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  1. goodoldboy

    Old Diesel

    Ive got about 3 L in a jerry can that's been there for about 3 years and i'm wondering if it's ok to use ? It's more a question of what to do with it if i don't tip it into the tank .
  2. goodoldboy

    Welcoming new members

    Iv'e just realised that it's more than 10 years since i joined this forum , before that i was on "the other side" that was my first experience of internet forums and i cringe to think how i came across , still do sometimes .I think that our community here is a wonderful thing & that we should...
  3. goodoldboy

    Book Club

    I thought a thread abut books would be interesting , not that I'm bored but i do have more time on my hands & have been catching up on the pile alongside my bed.Biography , history , politics & technical books are my personal choice but as is the way with these things it will find it's own...
  4. goodoldboy

    Trickle charging

    I have the twin battery setup on my 95 & was wondering how to connect up to charge.Connect to one battery or one terminal on both? I'm going to use a 100 W solar panel & charge controller so it won't be big amps .A short daily commute for months , including going back for lunch & then a couple...
  5. goodoldboy


    After 10 years a rivet in the governor has worked loose in the engine of my Honda generator , damaging the plastic cam sprocket & snapping off the little finger on the conrod - a small piece that splashes oil.I'm mad busy , working away from home & the workshop it's in just want to bolt in a...
  6. goodoldboy

    The people have spoken So the Brexit farce continues with most people , me included not really sure what's going on or it seems really caring.The idea that a few seriously rich folks would destroy a country's...
  7. goodoldboy

    Old & (not so) new

    spotted the other day , looks like a full resto job , black paint on the leaf springs . The old boy in the back seats was a little non plused when i asked if it was ok to take a photo but hen again my French is crap.
  8. goodoldboy

    Avensis horror story......

    My mechanic has been offerd a 2008 Avensis at a "good price" so eing the oracle of all things Toyota in the village ;-) he asked my opinion.a quick youtube search found this I mean really? that bad? The civic snapped a driveshaft today , a real suprise but no big deal.the only other thing...
  9. goodoldboy

    A bridge too far?

    I had a close call last week with a pair of French Renault Traffic 4x4s hammering down the lane on the way to our place.The fact that I drive slowly & stick to the right saved the Civic from being wrecked.I'm getting more & more Fed up with French folks in 4x4s being t#@%s round here & so can...
  10. goodoldboy

    Oil temp light

    with the mercury hitting 39 ive noticed the oil temp light coming on after start up.This is happening in the afternoon having driven the car in the morning.The first 2 mis from home are in low box so not much air flow over the engine.Once on the tarmac driving normally clears it as does...
  11. goodoldboy

    Honda Civic

    Our old civic is now 21 & has just failed the Spanish MOT .The catalytic converter has been shot for a few years now but the local MOT place has turned a blind eye , until what to do? This car owes us nothing , we've spent hardly any money on it in the last 10 years & 80 000's...
  12. goodoldboy

    Colorado remote fob

    I'm looking for a remote alarm/central locking fob for my 95 .or any info on repair gratefully received
  13. goodoldboy

    Bad vibrations

    as opposed to good vibes... Passengers tell me its not that bad but im pulling out what little hair i have left. Its a KZJ 95 auto 203 000 miles 265770 Cooper AT3s every suspension bush has been replaced , top & bottom ball joints & most if not all of the UJs . My mechanic has had the props off...
  14. goodoldboy

    Strange ABS fault.

    I've got an intermittent ABS light comming on , not in its self a big worry (I've read the other thread on this in the 90 forum) but I've noticed that sometimes , at low speed , with light pressure on the brake pedal the ABS comming on.on dry tarmac heavy braking is fine , no ABS & on ice/...
  15. goodoldboy

    Tidy 70 series on autotrader i came across this today - i had my heart set on a 70...
  16. goodoldboy

    Am i loosing it?

    so heres the thing.My trusty 95 has just passed the 200 000 mile mark but gets a lot less use than before as im doing more teaching & less forestry , tree surgery & general carpentry/building etc.Any 20 year old 200000 mile car has a limited life as a daily driver racking up the miles & tbh i...
  17. goodoldboy

    Bumper lamp assembly

    So Milner vs OEM from roughtrax.are the Toyota ones twice as good?
  18. goodoldboy

