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    Rear door not latching

    Just half an hour ago I loaded the 120 for a trip to the dump and found the door would not latch shut! So that's been cancelled. I've taken a look and it seems that the door will close fully but the latch will then not "click" or catch around the piece of metal that sticks out on the body of the...
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    Indicators and hazard fuse blowing, then won't start: battery?

    A 15A fuse blew recently in my 2004 120-series, the one for indicators and hazards. I replaced it, and took the 120 to my local independent, who checked for shorts but couldn't find anything obvious. We agreed to wait until it happened again and that I would make a note of which was indicating...
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    Graunching noise at full right lock

    Hello everybody, not visited for a while, simply because the 120 keeps slogging quietly on. I use it as my daily driver and love it. However, as of a few days ago I have noticed a sort of grinding noise from the right front wheel when turning to the right, but only at full lock. It's a kind of...
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    Brakes binding / dash lights flashing?

    This afternoon I was moving at low speed (walking pace) in a car park looking for somewhere to put the vehicle when I felt the brakes find a little bit then come off. I wasn't sure whether I had touched them or not at first, but then it happened again then several times. It was a kind of...
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    Buzzweld and other rust protection

    My 120 has quite a bit of rust underneath, nothing structural but it still needs attention before it gets, well, structural. Buzzweld has been mentioned a few times on the forum by people interested in trying it, but I have not seen a report from anybody who has actually had it done. I was...
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    Touchscreen system in a 120

    Having just bought my 120 series, I'm now looking to give it a proper audio system with Bluetooth and a few other bells and whistles. I have been thinking about a touchscreen version with a large screen - not easy with a single DIN - so that I could stick a reversing camera on to make the wife...
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    Loss of power under hard acceleration

    Well, it didn't take me long to have my first problem with the Land Cruiser. Today, the wife had her first drive in the LC. As we were going up a steep hill a few minutes after setting out, she commented favourably on the power. I urged her to floor the throttle and storm up to the top. She did...
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    Hello there, advice sought on 100s, rust, imports

    Hello everybody, my name is Dan and I'm in North Pembrokeshire. I lived in Japan for about 20 years and returned to the UK a few years ago. This is not my first post but I have belatedly realized that I should have introduced myself, so here goes. I am not an LC owner, but I could certainly use...
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    Worth getting a 120, and if so which one?

    Evening all. I’m considering replacing my Citroen Berlingo Multispace with a Land Cruiser at some point over the next twelve months. I live at the end of a long, badly rutted track with a ford halfway along it that floods to a couple of feet deep several times every winter, which is a problem...
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