

    116000 miles? good find..
  36. chapel gate

    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    It's still done around here. "you don't get rust where there's an oil leak" is the line. Hard to argue with really. The "system" trys to put us off by saying used engine oil is corrosive...
  37. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series seat foam.

    Oops. It's for the luxurious arm chair like leather of the 80.. They will shortly be NLA.
  38. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series seat foam.

    Replacement drivers side base seat foam. Please pm for details and all other parts enquiries.
  39. chapel gate

    Gull wing/windows on my 80 series.looking for

    There's only one.. @StarCruiser
  40. chapel gate

    Ibex 4x4.
  41. chapel gate

    80 series inner wings.

    Pm sent.
  42. chapel gate

    Are there many high milage uk 100 series? 4.2 or 4.7? What's yours on?!

    id say rust. the old man has seriously fallen out with his and wants rid..
  43. chapel gate

    Wanted /Swop - 80 Series Aux tank button

    I've got new sub tank switches in stock. Cheers
  44. chapel gate

    went car shopping today..

    I need aircon....
  45. chapel gate

    Another new one.

    Congratulations! 6.40 pm is far too civilised a time.. :icon-biggrin:
  46. chapel gate

    Turbo for 4.2 litre IHD-FTE

    ive never had a problem taking a manifold off on a 80 bob. the seized nuts may stay seized but the studs come out.
  47. chapel gate

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    You didn't eat the bloody frog?!
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