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  1. StarCruiser


    I think there’s a thread somewhere but @Ben is your man for the 70 series. Might be a bit tricky at the moment as I think he may have his hands full. I think he had a link for manuals.
  2. StarCruiser

    Hi there, i have just joined

    Hi Jamie and welcome. We are a pretty friendly helpful bunch on here but we kinda need a bit more to go on. How about you tell us a bit about you and more importantly (sorry) your truck and maybe someone will be able to help you. Oh, and make this your introduction, then open a new thread in the...
  3. StarCruiser

    105 steering box

    Correct, Clive did upgrade after bending the pitman arm.
  4. StarCruiser

    Any Cylinder mower experts here?

    Not sure on the Masports but some had a ratchet to allow turning. You have to split the frame to remove the roller. Not as bad as it sounds and would be part of a mower shop winter servicing. Remove engine and drive belts/chains first then tip on its side and undo bolts. Remove both blades for...
  5. StarCruiser

    the straight through crew.

    Straight through again last month no advisories. :icon-biggrin:
  6. StarCruiser

    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    Dare I say it Andy, cursed Smart car? Diesels do 94 to the gallon but are like hens teeth, the petrols do 50+ I might even know of a well maintained Brabus cabrio that could be for sale…:shifty: Non Brabus are Xero road tax and the Brabus are around £100 or so can’t remember.
  7. StarCruiser

    New member introduction.

    Hi Frank and welcome to this most friendly informative forum. The V8 ‘hundees’ (100 series) are known to be silky smooth and lovely. Interesting to hear of your transition from G wagon to Cruiser. I’ve long had a soft spot for a V8 Hundee and yours looks a cracker! :thumbup:
  8. StarCruiser


    Great intro Jovita, welcome to the forum. So glad to hear you have given what sounds like a great home to a neglected gem that is your truck. Love the photos and good to hear of your plans. You’ll find most of the info you need on here plus many other likeminded members happy to help out where...
  9. StarCruiser


    Agree with both the above. Check the voltage across the battery with the engine running just after start. Should be no more than 14.4V. A reading of 14.4 or just under is fine. Also check batteries in your key fobs. Other makes have issues if batteries in the fobs are near dead or dead. Check...
  10. StarCruiser


    Saw that. Had to have a little inner chuckle but a bit of despair as well. Do they just not care to get things right for their customers? Ok, this is what warranties are for and there can be teething troubles but…really!!?
  11. StarCruiser

    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    Family member has had a Jazz since they came out and loves it. Lynn loves her Mitsubishi Space Star. 1.9 did. Goes well, and the second we have had (though manual) reasonable room and well made. Mitsi parts guy I’ve known for 25 yrs says the engine goes on and on. Mitsi modified Renault unit...
  12. StarCruiser

    Looks good but don’t trust the seller!!

    Spotted this myself the other day. Looks from the pics very good including underneath from what can be seen. Apart from that sill of course that looks like it’s grounded on something a bit gnarly.
  13. StarCruiser

    Intermittent speedometer

    Well spotted Rosy! :thumbup:
  14. StarCruiser

    Leave it in Japan!

    It’s not pretty is it. I mean these things generally push the boundaries of what can conceivable by called ‘ok ish’ but this one really does go above and beyond. It would look hugely better if the skirts were black and the front grille were standard cruiser.
  15. StarCruiser

    80 series in Hitchin - is that yours?

