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  1. Julian T

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    Paddler Ed Here for you are two pictures that I hope help you out, sadly my truck has been standing for a while is in not looking so good at the moment, in need of some tlc obviously. First pic is what you can see of the rear bumper, next two are from underneath on the left side.
  2. Julian T

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    If I remember correctly the Kaymar is a cheaper version of the TJM.
  3. Julian T

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    I can get you some pictures, give me a day or two as I will have to go "visit" her where she is in storage.
  4. Julian T

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    Yes, I have a 100 series TJM rear bumper mounted on my 80 series, chassis is slightly narrower at the rear and requires spacers or modification to secure the two chassis mountings, it mounts at the tow hook mounting, then the end sides of the chassis and has two brackets to the chassis behind...
  5. Julian T

    Good you tube watch

    Another YT channel I like to follow, mostly for the scenery, is Trent Palmer, he has some interesting bits of film.
  6. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    While I was away without the web due to moving home.... Episode 31 was released, herewith linked below also linked is episode 32 so you lucky people get two episodes for one post. And
  7. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    Well, his wallet did fall over, fainted in shock I suspect.
  8. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    Heads up chap's, it's here again :)
  9. Julian T

    Jurgens Oryx Off Road Caravan - eBay UK

    I seem to recall that the south african made Jurgens caravan got quite a bad reputation for build/structural quality/strength, axles were soft and prone to dropping wheels off if memory serves. Found this pic, for example...
  10. Julian T

    Technical Benefits of a Snorkel

    As I see it the main benefit of a snorkel if you are not making deep water crossings or wading is that it is higher up and theoretically supplies cleaner air to the filter, only beneficial if you are operating in dusty conditions. I have personally seen the difference with trucks operating in...
  11. Julian T

    Old Thirsty The Petrol 80

    Seconded, I forget what brand my 80 had when I bought her, but the 285/75 bfg ko's feel really nice and should true the speedo, ish.
  12. Julian T

    Jurgens Oryx Off Road Caravan - eBay UK

    I seem to recall that the Jurgens off road caravans went through a period of bad build quality and were prone to losing wheels and hubs due to axle failure, I may be wrong and it does look like a nice bit of kit. I have long fancied a Conqueror, I think they were one of the founding companies...
  13. Julian T

    Knuckle stud gone

    Have had mine do that repeatedly on the left wheel, not so much since I cleaned the threads and refitted with thread lock. P.S. also did the right side just to be safe. :)
  14. Julian T

    the (not so bad) customer service from Hel(l)

    Many years ago, aka cant find seller/email details I bought a full set of stainless steel braided brake hoses from Wezmoto on Eblag, from query to parts in my hand it took about four days, they needed nothing from me other some details about the vehicle, ie, lifted or not, abs or not (can not...
  15. Julian T

    Itchy Boots ?

    Yes I have been following her videos for some time now, lots of interesting things to be seen on them.
  16. Julian T

    1HD-FTE Intake Heater not turning on

    I have removed the intake heater on my truck, no smoke on start up even in below zero temperatures in Miskolc Hungary in February, the Pyrenees in November, has always started on the turn straight to idle with no hesitation. I have never had the problem you have so unfortunately I can not offer...
  17. Julian T

    Northern Norway driving in winter

    I frequently waste more time than that looking at cheap premium brand cars.
  18. Julian T

    Northern Norway driving in winter

    Just a indication of how difficult it is to get to remote places is these days, not to put a damper on your plans of course because we all know what we prefer to travel with. Harry Metcalf of Harry's garage on You Tube took his 1969 RR Silver Shadow to the arctic circle in February 2018 I...
  19. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    This one came along quite quickly
  20. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    And so friends, once more unto the breach, .....
  21. Julian T

    Video robbed from a Facebook group

    Letting the scroat live!
  22. Julian T

    New cars to have breathalysers and speed limiters by 2022 following new EU rule

    So did I, especially because it's drive train is Ford Ranger which is Mazda B series. Just reinforces my desire to drive a basic car with no driver aids, going to have to think long and hard about what to get if I need to replace any of my current cars.
  23. Julian T

    New cars to have breathalysers and speed limiters by 2022 following new EU rule

    My sister tells me there were no cars near her, she could not steer out of the lane to avoid road kill until she used the indicators.
  24. Julian T

    New cars to have breathalysers and speed limiters by 2022 following new EU rule

    My Sister in South Africa replaced her 11 year old X5 with a newish Ford Everest as she wanted a little better off road ability but can't quite Bring herself into the Toyota fold, any way, she was telling me the other day that unless she signals her intention to change lane on the motorway the...
  25. Julian T

    Video robbed from a Facebook group

    I saw this on FB, showed it to Swambo as yet another reason why I will not leave my truck unattended anywhere when we are out an about in it. Reinforces my person opinion that scroats like this need the death penalty at a minimum if they damage my pride and joy and relieve me of my means of...
  26. Julian T

