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  1. dyladams

    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    So while Trolling the site looking for some other information I came across this old post which stopped being updated at the end of January 2020.... For many this is a similar time when things just stopped due to this Covid thing. I guess my question is did anyone manage to go on any...
  2. dyladams

    Wanted - Prado or Colorado (90 or 120 series)

    Hi all A friend of mine is looking for a Prado. Anyone know of one in decent condition without rust issues? I believe the budget is around the £6k mark or lower. Please let me know if you know of any good ones for sale.
  3. dyladams

    Was it you?

    Well done Nick!!!
  4. dyladams

    80 series 2” lift springs - Old Man Emu - FREE

    Hi Lorin I am interested if still available will Send you a PM.
  5. dyladams

    80 series Load Barrier

    Dammit @Rosy .... you beat me to it! If however Rosy does decide not to take it I would be very keen.
  6. dyladams

    My 105 Overlander

    Hi there and welcome I believe! that truck looks great. What’s the spec / modifications? also keen to see a couple more pics of this modified roof rack.
  7. dyladams

    Rear steel non-slip

    Raptor paint? Or look for something like this:
  8. dyladams

    Adventure Overland sept 2020

    I don’t think I will be able to attend but saw this that might be of interest.
  9. dyladams

    1992 brake upgrade

    I think RoughTrax also do Stainless brake lines.
  10. dyladams

    1992 brake upgrade

    I heard that u could use the 100 Series pads on an 80, but have always been a bit sceptical due to side etc. Last thing I want is to lose a pad. Is there a big difference in performance?
  11. dyladams

    Wanted /Swop - 80 Series Aux tank button

    Hi all I am looking for a aux tank dashboard switch for my 1996 land cruiser. I picked up a tank with some accessories but the button is for the pre 1995 dash board. does anyone have one going at a reasonable price (or possibly looking for a swop?)
  12. dyladams

    Dometic/waeco cdf-11 cheapest I’ve seen (£270)

    Has anyone installed one of these in their centre console on an 80? What did you do with the gap that the original console leaves in the gear shift plastic surround?
  13. dyladams


    The Photo in the dunes looks like the Luderitz to Walvis Bay route in Nambia - Am I correct? The Club has the occasional social, normally twice a year just south of Birmingham. See below post for some information...
  14. dyladams


    Welcome Hennie, Good to see you found us. You will need to post a couple of pictures of your cruisers!
  15. dyladams

    Mwr4x4 from Spain

    Welcome From the photo it appears to be a 105 series cruiser with solid front axle? What engine do you have in there? Also really like the bumper. Do you have any more specs / photos to share of the truck?
  16. dyladams

    Air conditioning condenser!

    This is exactly what I was about to search. I believe that my 1996 needs part number 88460-60160. Does anyone have any advice on a generic alternative. Nissens seems to pop up a lot. Also - Does anyone know the sizes of the o-rings required? And lastly - should I also be replacing the dryer?
  17. dyladams

    Pick-up in the Craven Arms area??

    Many thanks Guys. @tonytoyota - I don't know if I will be able to make the meet this weekend. Got a few issues to sort out with family. However that might work if someone travelling back to London can maybe give it a lift. I need to finalise details with the other party but will get back to...
  18. dyladams

    Pick-up in the Craven Arms area??

    Hi there Is anyone in the Craven Arms area that might be able to collect a Medium side box for me from a seller and then either allow a courier to pick it up from you or if I am luck enough someone might be travelling to London at some point..... Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  19. dyladams

    My 80

    Looks great Gary. Where did you get your cargo Guard from?
  20. dyladams

    Land Cruiser increasing in value?

    I think the availability of 80 series (and good 90; 100; 105; 120) are drying up. Not much seems to be on the market at present. I know a guy looking for a late 80 series and there does not appear to be much running around.
  21. dyladams

    Land Cruiser increasing in value?

    Saw this 80 going for £19 990.00 Think I better put mine one - might get £25-30k....... (Think this is from Chesham) 1998 Toyota LAND CRUISER AMAZON 4.2 TD GX 5dr SUV Diesel Manual | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Think this is due to the minimal amount of 80 series on the market at the...
  22. dyladams

    80 for sale

    Did this sell?
  23. dyladams

    Just Another 100

    That Looks MINT! Very Nice!! Whats spec? So whats the plans with the play thing?
  24. dyladams

    Help! Fuel tank

    Did @Chas not have a long range one for a petrol 80 for sale previously?
  25. dyladams

    Cruisers in the Movies

    Is anyone else watching the Series - Gangs of London? There have been a couple of scenes with Cruiser including: - Maroon 80 series - Green 100 series - Modified Silver 100 Series. Anyone's cruiser making an appearance?
  26. dyladams

    Roof rack / Roof bars - Aluminium slats

    Hi All, I am looking at installing a some roof bars to my 80 series instead of the backet type roof rack. I already have a front runner rack. I was thinking that I might be able to use the feet / brackets from the front runner and combine them with some aluminium bars / slats to make a kit...
  27. dyladams

