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  1. SteveS

    Unofficially up for sale - Amazon 100 5sp auto 110k miles

    You may have not seen my post in the “Lounge” but my 2003 Amazon is being offered out to club members before I put it on general sale. Spec is as per my profile except that I’m removing a couple of items like fridge and winch, and some bits n bobs. Items like the RTT and rack I can sell...
  2. SteveS

    It's been a while....and now I'm unofficially for sale

    As some of you with long memories will recall we’ve been off trotting around the world in the Hedgehog, our overland 100 Series, for the last 3 years. But we are now changing the way we travel and the 100 is blocking the drive and will be put up for sale on the normal channels in the next weeks...
  3. SteveS

    Warn Zeon 10s Clutch fail

    The clutch on my Zeon 10s is not engaging - constantly on freespool. The clutch on these is remote/electric. I can hear various solenoids clunking as I switch direction, engage/disengage clutch etc using the WiFi controller. The motor is spinning. Does anyone have the logic diagram or circuit...
  4. SteveS

    Toyodiy - quick way of checking different variants?

    Hi all - im getting closer in my quest to understand what if anything I need to do to make my (hilux) truck work well in the Andes.....As part of this I have got the engine numbers/model codes for units produced for South America market (from somebody’s truck there). But my truck will be a...
  5. SteveS

    HiLux - deep technical help

    Bit of a long shot but so far I'm not getting much help from the HiLux Owners Club site and i wondered if anyone here could help point me in the right direction..... the short story is that I'm prepping a HiLux to overland in south america and here it can be high altitude - very high easily...
  6. SteveS

    VDJ79 in landcruisermart

    hi everyone - our big lap down in Oz is fast approaching and just to say my very nice truck is up for sale. I’ve offered it to the UK gang first as I know how hard it is to get one here (and this truck is still in Oz). Admins - don’t think this breaks any rules but if it does then apols and...
  7. SteveS

    2010 VDJ79 4.6L TD - thoughts on UK value?

    As some of you may know I've purchased the below specced 79 in Australia for a year long trip there. At the end of the trip I can either: 1 - sell it in Oz or 2 - container it back to UK and sell it here. So thinking a long way ahead my head is turning to would it be worth it for me to ship...
  8. SteveS

    Australian 79 owners - rego questions

    I've put this here as I think it has the best chance of being seen by the guys in Australia.... Background: my 79 series was a Victoria registered car and I bought it in Dec 2017 with 11 months 3 weeks of rego paid for, test certificate on sale etc. I now want to register the vehicle with QLD...
  9. SteveS

    VDJ79 in Australia - new owner

    Just saying Hi to this group. Some of you may know that I have been driving my 100 "Hedgehog 2.0" around various bits of the world but for our next leg in Australia I have just purchased this VDJ79 there. Already prepped for the outback it will eventually be getting a Trayon (
  10. SteveS

    Hundreds in the Hill 2016 Trip Report

    I have put a trip report in the Trip Report section from our time with the IH8mud/100s in the Hills guys in Colorado 2016
  11. SteveS

    Hundreds in the Hills 2016 Trip Report

    Those of you that are members of IH8mud in the US will probably have heard of their premier 100 focused annual jamboree in Colorado. This event books out in seconds, literally, but I was quick enough on the keyboard to get first reserve spot (and there was a computer failure which caused some...
  12. SteveS

    1hd-fte fuel filter replacement

    Can anyone point me to a step by step guide to changing the fuel filter - idiots guide - you know, turn this, detach that etc. I've got various versions of service manual pdf but can't find a section on this service item. TIA Steve
  13. SteveS

    Silicone spray ok to use on Polybushes?

    not sure where to post this question..... Does anyone know if it is ok to use 3 in 1 silicone spray lubricant around polybushes? I'm trying to find an annoying squeak on the rear axle and want to use it to identify what is squeaking. The can says ok to use on rubber and latex. I recall that...
  14. SteveS

    Hedgehog - 3rd leg of round the world - Southern Africa

    Preparing now for our next adventure - this time we're taking the 100 to Southern Africa. Waiting to book the container to Walvis Bay, Namibia to arrive there around mid April. Next steps will be to sort out the Carnet de Passage and of course our flights. We should finish in Durban in late...
  15. SteveS

    100 Squeaky Rattly rear axle

    I've had this squeak/rattle from the rear for many thousands of miles so I think it is more cosmetic than serious but it would be nice to cure it. Symptoms/facts so far: seems to be on both nearside and offside - or possibly just in the middle applying the handbrake make the noise stop (take a...
  16. SteveS

    Reinstalling air pre-heater matrix - help please

    The previous owner of my truck removed the wire loom and solenoid that connects the air heating matrix to the battery when air is pre-heated on cold morning (similar function to glow plugs). The attached two sketches give the part numbers and approximate locations. The solenoid looks to be...
  17. SteveS