    Cry the Beloved Country

    A lot of people believe that the official crime and murder stats for South Africa are skewed on the low side and are not a true reflection of what they should be, however here is a link below for farm murders. And below that a news paper link for crime stats...
  27. Julian T

    Cry the Beloved Country

    Most likely it is just opportunistic crime, soft target as in single female occupant, car will most likely be used commit more crimes and will then be found burnt out somewhere.
  28. Julian T

    Cry the Beloved Country

    Could not think of an appropriate place to put this, so if an admin could put it somewhere appropriate I would appreciate it, thanks. Some terrible news from South Africa, video not for the sensitive, sadly not going to make it into mainstream media I think...
  29. Julian T

    Bad Obsession- Escargot

    One of the reasons I preferred my FJ47 was that it was more comfortable than a series landy to drive.
  30. Julian T

    Good job we all want to be Borgs

    I can see a booming market for the retrofitting of enhanced safety devices to comply with legislation.
  31. Julian T

    Bad Obsession- Escargot

    And, ........
  32. Julian T

    Zero emissions Electric JCB

    Like it, sorry but I am going to have to nick it for farcebook.
  33. Julian T

    First ride in an FJ Cruiser

    That's not a FJ, that's a collie with a retro body on it..........
  34. Julian T

    My 80

    Oh dear, tow vehicle looks a tad overloaded, perhaps he should swap them over. Really happy for you with your new purchase and always looking forward to the pictures and stories.
  35. Julian T

    Dogbones - upgraded handbrake spreader bars on e bay

    I bought a set from FNB, looked and felt really great, only thing is I could not get the brake disc hat over the hand brake shoes after doing a hand brake rebuild, for expediency I refitted the original dog bones and put these back in the spare parts to be used when needed box. I still take...
  36. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    I have just got home from a 12 hour shift to find this on FB, the question now is a matter of priorities, watch this, or make supper and have a bath, ..........
  37. Julian T

    Cleaned out my K&N filter...

    One of the things I was taught as a diesel apprentice was to never blow out a air filter unless it was desperately needed and then to change it asap, reason was as the paper element worked at stopping dust etc it would get clogged, blowing it out would leave the "holes" in the element larger and...
  38. Julian T

    Bullet Proof (Literally)

    Not easy Stu, body has mostly been cut to allow the protection in most areas going by some crashed up armoured vehicles I have seen in South Africa.
  39. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    Here it is boys, Episode 26, woo hoo and wheee
  40. Julian T

    Bullet Proof (Literally)

    Re power upgrades, for sale by the same people with engine and gearbox removed, ........ I am almost tempted as it is very nearly a blank canvas, just need to remove the armour plating. Now I can't decide if it needs a Cummins 6BT or a 6.0 Chev V8......... Damn it I should never look at...
  41. Julian T

    Low Loader / recovery vehicle needed

    Sorry to hear about this, Shane's idea volunteering Clive reminds me that there is a reputable company in Hungary if it's any help, you could also have a conversation with Sandlander as they are Land Cruiser specialists and have experience with overland prepped cruisers and the like, I believe...
  42. Julian T

    Who had windows tinted ?

    I know the windows already have a factory tint, that's why I said factory tint is barely noticeable, perhaps I could have phrased that better? Obviously any tint added to factory will take the tint level on the window over the legal limit. Saying that my BeMtroubleyou seems to have more factory...
  43. Julian T

    Who had windows tinted ?

    Legal tint on front side windows is barely noticeable so I don't have any tint on driver and front passenger windows, it is illegal to tint the windscreen, and imo very dangerous to do especially for night driving. All my other windows are limo tint and the difference in interior temps is...
  44. Julian T

    Why own an old vehicle?

    Still my favorite cruiser front end, I still want a lwb pickup version again. Seen that video before.
  45. Julian T

    Bad Obsession- Escargot

    For those following the trials and tribulations of Bad Obsession
  46. Julian T

    Running boards. Rock sliders

    Euro 4x4 have something very basic available, looks like they need finishing.
  47. Julian T

    Bad obsession

    Heads up gents, it's here :)
  48. Julian T down

    I get a message that there is a problem with cookies, why? I do not have anything against cookies with coffee......... Pasted below Problem with cookies Your browser did not accept our session cookie. To use this site your browser must accept cookies from which we use to track...
  49. Julian T

    St George's Day

    Really, I had to google that....... Stephen Lawrence day what is the world coming to.
  50. Julian T

    Anybody know what this might be?

    Rather than a trip to the main dealer, I would advocate a trip to a auto electrician. Failing that then any good reputable independent mechanic would be advisable, it is unlikely that the main dealer will have a "technician" who is familiar with the vehicle given the age of said vehicle. If you...
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