    Hello from sunny Ramsbottom - UK

    Welcome Rich, Look forward top seeing some pics
  28. dyladams

    Hearsay and rumour

    I live in London and in 18 months time my home will be part of the extended ULEZ. That will mean that every day my car is parked in its garage, it will be taxed £12 a day!! For me this is crazy. I live and work in london, but only use a car to get out of London! Most of my neighbours and...
  29. dyladams

    My ‘94 HDJ80 VX

    Look forward to the build thread! yes - it’s always a pain when people start and they need to build up their post numbers. In the mean time check out the 80 series thread.
  30. dyladams

    Bit of good news came today

    Awesome news!
  31. dyladams

    Hello from locked-down Cape Town

    Welcome!!! I am sure you will find some knowledgeable posts on hear. post some pictures when you can. I am sure a lot of guys on here will be jealous of what you have almost on your doorstep (Under normal circumstances).
  32. dyladams

    I bet a few are watching this....

    Do you know who the trader was working for / company name?
  33. dyladams

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    Many Thanks All The Seller's mechanic believes that the CDL actuator can be removed and cleaned - an hours job for a mechanic. Hopefully it's that simple.......
  34. dyladams

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    Hi all A friend of mine is looking at buying a 1994 HD-T. Apparently the Lockers don’t engage, both on the axel and the CDL. it’s a UK spec truck in Africa. So hopefully it’s not too rusty and the Acel lockers are ok. If not that’s a pretty simple fix. the question is what about the CDL not...
  35. dyladams

    Converting a 100 series to 105.

    In my humble opinion - what makes a cruiser great is that it is a simple Toyota design. If you try and mate 2 very different pieces together I think you might have an issue especially if you need parts in the middle o f now where. The 100 series is a great car - maybe not as rugged as an 105...
  36. dyladams

    Krown rusproofing - discount available?

    I popped up to see Rob at KROWN for the first time this weekend. Really happy with the service and attention he took while working on the Car. What really impressed me was he knew exactly which cavities needed investigating and attention. I did spend 5hrs in a car but feel it was worth it.
  37. dyladams

    So what trips are people going on in 2020

    I am hoping for a Southern Africa trip (Botswana / Namibia / Zimbabwe / Zambia) with my Father and some friends. And maybe a European trip with the wife in an effort to entice her to do a trip further afield. I still want to do Scotland and Morocco.
  38. dyladams

    Go the Mighty 80!

    Congrats. Now all we need are some photos and some more information And that looks like a Disco in the Profile image - so will need to change that.
  39. dyladams

    Woman killed by a TOW BALL!!!

    I have been having an internal debate regarding the towbar discussion..... from what I have seen through google research - the “tow-balls” that appear to fail are the ones that fit the Australian and USA towbar that have 2inch received with a screwed in tow bar. Or the other version are these...
  40. dyladams

    TopGear and Grand Tour support vehicles.

    Just finished watching the TG tour to Nepal and spotted them using 80 series Land cruisers as support vehicles. My Mrs thinks I am a bit crazy for spotting and watching out for a glimps of the cruisers but I loved it. Does anyone have any photos of them using support Cruisers for their...
  41. dyladams

    Just joined the club with a cruiser! (Again)

    Looks really nice Chas congrats! what’s the plans for it?
  42. dyladams

    2020 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

    Anyone know about this and is anyone taking their Cruiser? Please see attached link for further information: The Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy is back! After its successful inaugural outing in 2019, Toyota GB and the Vintage Sports-Car Club...
  43. dyladams

    Just joined the club with a cruiser! (Again)

    My 80 is an import and was register as a "light utility vehicle" as opposed to an "estate". I managed to get the DVLA to change this but only after convincing Toyota UK that this was the same as a UK spec.
  44. dyladams

    Just joined the club with a cruiser!

    Awesome Looking forward to the pictures. what tires you thinking of?
  45. dyladams

    Any Black Friday deals....

    Morning All, Thought I would start a thread on any black Friday deals that people have spotted. I am guessing anything relating to Cruisers; camping; tools; travel etc.
  46. dyladams

    Roof Rack, Help required

    I bought a similar Roofrack for my 80 and was told it was for a LC80. At the price I paid I thought it was worth a gamble. In hindsight I think it was from a discovery 1 or 2. The legs were way too tall. I managed to find a set of replacement legs (size 2 I think) on eBay for £60 for the set...
  47. dyladams

    Buyers guide for a 90 series Prado / Colorado?

    Hi there is there a buyers guide for a 90 series. a friend of mine is considering buying one and want to point him the right direction. Thinking of the later D4D model. Where are the week points including where do they rust?
  48. dyladams


    Hi Gary Where about are you located? I might be interest depending on location.
  49. dyladams

    Boot floor storage

    I prefer the idea of slinging a tank under the floor pan and using the space that way. - aux tank - battery box - water tank - diesel heater Chris installed a box for his battery which I thought was pretty smart. But it’s something that you rarely need to get to. I have a set of drawers in...
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