    Bagged a place on 100s in the Hills USA

    As part of my North America overland trip now underway I thought that I would try to get a place on the premier 100 series event in the US. It is a 'small' meeting of 35-40 100's in Ouray Colorado for 3 days. The 35 places literally sold out 2 minutes after opening. Anyway, I thought that I...
  18. SteveS

    70 Noobe needs to pick your brains

    I will be embarking shortly on a long term camper build based on a 78 Series (c/w flip up roof, probably Alu-cab). Given its intended usage will be mainly overseas I will want LHD. I want to stick to a 4.2 diesel but would like the extra grunt of a turbo/intercooler to get to 170-200HP/lots of...
  19. SteveS

    Lower Control Arm Ball Joint - play after 54k miles

    So got an MOT advisory saying that the NSF lower ball joint is worn and will need replacing soon (OSF is OK). I'm getting the work done as I don't want to run the risk of the wheel folding under in the middle of Alaska (or anywhere else for that matter). But, the question is that 54k miles isn't...
  20. SteveS

    1FTE alternator - which direction to adjust alternator belt tightness

    So I have a slight squeal when the lights are on and you press the took a look at the new alternator belt tightness (both belts replaced a couple of months back so I'm thinking they have settled in and need a turn or two). I've turned the adjuster bolt clockwise (which seems...
  21. SteveS

    A/C Compressor Pulley bolt - fell off!

    Was working on the truck this afternoon with the engine ticking over nicely....after a few minutes I heard a strange noise.....essentially the a/c compressor pulley was working its way off of the spindle and impacting with the plastic fan blades. Luckily I was able to stop the engine before any...
  22. SteveS

    Airbag recall - what's the latest?

    Did I miss something when I was away on my extended trip......what happened to the potential for the airbag recall to affect LCs and also for the earliest known dates to be even earlier? Anyone got any news on this?
  23. SteveS

    Coleman 424 Stove - unleaded run time??

    Coleman fuel can sometimes be hard to find and then it is natural to switch to unleaded fuel. Has anyone got any idea of how many operational hours or litres of unleaded fuel they have put through their Coleman before getting problems with blocked generator pipe? I'm trying to get an idea of...
  24. SteveS

    Hedgehog - 2nd leg of round the world - North & Central Americas

    As a few of you will know the next phase of our RTW tour is to North & Central Americas. Planning is proceeding well and we now have a route, shipping quotes, insurance quotes and the all important US VISAs. I will post more here as we get things finalised and will post some photos too. Our...
  25. SteveS

    Mix AGM and traditional Lead Acid??

    So one of the batteries on the Hedgehog (100 series) refuses to charge sufficiently to get the little green indicator to 'light' in the battery (stays black) which I'm taking to mean time to get a new battery soon. It got a bit of a beating over the summer as this is the 'leisure' battery on the...
  26. SteveS

    ARB Safari bar - LED DRLs

    Has anyone mounted a non-ARB light unit where the fog-lights would go? I'm specifically looking at using this slot for LED DRL type lights with a DRL changeover relay. I've been pointed to this product as a possible option - anybody with experience? They look cheap but as we know there are LEDs...
  27. SteveS

    Hedgehog Trip report - Iceland to Greece

    I've posted a detailed trip report and photos of Iceland in the trip reports section
  28. SteveS

    ATF fluid - preventative change & preferred method?

    Just got the Hedgehog back from our 10,000 mile tour of Europe and are preparing it for the next leg. This will be in excess of 20,000 and probably nearer 30,000 miles in North Americas. The existing ATF fluid in the box was inspected at 40,000 miles and was clear and looks in good condition...
  29. SteveS

    Wading Blankets - worth the agg?

    So I've never used a wading blanket to wade with (used it to keep the Deafener warm in Arctic winter) but it got me thinking as to whether using a wading blanket when fording was just a lot of BS or whether it really is the mutts? Often stated reasons: It'll keep the engine bay empty of water...
  30. SteveS

    Hedgehog - 1st leg of round the world: Iceland to Greece

    Well - its been a long time in the preparation but the time has come for us to shortly leave on the first leg of our round the world journey. We'll be leaving in about a weeks time for Iceland spend a few weeks there and then head south east across central Europe, down the Dalmation coast to...
  31. SteveS

    Headlamp adjusters - which is the up/down

    Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding the up/down adjuster position for dipped beam. Last time i tried I screwed it up royally. Now that i have the rear springs sorted and with full load there is not enough adjustment on the manual cabin dial to suit loaded/unloaded. There are...
  32. SteveS

    Access to Sea Container for shipping practice run

    I will be shipping my truck overseas and would like to have a practice run at getting it into a standard 20ft sea container (non hi-cube). Does anybody have access to one so i can have a practice? Based in Berkshire or Devon and happy to travel in south. Thanks in advance Steve
  33. SteveS

    Access to Sea Container

    I will be shipping my truck overseas and would like to have a practice run at getting the truck in a standard ISO 20ft sea container before we do it in anger at the port. I would prefer the standard height rather than high-cube. Can anyone help? Location Berkshire but happy to travel in south...
  34. SteveS

    How to get the high level brake light off?

