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  1. Ben

    Interesting Build Thread

    I found this really interesting build thread recently that I've been really enjoying reading. :icon-biggrin: I'm not into vans at all, but its really well written and some of the techniques hes using are very interesting! :clap...
  2. Ben

    LJ78 Build Thread

    I spotted this the other day. So I went and bought it for $2500, unregistered with no road worthy certificate, minus the plastic plumbing pipe snorkel and cheap Chinese winch. :dance: As it has the 2lt 2.4 turbo diesel slug of an engine fitted that is prone to cracking...
  3. Ben

    Made In Portugal.

    I'm not sure which market their destined for, but their right hand drive, so I'm thinking South Africa. :icon-biggrin:
  4. Ben

    7 Things We Love But Still 1 We Hate.

    Long live the mighty 70! :clap: Maybe once the UK has finally left the EU, Toyota might be allowed to sell them over there, especially now they have scored an ANCAP 5 rating and Euro 5 emissions. :think...
  5. Ben

    RJ70 Build Thread.

    Work is progressing well on my 1985 soft top RJ70 and rather than continuing to document it in my LJ70 Build Thread, I've decided it should have its own thread and unlike the other thread I'm hoping to keep this as just a build thread! :icon-biggrin: The soft top 70 is the last of the...
  6. Ben


    What do you get when you cross a VDJ70 series and a Hi-ace van? :shifty: This............................................
  7. Ben

    2017 70 Series.

    After 30 continuous years of production, it was looking very much like Toyota were about to kill off their mighty 70 series. But its now looking like that isnt the case! :dance: And with massive investment bringing the vehicle up to Ancap 5 safety standards and the engine up to Euro 5...
  8. Ben

    Toyota's Sole V12 Engine

    While researching the Lexus/Toyota V8 engine that I'm thinking of fitting in my RJ70 project I discovered Toyota have been making and selling a V12 engine for the past 9 years, but its only sold in their Century limousine models. :cool: It wouldn't fit in my 70 but I'm sure it could be...
  9. Ben

    79 Series Body & Tub On Extended 80 Series Chassis

    This is a great project by Slee Off Road. :clap: They are definitely a company I plan on visiting when I make it over there as they have some really interesting LandCruisers and sell some awesome products! :icon-cool...
  10. Ben

    Worlds Oldest Toyota Found. From that article, the link to the Toyota museum in Japan looks cool, defiantly some where I'd like to visit. :icon-biggrin:
  11. Ben

    Terrain Tamer Suspension.

    I like the look of Terrain Tamers new progressive coils and had I not just replaced all my suspension for Dobinsons I would most likely be going with Terrain Tamer. tunEFrUpdPE We use a lot of Terrain Tamer products at work and I've always been very impressed with the quality and price of...
  12. Ben

    Perfect Combination!

    Alluminium 40 series body on 80 series rolling chassis! :icon-cool:
  13. Ben

    LandCruiers Museum & PX10

    I recently found out about a really cool looking Cruise museum/collection in the states! :icon-cool: Definitely some where I want to visit when I'm over there. :think: One vehicle in particular really caught my eye! :icon-surprised: A Cruiser I've never seen...
  14. Ben

    Only In UAE.................

  15. Ben

    Seriously Cool......................

  16. Ben

    Black Widow

    Just a heads up that sadly Black Widow might not be around for much longer. :thumbdown: They've closed one of their 2 shops and things really arnt looking good, which is a huge shame as they make some really good quality products. Apparently they started supplying Ironman unbranded drawer...
  17. Ben

    Is this how..................

    Stonehenge and the pyramids were built, using simple levers and stones to move huge slabs of stone? :think: I found this video very interesting! :clap: pCvx5gSnfW4
  18. Ben


    Looking at the pics on the link below he spent time in LandCruiser(s)! :icon-cool:
  19. Ben

    Unusual, Interesting & Crazy LandCruiser Pics

    A bit like the funny pics thread I thought we could have a thread showing unusual, interesting and crazy LandCruiser pics.
  20. Ben

    Lincomb 19th July

    OK guys............................................ I'm back in the UK for a few weeks in July/August and as I now unfortunately miss all the awesome Lincomb weekends, I don't get to meet up with you all. :thumbdown: Anyway...................................... I'm back in July for a few...
  21. Ben

    Guiness World Record Attempt

    OK guys...................... I asked Cris if he could create a private members area so that I can show you all what I'm building without everyone in the world with an internet connection being able to see. Thanks Cris. :icon-biggrin: I will get all the pics ready and write up the first...
  22. Ben

    Epic Recovery

  23. Ben

    Cooking dinner on a beer can

    I love this. :icon-biggrin: Totally ingenius! :clap:
  24. Ben

    25 year History of LandCruiser in Australia. (Pic heavy, 40, 55 & 60 series)

    One of the guys I work with brought in an old magazine he found whilst clearing his loft out. The magazine is 30 years old and in it is a big feature on the 25 year history of LandCruisers in Australia. :icon-cool: I thought it might interest a few of you guys so I spent an hour scanning all...
  25. Ben

    Air filter

    Does anyone have the Toyota part number for the re-usable/life time 80 series air filters please? I've done a search but cant find the thread, but I'm sure I read some where on here about them. :think:
  26. Ben

    I Want One!