    I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean Chris. :lol:
  16. StarCruiser

    Electrical Problem

    Also check the ‘Dome’ fuse which may be in a fusebox under the Bonnet (don’t know your vehicle).
  17. StarCruiser

    80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

    Hi 80 Nomad, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the interest in the Gullwings, PM sent. While you’re here, it’s a good idea to head over to the ‘introduce yourself’ section and Tell us a bit about yourself and your truck. This really is a great friendly forum full of great and helpful people.
  18. StarCruiser

    Prado 1KZ-TE Starting and Idling Problems

    Clearly this is an older thread now, but it looks like I missed the conclusion of it. Sounds like you had great service from the Denso specialist. Also it sounds like dirt may have caused wear inside the pump or possibly veg oil fuel which can sometimes lack lubricity. Anyhoo I think you had...
  19. StarCruiser

    80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

    1, Nick, fbnss 2, Steve, steverjuk 3, Tom Burnet 4, Rob, RobfromYork 5, Stuart C Thomson 6, DandyLandy 7, 8, 9, 10 Ooops, my bad Stuart, I hadn’t seen that you’d not put your name down. Sorted and Thanks DandyLandy for your interest. As a quick update, I’m still not ready to make these as I'm...
  20. StarCruiser

    Fake Stratford - 18-20 Sep 2020 - Haxey, N Lincs

    Have a grand weekend all. Well done Jacob for organising. Sorry not to be there.
  21. StarCruiser

    My battery is behaving strangely and probably dead - need a 2nd opinion please

    As above your post was excellent. Your alternator seems fine. Please, nobody disconnect a battery while a vehicle is running. The alternator will immediately spike voltage and could destroy any electronics present. Also if your battery is accepting charge and you are unlucky enough to have...
  22. StarCruiser

    when does a 90 fall over?

    It’s even possible to change tyres while in motion on the FJ Cruisers… Do you think they get bored easily in Saudi?
  23. StarCruiser

    24v Starter PITA

    Needs to go to the battery connection. If it’s to the body you are then using that skinny cable in the circuit. Not ideal. If for any rare reason you needed to crank for more than the usual 1 second, that cable would get very warm/hot. You either need to replace the battery terminal with a bolt...
  24. StarCruiser

    24v Starter PITA

    It’s probably worth tracing the cable and inspecting it. Sometimes salt can rot a cable from inside. Usually this gives a bump in the insulation. Yours may simply have come undone or fractured the connecting terminal. It may be possible to put a new terminal on. The skinny wire to the body is...
  25. StarCruiser

    24v Starter PITA

    A 12v conversion might, depending on size of starter (I believe they are lower power, something like 2.7 Kw rather than 4.5Kw, correct me if I’m wrong) require an uprated set of cables. Chris, I never had any doubt. :thumbup: Essentially anywhere on the block will be sufficient. There is so...
  26. StarCruiser

    24v Starter PITA

    Make sure any earth strap goes from the engine to the battery not to the body. The body to battery connection is much smaller than the battery to engine earth. Re making the factory one is favourite. Additional earths if taken elsewhere can route current through low current wiring if an earth...
  27. StarCruiser

    24v Starter PITA

    Battery connections can also be cracked or otherwise poorly mated. Worth checking. Not easy on your own but sparks from a connection under load during start attempts will often give notice of where the problem lies.
  28. StarCruiser

    Hard Start 1FE-FZ engine?

    Did your old fuel pump run when you put 12v to it? Did you test it or just replace it? Do you hear the fuel pump run when the ignition is switched on? Do you get fuel at a disconnected fuel line in the engine bay before the filter? Do you get fuel from a disconnected hose after the fuel...
  29. StarCruiser

    How's it going from England

    Welcome to the forum Rynskiii. :thumbup: Good to have you aboard.
  30. StarCruiser

    Had my first break down.

    Ooops!! AR least you’re had plenty of access to get the extinguisher in there and hopefully bonnet up to disconnect the batteries.
  31. StarCruiser

    Had my first break down.

    I trust you were able to minimise damage to little more than embarrassment, given you probably had an array of equipment to put it out? :pray:
  32. StarCruiser

    Had my first break down.

