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  1. Chris

    Eyesight requirements!

  2. Chris


    The irony is of course, the fact that POR is a rust treatment!
  3. Chris

    New Suspension

    I'd add to that, that the thing I liked about EFS is that you could specify the lift you wanted at the weight you were going to carry. I got mine and it was 6" easy. Got a pic somewhere. I thought blimey that's tall. Then I added all the things I'd calculated and it dropped to exactly the 4"...
  4. Chris


    Oh come on, Defender's aren't that bad Tony......
  5. Chris


    Was just Googling the word bell-end....
  6. Chris

    Eyesight requirements!

    Ahh you're good then Frank. Carry on.
  7. Chris

    Eyesight requirements!

    Well reading it at 41 meters is excellent Frank, but if it's blurred at 20.5 then yes. I can see the sun and that's 93 million miles away, but I can't cut my own nails without glasses.
  8. Chris

    Toyota Land Cruiser j120 rear spring perch

    That's the spring perch. No it's not a component you can buy but the good news is that it's fairly easy to get to and pretty simple to fabricate and weld into place. So not the end of the world. The shroud on the damper has seemingly gone the same way. You been driving through acid? Probably a...
  9. Chris

    Replacing front wings

    Do me a favour someone, just pop round and pick that up for me. Just what I need to replace the rust I have a wing. Almost the right colour too. If I was closer to Birmingham, I'd have that in my boot by now.
  10. Chris


    Speechless. But of course this is an isolated incident....The rest will all be brilliant. Won't they?
  11. Chris


    2 on FB today. A 93 plate at £20k and an R plate at £15k Both look very decent
  12. Chris

    The best Toyota Landcruiser Campervan in the UK. Tiny home tour.

    This was at the fake, fake, Lincomb up in t'Yorkshire
  13. Chris

    I want to upgrade but....

    We went over there on the bikes yesterday Jacob. Looked in the car park, but don't think there was any Yota metal parked there at the time. Just started to rain as we went over the top and down into Holmfirth. Cracking rainbow though
  14. Chris

    I want to upgrade but....

    Interesting comments on the D4D. I had the old 1 KZ-TE which had ridiculous torque but wasn't much of an overtaker that's for sure. Then I got an early 120. it was like swapping from a mini to a McLaren. Fabulous. Had everything I wanted. I got to drive my neighbours Colorado late model D4D and...
  15. Chris

    Transmission not downshifting when stepping on the gas pedal

    Very hard to say straight off the bat. Could be electronic, something to do with the box itself. But as you are getting drive just not down shifting the first thing I'd check might be the throttle position sensor. This effectively tells the box what the engine is doing. No I am not familiar...
  16. Chris

    Help really needed!

    TOYO diy will reveal the answer but as far as I know they are a common fit. There are different diameter bars, but I seem to recall the outer dimensions to fit in the stirrup bracket are the same. I've seen these for sale on either Milner or RT for sure. As others have said, if it's not there...
  17. Chris

    Choosing Pre filter for Safari Snorkel

    Not an exact answer to your question, but a worthy note perhaps. I have that Donaldson filter on my 4.2 80 series and it works well. It's big yes, but it's an 80! One thing that you need to take into account is airflow. I fitted a smaller version before this one and in essence I couldn't get...
  18. Chris

    Hi there, i have just joined

    Welcome. Good luck with that.
  19. Chris

    Advice on welding please

    Well getting the old bushes out is bit of a trial frankly. You're supposed to press them out ha ha ha ha. Nah, just cut them out don't mess around. That's if they need replacing of course as Geoff said. Thing is they will have been working a bit harder due to the busted one. Swapping the...
  20. Chris

    Advice on welding please

    Just make sure you buy the upper one though, eh. I might have used them myself in the past. Don't recall anything bad.
  21. Chris

    Advice on welding please

    Never seen or heard of an aftermarket one. Usually get them from a breaker. Or if you've access to a machine shop, just make them up. If you're going to have it fixed, the fabricator could easily reinforce the tie bar with some split tube or something. No need to go nuts, but the last thing...
  22. Chris

    Advice on welding please

    That's the upper control arm mount. It's there to stop rotation of the axle. Unfortunately very common to see terminal rust here. All depends on access and if there is a ramp available etc. It's not a difficult thing to fabricate but getting in there to weld it can be a pain. Not easy looking...
  23. Chris

    Preventative maintenance - priority items

    Maybe you need to just check the OCD a little there first Jabz. Agree completely about preventative maintenance but just swapping lots of that stuff straight out is really a false economy. Now if you were planning on doing the Simpson, maybe there's some I'd look at. But if the brake rotors are...
  24. Chris

    V8 service ?

    Just click on the @Trevor and send him a message
  25. Chris

    V8 service ?