  27. Ben

    Crazy Arabs.

    Some crazy driving in this video. :wtf: Loving all the LC 70's! :drool: I wonder how long their wheel bearings last? :think: 9SVId7ZaPVA
  28. Ben

    The last 4 Off Roaders.

  29. Ben


    Quite fitting really what with all the weather weve been having! Anyway..................................................... Tonight while searching for potential trucks to buy I came across some Toyota 4x4's that I've never seen/heard of before. Reminds me a bit of the Suzuki LJ50 and LJ80...
  30. Ben

    Waterless Coolant

    Just seen this on wheeler dealers. Seems like a good product. Wont cause rust inside the engine like normal coolant, and much less likely to blow radiator hoses etc. as the system doesn't get pressurised. They took the rad cap off with the engine running when up to temp and no steam or...
  31. Ben

    Milner Evoque

    I quite like it. :icon-biggrin:
  32. Ben

    Chinese 4x4 products.

    Some one on one of the other forums I'm on recently ordered an air locker form this company and has been very impressed with cost, service and quality. :icon-smile: Just had a look on the website and they've got a lot of different bits and pieces and quite a few cruiser bits. :icon-cool...
  33. Ben

    Insane challenge

    I've never seen a 4x4 challenge event like this. :icon-surprised: competitors driving up and down vertical banks with just a few pieces of wood and men pushing and pulling the vehicles. :icon-rolleyes: Looks dangerous, but at least everyone is wearing motorbike helmets. :lol: 3klg7uPndIw...
  34. Ben

    Is this the ultimate 70 series overlander............

    I really like what hes done with it! :clap: NwXAQEQbkU
  35. Ben

    Crazy attempt at a river crossing.................................

    Even I wouldnt have attempted this. :shock: The current looks far too fast. :icon-confused: eyvtIM689pI
  36. Ben

    Got It!

    Well today I got the email ive been waiting for! :icon-biggrin: :icon-biggrin: :icon-biggrin: :icon-biggrin: After almost one year, references from previous and current employers, carpentry practical assessment, English reading, writing, speaking and listening exams, medical examination, police...
  37. Ben

    LJ70 Front Diff/Axle

    Need an LJ70 front diff. :pray:
  38. Ben

    Unusual looking 70

    I actually quite like it. :clap: Looks a lot better than the pickup/trayback LJ78 westcoast did. :think: Not sure its worth 4 grand though. :icon-confused...
  39. Ben

    40 series.

    Theres just something about 40's. :drool: I wonder how much it will make? :think:
  40. Ben

    Looks familiar.........................................

  41. Ben

    Hobbit not included.......................

    Damm shame! :eusa-drool: :whistle:
  42. Ben

    LJ70/KZJ70 standard fibre glass wheel arch

    I need front and back, passenger side wheel arches for my 70. Doesnt matter if there damaged or cracked. Cash waiting. :thumbup:
  43. Ben

    Imports and over heating.

    Im not sure what the bigger toyota engines are like for over heating? But the 2.4TD and 3litre (1KZTE) imports suffer with over heating and cracked heads. :( According to Roughtrax website its to do with the viscosity of the fluid in the viscous fan. :think: This is what the website says:-...
  44. Ben

    Interesting Video.

    I found this video interesting. He talks about the new 70 series double cab pickup, which is my dream truck and which i will be saving for when when i land in OZ. 8-) He says its coming to SA, but i thought it was only being released in OZ. :think...
  45. Ben

    ken block

    its a great video, but i cant decided whether its real or not. :think: surely there would be some people on the streets, or in the windows of the houses/apartments watching him drifting past? :? [youtube:h3tjr0dc]LuDN2bCIyus[/youtube:h3tjr0dc]
  46. Ben

    worlds most dangerous roads!

    did anyone see this last night? :) its available on the iplayer for a short while if not. ;) They didnt use the best vehicle for the trip, but they did choose the next best thing.................. the mighty Nissan Patrol! :thumbup: ... _Siberia/#
  47. Ben

    interesting 80 conversion......................

    just spotted what Paul at westcoast, has done to his 80. 8-) ... &Itemid=81 not sure if you can see the pics if your not a member on that forum. :? so here they are:-
  48. Ben

    LJ70/KZJ70 arches

    i need a set of standard fibreglass arches, to either borrow or buy. :) any one got a set? need to take a mould from them, so i can make some out of polyurethane. i will then stikaflex these to my truck. :thumbup:
  49. Ben

    quick computer question

    i need to send a load of documents to my visa agent in Melbourne, in PDF form. but for some reason the emails keep bouncing back with an error message saying:- This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. :thumbdown: is there...
  50. Ben

    tyre calculator

    wasnt sure where to put this. :? anyway.....................a useful online calculator for working out tyre sizes. with this simple tool im able to quickly see what a set of 265 75 16 equates to, 31.6". :clap: ... ersion.htm
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