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  1. Chris

    80 series in Hitchin - is that yours?

    I was going to a site in Hitchin today and as I went up St Michaels road, I spotted a fully kitted out 80 parked round the back of some houses. Always good to have an 80 around the area in case we ever get around to making some bits for them!
  2. Chris

    3.0 D4D will not start when hot

    OK this is a for a mate who has a D4D Collie and loves it but isn't a forum kinda guy. Saw him today asked him how it was running. He replied, well it isn't really. I can't tell you any more than I am posting here, so no good asking me questions. I just need suggestions for him. It goes like...
  3. Chris

    Foxing Left hand on Facebook for £475 near me

    Just saw this, no idea if the link will work but a Foxy in good nick for £475 is pretty good.
  4. Chris

    Was this you crossing into Bolivia?

    I've been binge watching a You Tube series by Itchy Boots. It's a Dutch girl who borrowed a Royal Enfield in India and rode it to Holland. She then picked up another, shipped it to Buenos Aires and set off for Alaska. She's just finished in Argentina, crossed Chile for one last time and high in...
  5. Chris

    Responding to threads using the 'quote' option instead of using the 'reply' box

    This is perhaps worth re-posting as we're seeing a lot of members especially new ones needlessly quoting the previous post. Do you repeat everything that last person said to you in the pub? No. Well stop doing it on here then. Folks, I'm unclear as to why but a great many of you seem to click...
  6. Chris

    Ooh I do like a nice big pair .....

    ...of matching wheel carrier spindle bearings. I've made a fair few of these in the past for myself and other members, but this time around I got a request for two to make a double rear carrier whatsit. It's rare that I make a pair of anything and typically and Mr Bash and Mr Bodge often...
  7. Chris

    James Baround now doing vehicle insulation kits

    Just watching some footage of a show in the US and the presneter called out the JB made window insulation kit for the 80 series. Very little detail on their website but having a set of front ones for some years I can testify to their effectiveness. Some of you sleep in your vehicles, some take...
  8. Chris

    OK so it's a Hilux. But recovery points are universal items

    Didn't like the std Hilux bumper so I chopped it and made it different. But the cross over subject is the weld on recovery points. These are 5.3t ones because they'd run out of 3.1t versions. Yes you need to weld them on properly or they'll end up through someone's windscreen - or teeth...
  9. Chris

    Neil Peart dies, 67

    Just read tonight that NP of Rush died on Tuesday of brain cancer. I'm genuinely saddened. Huge influence on my music choices. A giant amongst drummers and the most incredible lyricist. Saw Rush on every tour since I can't remember. He stopped touring and playing completely in 2015 due to...
  10. Chris

    Oz tent 'style' guy line tensioners

    Ok many of us have awnings, tents and the like, all with different pegs, poles and guys. But one thing I particularly like is the guy line set up on the Oz and Bat products. They're super simple and really tough. I've never found them to slacken off. I needed a bunch more and of course I...
  11. Chris

    New ESAB welding helmet

    Another something and nothing post, but it's raining and I'm bored. I've been welding for some time but despite the years, I've only ever had the one welding helmet right from the start. It's been a decent thing has the old Parweld, but I have to say I've been struggling more and more to see...
  12. Chris

    FoxBat 270 awning mash up

    Ok firstly, credits to Karl and Trevor for the concept here as I have unashamedly pinched their original idea. The pics are a bit poor because it got dark all of a sudden as I was playing but you'll get the idea. I have taken a Batwing (thanks Rosy) and and tapered side (nice one David) and...
  13. Chris

    First ride in an FJ Cruiser

    Well as per the title, today I had a ride in an FJ. I have to say it didn't disappoint. What a great thing to be in. It's like being in a fighter jet. Really comfy, loads of room and more buttons than you could press in a lifetime. What a fantastic vehicle. If I could get one in RHD with...
  14. Chris

    Dogbones - upgraded handbrake spreader bars on e bay

    Just came across these on E bay. OK you have to pay post from Oz etc but not bad overall. Since FNB stopped supplying them people have been welding them, chopping and hot gluing them back together and so on. But these are the dog's, errm dog's bones I suppose...
  15. Chris

    2020 Calendar; submissions now open.

    Yes folks, no one is more surprised than I, but it's time to start rummaging through your photo albums for some offerings for the 2020 Landcruiser calendar. I shouldn't really have to go over the terms and conditions but just for the hard of understanding I suppose I better had. It's a...
  16. Chris

    ASPW flogging another Troopie that 'he' built.