    I'm investigating a suspect water leak from high up on the tailgate and want to inspect the HL tail-light - does anyone know whether on the 100 Series it is held in place with a adhesive foam strip or is it a push fit assembly - do i prise it off from the outside?
  35. SteveS

    Sweet sounding 79

    Was just ambling around YouTube and came across this. This guy has done a whole lot of videos on this truck. The thing I really like is the sound of the vid at about 4:00 minutes......thinking could be the next project :icon-biggrin: . Not bad for a diesel...
  36. SteveS

    Auto door lock on pull-away or not in Park

    I would like to add a simple automatic way of locking the doors - for extra security - and have found in the US??? version of the owners manual the following section Having tried this on my UK spec truck doesn't do the open/close confirmation/doesn't work and not mentioned in the UK...
  37. SteveS

    Where is the diesel pre-filter?

    Can anyone help? I have a 2004 UK spec 100 - is there a pre-filter in the diesel line? And if so where is it mounted? I guess it could have been a Rest of World option?
  38. SteveS

    Lightweight Winch Bumper for 100 - ideas???

    So my truck has a full blown ARB winch bumper and bars on it currently. However, for slightly less extreme use I was wondering what options there are out there. I want the sturdiness of a metal bumper but can do without (or can ideally decide to fit or remove at will) the bars surrounding light...
  39. SteveS

    PMR446 - but CB style transceiver?

    We're going away as a group and everybody seems to want to use PMR446 hand helds to do the talking.....which strikes me as less optimal than a nice CB with proper speakers etc etc. Anyway, the question is if I'd like to avoid PMR446 hand helds is there such a thing as a 446Mhz transceiver that...
  40. SteveS

    Land Cruiser Long Design service life

    I noticed at the weekend that Overland Journal posted an article on FB/expedition portal about overland truck depreciation "Overland Trucks: the winners and losers". The 100 Series comes out pretty well, but what interested me was that in the article they said that the 100 had a designed service...
  41. SteveS

    Isolating the starter battery for long periods

    My truck is destined to spend 4-6 week periods in the dark confines of a ship container. So my thoughts have turned to how I can completely isolate the starter battery from the car systems. The 2nd/Aux battery will be isolated by virtue of the IBS split charge controller. The starter battery...
  42. SteveS

    WANTED 100 Series GX wheel centre

    Does anyone have a spare one of these that they wish to sell me. I'm told it came from a 100 Series GX model with 16" alloy wheels I need just OEM parts they are silver coloured. I will be spraying it black so if it is a bit tatty then that won't matter
  43. SteveS

    Tough Dog shocks: self regulating "Ralph" or big bore manual adjustable?

    I plan to go for some Tough Dog shocks to replace the OMEs that are on the truck presently. The choice offered (2" lift) is the big bore externally adjustable or the "Ralph" model with 53mm and...
  44. SteveS

    EFS springs - but what constant weight?

    I'd like to gauge thoughts on choice of HD spring for my overland build LC100 (see Hedgehog in the overland build section). EFS springs on the rear and they can be sourced by how much constant weight on the axle. They are rated as constant +300kg, constant +200-250, constant +200, constant...
  45. SteveS

    Lynx Straps

    Just found these on a motorbike site. Look to be useful and flexible. The thing that attracted me to them was the ability to link any number of them together to create a 'spider' or a longer length or shape. They have a short elasticated section in them and have pull adjustments like a ruck...
  46. SteveS

    Tough Dog Shocks - your thoughts?

    I was planning to put Koni Rallye Raid shocks on the cruiser, and whilst these are adjustable this can only be done by disconnecting one end and twisting the shaft......not easily done in the field. So I'm looking at alternatives with an adjusting screw or dial. I'm running a 2 inch lift/285/75...
  47. SteveS

    Rear Tyre Steps

    Will be mounting my RTT on to the rack soon and I will need a reliable and simple method to climb up to the rack. I've been looking at rear tyre steps and wondered what experience and ideas you all had. There appears to be two versions - one by Front Runner...
  48. SteveS

    Roof Rack Ladder Options 100 Series

    So I've got my rack installed and now I need to get a ladder to get up on the rack and sort out the roof tent. I have in mind to get a Front Runner Spare Wheel Step but what other options are there? I've seen a Gobi ladder that mounts on the rear hatch - may add extra weight and cause the...
  49. SteveS

    Southern France Camping Trip Report

    Thought a few of you would be interested in our recent tripto the south of France. This was a fairly standard camping holiday, hardly anyoff road, but really to start shaking down the truck and fittings, see whatworks and what doesn’t etc. Next shake down is Iceland next year followed byoverland...
  50. SteveS

    Overland tools list - for general & specific tasks

    Over the years I have (like many others) thrown all manner of things that I thought would be useful/necessary into my toolbag. I'm talking pure tools here - not things like tape, glues, tie wraps, spares etc. Pure tools. Is there somewhere a definitive list of what tools are needed for each...
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