    Simple maths equation

    Finished early today
  19. goodoldboy

    twin batteries on a KZJ 95

    The UK model KZJ 95 has a twin battery set up when it comes with the optional winter pack one with a RH positive & the other with a LH pos.On buying the car i saw that the batteries were different makes & AH but was a little surprised how quickly they failed , so ended up buying 2x bosch silver...
  20. goodoldboy

    opening a sealed battery

    has anyone tried this? my sealed Bosch silver batteries are on the way out after 6 years which is not bad I suppose but I've had batteries last 10+ years in the past .the thing is that there is little point in opening up a bad battery to top it up & I'm a littl e reluctant to go at a new one...
  21. goodoldboy

    Whitsun in Spain

    compared to most of the trips posted here this is small beer but i thought i would give it a go being as we have a nice new shiny site & user interface to play with . Spain is dotted with Ermitas - small chapels in remote areas mostly on top of hills or mountains with a cell attached to house...
  22. goodoldboy

    Another one bites the dust

    Again another lower ball joint failure on a 90 .Luckily no one was hurt.It let go with with very little warning - a bit of vagueness in the steering & then it went.As you can see from the photos it was on a lane at low speed - the previous weekend i was hacking up the motorway at a steady...
  23. goodoldboy

    is it the tyres?

    ive recently put on a set of cooper AT3s & have noticed some slight vibration from the front at speeds above 60 balancing the fronts seems to have lessened it somewhat but its still seems to be through the floor not the steering wheel nowhere near the level of vibes from a shot...
  24. goodoldboy

    bodge of the day

    i thought id lower the tone a little - we are just too good - so to start my bodge of the day. I started out yesterday with the intention of removing the rear wheelarch moldings on my 95 as both were in danger of coming off completely , having been damaged through the usual off road scrapes.As...
  25. goodoldboy

    srewth !what a barbie

    spotted this on sunday - it has a three point link on the back so it can be moved with a tractor the event was a cross country race , with free sausage bacon & black pudding sarnies on offer - oh and of course a free glass of wine
  26. goodoldboy

    Spanish vending machine

    spotted in a nearby town the perfect vending machine for a night out on the town:eusa-naughty:
  27. goodoldboy

    laptop battery replacement

    my laptop battery has finally given up so im thinking about a replacement but im a bit bewildered by the amount on sale - from new Chinese @ 10quid a go up to 100 + quid for a genuine HP item anyone with experience of this?
  28. goodoldboy

    transfer box - diff not unlocking

    the last few days have seen my transfer box becoming harder to unlock the diff - the trick has always been to "unload" it before shifting i.e. rolling backwards in neutral. i finally managed to change this morning by rolling forward with both the g/box & t/box in neutral.also i noticed that...
  29. goodoldboy

    A Spanish whats it worth

    spotted this morning outside a toyota main dealer they also have a 1998 KZJ 90 , 120 000 miles on the clock & are asking €6000
  30. goodoldboy

    am i having my chain pulled?

    Like most people on this forum i tend to look for alternatives to the main stealer when looking for parts so having sourced a s/h bit at a fraction of the toyota price i was made up :icon-biggrin: the problem is that now almost 2(yes two) months down the line still no part ,just a long drawn out...
  31. goodoldboy


    Spanish bin men in Madrid went on strike earlier this year when faced by a 48% pay cut & won, with a great deal of public support - will any of you be striking on july 10th?
  32. goodoldboy

    a long shot

    the owner of my local garage has asked me if i can get a series 2 landrover diesel engine not sure if its a 2.0 or 2.25 but a quick googel & it seems that they are rare as rocking horse shit.its got to be a genuine as the owner wants it all original so any ideas?
  33. goodoldboy

    whiteline & superpro anti roll bars

    my local (spanish) main stealer wants €300 for a front anti roll bar + €60 for the bushes so a bit of searching turned up whiteline , a aussie firm who do an uprated , 30% + bar for around half the price bushes included.superpro also do something similar. has anyone fitted one of these? i have...
  34. goodoldboy

