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  1. Julian T

    Cry the Beloved Country

    Could not think of an appropriate place to put this, so if an admin could put it somewhere appropriate I would appreciate it, thanks. Some terrible news from South Africa, video not for the sensitive, sadly not going to make it into mainstream media I think...
  2. Julian T

    So, music videos?

    This one is one of my favorites, it stars my favorite truck, I have driven one in very similar terrain in Botswana and South Africa. She was a ex police 2H diesel with a 5 speed gearbox and still had her police canopy and had been painted black (bloody hot to drive in the heat) with red and grey...
  3. Julian T

    Interesting read

    I know this is for the new 70 series but seeing as how my truck has the H151 box according to Toyodiy and I have long felt that I would like to be at lower rpm when motorway cruising in 5th gear the info that Toyota now have a 15% taller 5th gear I find myself wondering if it can be made to fit...
  4. Julian T

    Living in the wild west.......

    From FB, today in Randburg, South Africa. Caution Age Restriction recommended for the sensitive.
  5. Julian T

    Off Topic

    I know we mostly discus the finest of 4x4 vehicles and their uses on this forum, but I felt I should share this video with all my fellow addicts of all things adventurous. I found it very good. Link HERE watch from 3:06.
  6. Julian T

    Ronny Dahl 80 series video

    Found this video interesting.
  7. Julian T

    Modified 80 on Gumtree Australia

    We think Cruisers are expensive in the UK, I spotted this one in Australia advertised on FB. At current exchange rates his 31 thou Australian Dollar is £17 539. Mind you it does look like he has spent a bit maintaining and decorating it.
  8. Julian T

    Seen on FB

    As opposed to seen on YT, ........ I recently saw a post on FB, link HERE which got me thinking, I hope they do a YT series of videos ;) Well they do have a YT chan HERE but it's a bit lacking. Oh er well. More info HERE and HERE makes it look like a challenge and eventually a interesting vehicle.
  9. Julian T

    In the news today

    This has just come to my attention, seems the police are more proactive than reactive.
  10. Julian T

    old Tractor

    And possibly somewhat unique, given the topic of one of the threads I have seen on the forum I thought this might spark some interest. Clicky HERE
  11. Julian T

    Is it still a 1936 morris?

    Came across this on fleabay, definitely fun but is it still considered to be what it started out as?
  12. Julian T

    Stolen RTT and Rack

    Not certain this is the best section of the forum to post this but for those of us who don't follow Overland Cruisers on FB or the Toyota 4x4 FB page HERE is a link to the stolen rack and tent, would be good to keep an eye out for them, and of course now we know that the criminal element is...
  13. Julian T

    toyota landcruiser fj bj 40 45 project spares repair barn find

    Found this on the bay, what can I say it's my favorite shape cruiser, whats more its truly a project ;) Sadly I don't have anywhere for her or I would be seriously tempted to get divorced again :) Pity.
  14. Julian T


    This came up in my FB feed, all I can say is oh my word, don't think I would want to find out how it handles and certainly don't want to know what it's fuel consumption is, what is it you ask? Clicky here.
  15. Julian T

    Had to use the winch today

    Well I got a call last night, bought a new shed and need it put up and old one removed will you help, type of conversation, so me being the helpful sort I said yes of course. After emptying the shed and starting disassembly I managed to strain my back so knowing the area I elected to use the...
  16. Julian T

    I spy

    Spotted in Unsealed 4x4 mag, what do you think of this picture Tony?
  17. Julian T


    All I can say is oh dear
  18. Julian T

    Uhuh, ..........

    Great expectations or high hopes? This looks somewhat inappropriate to me, or is it ...... Having been passenger in one of these I would never have thought it was the appropriate vehicle for what this fellow seems to think it is, still takes all sorts and they may be onto a winner.
  19. Julian T

    60 Series, need a better paying job, .........

    Like the title says lol
  20. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    I don't recall seeing this on here but due to U tube showing me videos I might be interested in I have discovered these people, they have a interesting series of videos on U tube about Project Binky. They also have a website. Bit OT but by golly the fabrication is good.
  21. Julian T

    Worth it?

    I on occasion peruse flea bay to see if there is anything that interests me, came across this advert I liked the fact that the seller saw fit to include the text not landrover.
  22. Julian T

    Inflatable Home from Home

    This might be a little on the large side but it looks interesting, don't know if this has been posted here before.
  23. Julian T

    Brake problem help or suggestions please

    Recently my truck had developed a worrying habit, the rear axle was doing more braking than the front axle so having diagnosed front callipers requiring a rebuild I got my hands on a pair of seal kits and stripped and rebuilt the front callipers both callipers had partially seized pistons, I...
  24. Julian T

    Noisy Engine

    Been following Landcruising Adventure on FB and Coen has posted a video of his engine makeing a noise
  25. Julian T

    Turbo upgraded 70 series

    Been following the progress of this, not a mod I feel most of us would want on our trucks but nifty non the less
  26. Julian T

    Found this for the 40 series addicts
  27. Julian T

    Toy trailer

    Watching this, the kit included is interesting.....
  28. Julian T

    DHS hates landies?

    Came across this on a site I had never found before, was amused to read the below linked posts, seems the USA is suspicious of why any one would want to drive a Lame Rover.
  29. Julian T

    Dedicated to Travel perhaps

    Just came across this, I am amazed at the persistence that it must have taken, that and dedication.
  30. Julian T


    So there I was innocently trawling YT for some mindless entertainment when I found this, I think the camera work could do with improvement but one gets the idea we would not be allowed to do participate in this sport in most countries so good on them.
  31. Julian T

    80 Series projector headlamps?

    I seem to recall some one looking for some, and I just came across these on Flea bay personally I think the side...
  32. Julian T

    Interesting Lift

    I saw this a few years ago at the Peterborough LR show, they impressed me then and I must confess I am still intrigued by the idea. Cant say I am not tempted to speak to the gent who does this and find out if he ever got around to doing a version for the LC 80 as he mentioned he was going to...
  33. Julian T

    Heep Recovery

    How to test your recovery anchor point or where not to stand Ouch, .........
  34. Julian T


    In reply to Graham's post about a house in the middle of the highway, I give you a ghost town or two that are waiting for occupants ;)
  35. Julian T

    Camping Trailer

    seems like it may have a few bargaining points as it has been modified/stored damp........ But overall it looks nice.
  36. Julian T

    Pause for thought

    You tube link, Enjoy
  37. Julian T

    Meet Thirsty

    Due to a Hard Drive failure I have lost a lot of images of my cruiser, so here are a few recent ones :) Crossing the Danube from Visegrad to Nagymaros August 2011 And some where in the Pyrenees November 2010 And a trip to the Lake District to introduce my partner to the pleasures of a...
  38. Julian T

    Greetings To All

    Hello all, I am Julian (as well) My cruiser Thirsty is a sprightly 15 year old 80, (1996 GS) She has OME springs, a TJM T15 winch bumper with front end protection and one of David Bower's winches, Stainless steel exhaust, Allisport intercooler conversion and Radiator, DBA front discs, Hannibal...
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