    Apparently it's your last chance to buy an ASPW signature version Troopie. Fridge included. Make a nice vehicle for someone. Hey David you could have a pair.
  17. Chris

    Foxwing have a new version Now let's not start fighting about which is the best awning. They all have their own merits. But I see there's a gen 2 Foxwing out. Most of the mods are trivial frankly and I would have thought they'd...
  18. Chris

    Off to Germany

    Having a couple of weeks in the Swartzwald on the bikes Hired a trailer and did a quick build in the hilux to make life acceptable All good so far Weather decent and roads good!
  19. Chris

    Fear the walking dead

    Just watching latest FTWD episode. Several years into the apocalypse and they are looking for car. They find a car lot and try hot wiring all the vehicles. Nothing starts. Finally the see a car with some wrapped toffees on the dash and give it a go. It starts first time. As the camera pans back...
  20. Chris

    Another MOT milestone passed

    Whipped the old bus up for an MOT today. Got straight in. Been going there for years so they know me and my vehicles. I just didn't have time to go over it before hand so I just let them have at it. Easier then me lying on my drive wiggling stuff. Slight wear in the rear lower ARB bushes...
  21. Chris

    James Baroud have a fancy new 270 awning

    Just seen the new JB offering. Self supporting with integrated legs. Fully sided including the entry point to keep the mozzies out. Plus it has a gap so that you can get up the ladder to the roof tent. I have my ladder other side but if you don't then this is a great answer if you've not decided...
  22. Chris

    1HD-FT (24v Turbo 80) valve adjustment

    Well guys a feel like a total forum virgin here asking this. I have used the search function that I tell others to use and I've looked in the download section and drawn a blank. I have the rocker cover off to replace the gasket and I figured I'd check the clearances. But I don't know what they...
  23. Chris

    265.75.16 Cooper ST Maxx x 4 for sale on facebooook Nothing at all to do with me. Just seen them - £200. Bargain.
  24. Chris

    For sale - various pieces of quality overland kit

    OK guys I appreciate that this is a bit rubbish but I've no prices on any of this yet. I'm on a hillside in Scotland. All of this kit is quailty gear most completely unused. I can get ot pricing but now now, but if you see something, register interest and make me a fair offer. I can drag all of...
  25. Chris

    Twin 20l Jerry can holder - sold

    alloy base with strengthened top brace to foil sneaky barstewards Needs a lick of paint but nice thing and it’s lockable. £45 Not worth making one for that
  26. Chris

    AFN 100 series 5 stud wheel holders - sold

    Any good to anyone building a carrier? 6” of U channel on the back Don’t think you can rearrange for 6 stud but there’s lots more holes for something
  27. Chris

    Auto home RTT side tent - sold

    I’m away at the moment so more to follow but I have a brand new never used side tent for RTT Anyone interested at all? No price or pics yet but it’s 100% perfect still packaged It attaches to top shell and covers the ladder to ground with sides Prob a pic on Google somewhere Could take to AO...
  28. Chris

    How does a torque converter work?

    Very neat, tidy and concise video on the internals of a TC
  29. Chris

    80 overlander - been through JV's workshop

    Chatting with owner of this one. Been on a trip now off back to Oz. Decent looking machine with lost of work done to it. OK top money perhaps, but worth looking if that's what you're after. Lot of work saved if you don't fancy getting the spanners out...
  30. Chris

    80 drop boxes now reduced

    I came across Stan's sale page. Some good stuff on there including castor correction plates. Here's a link to 80 manual drop boxes. Cranked arms are I guess technically THE best solution, but these solved all of my issues...
  31. Chris

    Adventure Overland Show 27 - 28 April 2019

    OK so we all know that the show is largely pants and the organisation defies the word 'organised' but it's a great weekend all the same and I for one will be revving up the Hilux and trailer to be there. Sorry, what? Yes, I said Hilux; what's your problem? I'm afraid with things the way they...
  32. Chris

    More changes to ADAC's Ts & Cs

    We know that ADAC are not taking on new UK customers but are still accepting renewals. However, having just translated our latest missive from them, it appears that from 1st Feb 2019, they will no longer be transporting vehicles across borders. I guess this means more than an end to...
  33. Chris

    Mrs Chris has lost two of her wheels!