    As far as I'm aware service reminders are only linked to mileage not time. This 1 year or 10k miles thing is tosh in my view. Maybe on a new car with a warranty that needs an inspection to maintain it, but dropping the oil after 2 k because it's a year old? Personally I'd spend the money on...
  26. Chris

    Handbrake ajustment

    As Frank says, it should be free. However, due to the relatively poor design of the handbrake and the fact that 80 series are all now at least 100 years old, they can be in poor repair. The slaved brake never pulls quite the same distance as the straight through cable. Therefore when adjusting...
  27. Chris

    100 series leaking diesel into oil

    If fuel is getting into the oil, it sounds like injector seals, no?
  28. Chris

    Old Diesel

    Ahhh, interesting. When I had the 80 that had been parked for 8 years (pre SORN days so the DVLA had no records of it) I did open the tank and look inside. It was a clean as a whistle but the fuel was different in both smell and colour. Not in an aged sort of way, more like in a really good...
  29. Chris

    Old Diesel

    I don't think that I need convincing that fuel deteriorates per se. I'm just saying that I've had gallons of the stuff in sealed jerry cans for years and personally I've never experienced any issues at all. I had some that I used not that long ago that I had saved from when we had that major...
  30. Chris

    How good is a Landcruiser?

    Once upon a time, In a garage far far away, my 80 looked exactly the same as that. Proper brought a tear to my eye it did. Well done for snagging that. Hopefully you'll have many adventures to come.
  31. Chris

    Old Diesel

    I've about 90 litres that's far older than that. I'm talking years old. I've had occasions to use a can now and then to avoid an early trip in the wrong direction to Tesco and it's been perfectly fine. I bought an 80 that hadn't run in 8 years and arrived on a loader. Half a tank in it. I...
  32. Chris

    Upper Control Arm

    It's more common for the mounting points on the rear control arms to rot through than the arms themselves actually break. Strange. The upper control arms take the forces during deceleration mostly but if the bushes in the bottom arms have gone then there is more axle roatation and this could...
  33. Chris

    Upper Control Arm

    I think there are two parts to this answer. Yes as Grimbo says if one's gone the other may well be in trouble but part B is, these don't actually need replacing in pairs like you would, say springs. So if you can inspect it thoroughly and it's not faulty at all, replacing one won't suddenly...
  34. Chris

    Whats big , red and makes the wife moan?

    Looks nice, tell us more
  35. Chris

    Gearbox and Transfer case socket size.

    Good point, yes 6 sided socket. Clean it all well, get a good position on it and give it your best shot first time.
  36. Chris

    New to the group with my J90

    I didn't say they WOULDN'T work. I merely pointed out that some steel wheel have a very flat face and coned nut don't fit very well. Cheaper steel wheels flex enourmously and if they are not tightened up really well against the hub trust me you will notice. I have steel wheels too and my Toyota...
  37. Chris

    Gearbox and Transfer case socket size.

    They are 24mm ut as they're v. ery thin heads, the bevels on the inside of the socket cause a poor fit. Typically, I pop mine in the lathe and trim them, others use an angle grinder. Just make sure you take the filler plug out FIRST
  38. Chris

    New to the group with my J90

    Not really Con, it's just about getting the right nuts. I don't think there's a particular brand as such. But if I had flanged nuts and needed cone nuts that suited the wheel I'd bought, personally I'd buy Toyota ones.
  39. Chris

    New to the group with my J90

    Just make sure that whatever you fit, you get the right wheel nuts. All same thread of course, but some don't fit every type of wheel correctly. There are flanged nuts which effectively have a big washer on them and pass through the wheel stud hole then there are coned nuts which fit into a...
  40. Chris

    The Hilux - Camper

    Ahh didn't see that. Didn't look that closely. It does seem to be yes, but I'd still save some kilos by trimming it like the one I did. But still quite possible to add points to the remaining bits. I get that if you have a workshop, all the tools and can weld then this is an easy job. Not...
  41. Chris

    The Hilux - Camper

    These are the brackets to remove the bar completely. On back order currently.
  42. Chris

    The Hilux - Camper

    OK. Chopped version looks like this But I sold that on and then bought the Milner version which is half the weight and a bit snazzy
  43. Chris

    The Hilux - Camper

    Wow that's pretty schmick. I like it. Thought it might have been one of those awful plastic portaloo jobs, but that's the dog's. Great find. OK top tip for you. Ditch the stupid Toyota underun bar. It's like 70kgs or something. You can get an adaptor that lets you put the bumper back on and the...
  44. Chris

    Replacing front wings

    Milner were doing the 24v ones, but I spoke to Carl recently and they've stopped doing them. Mostly due to damage and the packaging needed. I bought one from a well known breaker. Basically it was junk accompanied by the usual lies. So I wouldn't bother even looking at anything used. Milner did...
  45. Chris

    How to make a note!

    Hell, yeah!
  46. Chris

    80 air con, compressor not kicking in

    Could be your gas has escaped and the low pressure protection circuit has kicked in. Take a piece of wire, bare the ends, unplug the little grey connector on the pump and touch the wire from the +ve on the battery to the terminal inside the pump plug. It should click and clack. Don't run it for...
  47. Chris

    Hi all, I am Landy99 driving a 100s. Have been a landcruiser person for may years starting with a 60 series.

    Welcome Landy. Super picture there. But what is all the blue stuff behind you?
  48. Chris

    Best folding camping chairs

    You have to sit on them. One person's comfort is another person's pain. I like the Oz Chairs but they're bulky and expensive. To be fair, it's an easier choice when you're an average sized person and not a prop forward.
  49. Chris


    Wow that thing looks like a 1/10th scale model. It's so fast it looks like a toy. If only my Lux had half that power.
  50. Chris

    FSM brake circuit diagram needed.

    I used the diagrams in Toyodiy.
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