    90 series front anti roll bar

    anyone got a front anti roll bar for a kzj 95? (see current thread in the lounge)
  35. goodoldboy

    lazing on a sunday afternoon

    not quite the relaxing lie down i was looking forward to.I spotted something hanging down underneath the car & thougt at first it was a hose.The front anti roll bar has snapped clean through - just like the rear a couple of years ago.Nice & easy to get off , a 19 mm ring spanner & 8mm allen key...
  36. goodoldboy

    washable air filter

    had a bit of a clearout the other day & found the box for my washable air filter, so heres the part number : to fit 1KZ - TE engines 17081-67060
  37. goodoldboy

    cambelt change - new water pump?

    my local mechanic has advised me to change the water pump when i do the cambelt - is this normal? why?
  38. goodoldboy

    here we go again ... intermittent starting problem

    yesterday setting off from home i stopped at the end of our drive, going uphill, to change out of low box & as i drove on the engine stopped dead - no warning no hesitation or stuttering, just stopped.Pressed for time i abandoned ship & got off ,returning about 3 hours later.Before trying to...
  39. goodoldboy

    Strange ABS behaviour

    iv just had a front wheel bearing replaced & a sticky caliper piston freed off on the same side.Iv just noticed whilst braking a v.low speed (3mph?) the abs comes on - this is on tarmac.the brakes seem fine plenty of stopping power , no warning lights on or anything else amiss . :thumbdown:
  40. goodoldboy

    versitile ?

    im on a arborist forum where most of the members think that a landy is THE truck to have.After the usual piss take about reliability they counter by saying the landy is more versitile - oh yeah?
  41. goodoldboy

    1KZ TE fuel filter top

    after looking up the main stealer price (€148 + vat) for the fuel filter top ive decided to have a look for a S/H one. im in Spain so expect postage to be about 10 quid & can pay with a bank transfer for private sellers
  42. goodoldboy

    Rav4 ?

    a mate of mine has bought a house down the bottom of a muddy track that when dry is passable in anything with a bit of ground clearance (Renault kangoo ect) but the fun begins when it rains...having admired my LC he is now resigned to buying a 4x4 but an LC seem to be overkill & he needs...
  43. goodoldboy


    well ive finnaly got round to installing ubuntu (precise pagolin 12.04 lts) & can only wonder why i hesitated.Im running a dual boot at the mo but am tempted to get rid of windows.
  44. goodoldboy

    Tramp the dirt down

    So thatcher has finally gone - maybe it was Adam smiths invisible hand that pushed her . Jokes aside her ideology lives on so instead of posting a link to a Elvis Costello vid i thought that this might be more appropriate
  45. goodoldboy

    Result from cooper tires

    I had a unpleasant surprise a few weeks back when i noticed a cut in the sidewall of a tyre(cooper sst 265/70 r 16) - this got rapidly worse when i noticed that it wasnt a cut but a crack in fact a series of cracks in all four tyres .Despite the fact that the tyres were bought in 2009 cooper...
  46. goodoldboy

    bolt gun

    The local deer population has increased dramatically here in the last few years & are starting to cause noticeable damage to saplings in parts of my woodland.On the plus side venison is tasty so what caliber should i go for? .22 ? .308 ? rimfire or center ? the terrain is fairly dense woodland...
  47. goodoldboy

    asleep at the wheel

    As a volunteer fireman i don't get called to RTAs but came across this one today on my way to the bar.It seems that the driver fell asleep & woke up as he hit the curb then collected the stop sign and ended up in a field.Luckily no one was hurt , it seems that he wasn't going too fast - the...
  48. goodoldboy


    1. 30 % of children in the UK live in poverty 2. 2,1 million live in poverty in families with at least one working parent. 3. Poverty is defined for a family with two children as an income of less than 15000 pounds a year...
  49. goodoldboy

    part worn MTs vs new ATs

    the tread on my cooper SSTs is now down to about 5mm & are also badly cracked up around the tread blocks so i'm wondering about how effective they really are compared to say some brand new ATs.At the moment i run MTs in the winter & a road pattern M&S type tyre in the summer.The MTs are great in...
  50. goodoldboy

    pass me the F.B.H.

    I"ve just finished reinstalling windows after a bad lockup/failure - wont bore you all with the details but this begs the question what is the alternative to win 7? ubuntu? XP? or shell out & get a mac? for the mo im going to try a dual boot & install ubuntu alongside win 7. a mate working in...
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