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  1. fbnss

    Troopy on a1m

    Just saw a nice looking troopy on the A1m at hatfield about to enter the tunnel. I dont see them very often, anyone on here?
  2. fbnss

    Starter, battery, 24v, earth?

    Gone out to the truck thus morning to move it over a bit so I can change the studs that I picked up yesterday and.... Any hints?
  3. fbnss

    Front wheel studs

    I've snapped a couple of wheel studs and wondered if anybody not a million miles away had any genuine studs lying around, Can get new delivered but that wont be till wednesday or thursday which leaves fitting them before lincomb a bit of a bugger. P.s. Half a million miles away is acceptable :)
  4. fbnss

    315/ 75/ 16 on an 80

    So I finally got some new bfg km3's and after picking up some shiny new wheels from @karl webster last weekend got the tyre fitter at work to stick them on the rims yesterday. Took them home and now annoyingly i snapped twp studs on one wheel :rage: so after speaking with the ever helpful...
  5. fbnss

    Winch installation

    So, i bought a goodwinch 12 c with a bow 2 motor from the stafford show a few weeks ago (no vat) and at the weekend @Rosy came round to help fit it. After much faffing about trying to remove my winch bumper Rosy came up with the idea of removing the grill and lights to gain access. We had to...
  6. fbnss

    Work work work

    Merry Chrimbo everyone, so who else has the pleasure of working while the masses are off?
  7. fbnss

    80 winch bumper
  8. fbnss

    Dubrovnik 2018

    @Rosy and i decided we'd go to Dubrovnik, Rosy did all the planning, top man. Feeling sorry for @Trevor we decided to bring him along too. So on the 30th of june we set off. The Eurotunnel was booked for 0650 so we all had to be there for about 0600. I got up at 0230 as i needed to pack the...
  9. fbnss

    AJ4wd outfitters

    I'd just like to say what a helpful guy Andrew Leech at AJ4wd outfitters is. Bought the standard 80 roof rack from them, very happy with it until I got my roof tent. Unfortunately due to the size being exactly the same as the rack it ment that the clips for doing up the tent were on the slats...
  10. fbnss

    Something to keep the dust off the mantlepiece.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but had no idea where to put it. Anyway, I deliver many things to many people and companies in my area and generally haven't got a clue what I'm delivering or what they do. " got a pallet for you " "Whats on it?" " brown boxes..." But one of them made me this...
  11. fbnss

    New (to me) back bumper and swingout wheel carrier

    Having taken the truck out a few times i'd caused some damage to the rear end. The arches were rusted so there wasn't really anything holding the mud flaps and rear quarters of the bumpers up. So, amongst many things on the never ending shopping list was a big steel bumper. Having spoken to a...
  12. fbnss

    Anyone collected a new toy??

    I only ask as i just saw an 80 on the back of a trailer in welwyn garden city. Think it was grey or silver. Had a rear wheel carrier and a snorkel and covered in stickers as if it was well travelled.
  13. fbnss

    So I bought myself a go pro

    Didn't know where to put this so... I bought myself a GoPro hero 5. Its teeny tiny! Here my first vid. Nothing exciting, just wanted to see how it came out. Seems to make me look like I'm speeding everywhere but I think that's the mode I had it in. Engine sounds good though! :)
  14. fbnss

    It's a bit blowy!

    So I've thoroughly not enjoyed driving my lorry around today. This happened while I was at a collection about ten minutes ago. Doh!
  15. fbnss

    Bumpers and skidplates

    This just popped up on my feed today, not seen this seller before, seems to make something for anything if you look at his other items
  16. fbnss

    Not a land cruiser but worth a look :)

    2004 SMART ROADSTER PIECE OF EXCREMENT ONLY SELLING AS MY WIFE HAS LEFT ME! Not sure if this should go here or somewhere else but it is on ebay!
  17. fbnss

    Rv2 Which stretcher fits?

    Quick question, Having recently acquired an Oztent RV2 for what i thought was a good price off ebay I was just wondering if their goanna and gecko stretchers ft in it all right. Measurement wise they do as its 200cm x 200cm and the stretchers are 190cm but with the angle of the dangle of the...
  18. fbnss


    I topped up the coolant yesterday as I have done ever since I bought it. I knew there was a leek somewhere. drove the car to work today after it's been sat all week after its little trip away last weekend and at lunchtime noticed this There was a wet patch on the floor underneath. Had a look...
  19. fbnss

    Toyota land cruiser 80 vx turbo diesel overland set up

    Maybe of interest to someone.
  20. fbnss

    Thanks Trev n Ed

    Just like to say a big thankyou to Trev and Ed at Freedom 4X4. Just completed a full front axle rebuild on my 80. Thanks for putting up with me looking over your shoulder asking many a question and getting in the way. It was very educational for me and I know the job was done properly. They...
  21. fbnss


    So I was just on Facebook while taking care of business and I did one of those silly quiz/ link things entitled "who is your sexiest friend on Facebook" and well...
  22. fbnss

    It was me!

    Crispin it was me, unless the pallets are in the wrong place, then it was someone else...
  23. fbnss

    Off to sunny Scotland

    Me, the mrs and mjb are off to Scotland for the week, staying in a cottage near Cawdor. Hopefully I won't be spending more on diesel than I did on the cottage. :think:
  24. fbnss

    Hello from new owner.

    Hello everyone. I'm nick from Watford. Been reading your site for a few months now dreaming of getting an 80 series landcruiser. Had a surf for the last 2 1/2 years and it's been a joy. Then last Thursday a bloke at work offered me what I'd payed for it and couldn't refuse. So I went and got...
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