    Yep! They do munch through the contacts. When you order replacements, order the extended ones that go part way round. And don’t forget to studlock (low strength) the three screws on the cover when you put them back. I had a small fire when I didn't studlock mine. !:scared-eek:
  33. StarCruiser

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Nah, Nick’s being a good boy with food these days. :lol:
  34. StarCruiser

    Turbo for 2005 100 (VNT)

    I’m pretty sure there was Wink turbo mentioned on here for upgrades. Might be worth a look.
  35. StarCruiser

    Turbo for 4.2 litre IHD-FTE

    I’m with Beau on this one Bob. If there is the remotest chance of getting to the waste gate arm and getting some diesel, atf or penetrating fluid in around where the rod goes into the turbo housing and letting it soak for a bit, it may free up. Then if you can, get something on it, like an open...
  36. StarCruiser

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Hi Jamsy, It’s likely to be a wiring fault with damaged wiring feeding the relay coil for it to start cranking at will and be stopped by pulling the relay. So trace and inspect wiring. Put a multimeter between the contact for the coil + (the one where you were getting 9V) and earth and start...
  37. StarCruiser

    TOY !

    Magic roundabout, I’m sure that Dylan the rabbit was on something! Not so sure if Oliver Postgate who created The Clangers in his garden shed was or not. His wife knitted them and he animated them. I felt a bit of my childhood died when he did. The Clangers and Bagpuss were my favourite. I just...
  38. StarCruiser

    TOY !

    You even remember the words Steve…
  39. StarCruiser

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Seems we weren’t too far from a Tornado! :oops:
  40. StarCruiser

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Good to get away and meet up with faces old and new in very pleasant relaxing (if slightly damp at times) surroundings. Thanks to Trev for organising and Phil for accommodating and serving up some top notch grub at sensible prices. Great weekend. Great company. Thanks for twisting my arm Karl...
  41. StarCruiser

    TOY !

    Reminds me of The Banana Splits… I’m showing my age now aren’t I…?:)
  42. StarCruiser

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    1) Trevor Sat and Sun 2) Tony Sat and Sun 3) nick Sat and Sun 4) Steve Sat and Sun 5) Jon Sat and Sun 6) Andy x 2 sat and sun 7) Sam x 2 sat and sun 8) Jacob x 3 Sun only for now 9) Andy and Maria, Sat only. 10) Beijing Ballie Sun only. 11) Rich, Sat and sun.
  43. StarCruiser

    Hi timing belt problems need help

    Take the belt off and align all three, be absolutely certain you are lining up the correct mark on the crank with the correct mark on the block. Make sure it is in neutral before doing this otherwise it is possible leaning against the front could rotate the engine. Then do the cam shaft and the...
  44. StarCruiser

    80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

    Hi Stuart and welcome. Not too late at all. Where abouts are you located? Rich
  45. StarCruiser

    Starter Motor problems

    Starter motors can easily be refurbished and inspected. Windings do not go weak. They can have other issues which can be tested for plus the starter can have all sorts of crud built up inside it. Contacts in the solenoid can burn away. Take off the cover for the solenoid first. Check the...
  46. StarCruiser


    Hey, Happy Birthday Nick! I hear they opened the pubs up just for you. :mask::) Hope you had a good day!
  47. StarCruiser


    Happy Birthday Clive! Hope you have a great day.
  48. StarCruiser

    1KZ-TE Fuel Starvation / Spill Control Valve

    It was ECU Doctor (not Doctors) in Plymouth that I used.
  49. StarCruiser

    FJ45 Battery and electrics confusion

    Hi, not sure on question No1, but in answer to Q2, the round thing is a Durite (make) or similar solenoid (big relay) that links the two batteries or should when the vehicle is running in order to charge the second battery. A bit crude tbh but depends what is controlling it. 12.1v is low but if...
  50. StarCruiser

    Amayama delivery

    If you find a UK spec cruiser and use the vin number for that with a bit of luck you should get a different part number and the UK version of that. Maybe someone on here would be kind enough to supply a vin by pm for you to use. I wanted to change mine when I first bought the truck but have...
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