    Don't worry, they didn't fall off. No, she only went and passed her bike test! I bought her a 125 cc for her birthday in June after she'd passed her CBT and she went on to do her hazard / theory test, then she smashed her MOD 1 but failed her MOD 2 on a wobble but last week she passed 2nd time...
  34. Chris

    2019 Calendar - submit your pictures

    Ok diary fans, the executive committee has approved a calendar for 2019. So it's time to post up some pictures. For the new members and the hard of understanding here is the process and the ground rules. Firstly this is a thread for putting up the pictures. Anyone straying into reminiscing over...
  35. Chris

    80 series passenger side battery; replaced

    Now I just know that someone is going to come in with one cheaper from elsewhere, but I don't think this is bad. My PS battery rolled over and died when in Russia. It was venting like a volcano and not from an overcharging alternator fault. I tried to CTEK it back to life but no. It's had it...
  36. Chris

    Off Road Adventure Show series 5

    Well I have to confess I never saw series 1 - 4 but came across episode 1, series 5 today. It's not that special - 3 Aussies messing around in 4x4s in the bush but there's some nice stuff, bits of kit and chat. Bonus is that they're not pretentious like one Wheeler we could mention. Trying to...
  37. Chris

    Non turbo 2H diesel: might make a great overland platform

    Thought on this one chaps. 1986 Ute. Says it's in good fettle underneath. Not for me really, but this might be a really good vehicle at the right price. Comes with a canopy and twin tanks. Sides come off and it even has aircon. Worth watching...
  38. Chris

    Will there be a 2019 calendar?

    Well it's not really for me to say, but I have compiled every one pretty much since we started. There's been some stunning pictures on the forum this year that really deserve to be included if we do. I am biased this year and any shot of a Cruiser anywhere in Russia is likely to be included. In...
  39. Chris

    Rear locker motor rebuild - 'scuse my ignorance but ..

    The rear locker packed up in Russia. No biggie. I managed. But electrically it all felt and sounded right, just no activity at the motor. I was right - when I pulled it tonight, the magnets had all come unglued. Now they are in order but all stuck together in a clump. Am I right in thinking that...
  40. Chris

    Russia; the Kola Peninsula. Travel essentials.

    OK so this is not really a thread about our trip per se; it's intended to be more general than that covering some of the dos, don'ts and never, evers for those deciding to have a go at travelling to Northern Russia either solo or with an outfitter such as Geko. Lorin and Toby, feel free to jump...
  41. Chris

    Mission Murmansk - The Kola Peninsula Sept 2018

    Well it’s about time one of us started a new thread for this trip so here goes. After seeing the video from Geko Expeditions on You Tube, I was really keen to sign up for the trip. Andy, Tom and Sam were of the same mind so we contacted Geko and awaited a response. To cut a disappointing saga...
  42. Chris

    UK company selling adventure trailers

    Ok so I have not seen one in the flesh but spotted this as I was browsing. I can't tell you anymore than is in the ad. But when you look at Patriot etc then these don't seem to badly priced. Report back if anyone gets to see one up close...
  43. Chris

    Milners selling greasable CV's?

    OK so out of stock at the second it says, but look, greasable CVs. I can't say if the CVs themselves are any better quality so don't ask me. I will drop in at some point and try and inspect on and report back. I've always liked the idea. And it puts the grease where is needs to be rather than...
  44. Chris

    Was that you at Ladybower res today

    Out for a spin in Derbyshire today (on the Tex) passed a silver 80 with hard top tent, awning etc looking ready to rock and roll. Didn't get chance to get any details. It wasn't Karl. Shame you can’t just pitch anywhere in the park. No parking, no camping, no fires, no overnights, no bloody fun!!
  45. Chris

    2018 MOT passed; but not without the spanners.

    Got the old bus out of storage today and ventured off to my usual MOT stations. As I have said before, if you get a pass from these lads it's because it's right. They might let you off a worn wiper blade if they know you really really well but that's about the limit of it. And only if you...
  46. Chris

    Erde 102 trailer for sale

    Ok so it's a bit low rent for this forum. Not exactly the base for building an overland trailer, but I figured it might just be right for someone. It's got a tonneau cover, spare wheel and jockey post. The galvanising on these trailers is superb. It's not rusty. It's nice and clean inside and...
  47. Chris

    *@%^!$ing concert ticket thieves

    Just spotted literally the last two tickets for a gig that I fancy. Clock was ticking so I had to get through the procedure or lose them. OK two tickets at £39.00 each. Great I'll have them. So does anyone want to have a crack at the maths and tell me what £39.00 x 2 is? Hmm? Anyone? I'll give...
  48. Chris

    Not another new torch. I need professional help.

    OK so look, I'm at the checkout at Go Outdoors paying for my new tent. Oh, ahh, right. Errm. OK so look. I'm getting into the motorbicycling thing and I've been camping with it but I was finding that my Vango Banshee was just a bit too damn small to live in. Sleeping in it was fine. But cooking...
  49. Chris

    I am NOT buying a new tent; but if I were, then .....

    I've been after a 'wall' or 'Prospector' tent for years. These tents and the rest in the range look really nice. You can get them in the UK but I've yet to touch one for real. I am worried that when I do, the card might have to come out. Please someone tell me they're rubbish. I don't care if...
  50. Chris

    New compact winch from Rough Country

    This is amazing. Not sure if it's available in 24 volt though
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