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    Crankshaft pulley clearance

    Hi, I am a bit concerned about my harmonic balancer or crankshaft pulley clearance. I have heard of the rubber deteriorating in them allowing them to move and possible rub a hole in the front cover. Here is a pic of mine, how does it look to you guys?
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    2003 air con hose

    Any idea where I can get air conditioner hoses for a 2003 Australian delivered hdj100. My hose with the high pressure service valve in it is leaking around the crimp. My aircon guy tried recrimping, but it hasn't worked. Looks like they are no longer available here in oz. Thanks
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    Winscreen replacment

    Hi, anyone know how these plastic bits are held in? Mine had a new screen put in before I purchased it & I think they may have broken some clips as it feels loose & rattles from the wind passing over it. The faster you go the worse it gets. I stuffed a bit of rag under it & the rattle went away...
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    5 Speed automatic temp gauge

    Hi, anyone put a oil temp gauge on their 5 speed auto...what's the best method & position as far as attaching the sensor? Cheers WC57
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    2002 4.2TD alternator,smart or not?

    Hi, just reading through the instructions for wiring up my Projecta dc to dc charger & can see that the ignition wire is only needed for vehicles fitted with a smart alternator. Does my Australian spec Nov 2002 Sahara have one, or can I leave this wire off? Cheers.
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    Anyone running AGM battery under the hood?

    Hi, my 2003 TD 100 series still has the factory standard dual battery system & the batteries are on their way out. When I replace them I will definitely need to isolate one to run my fridge (went camping a few weekends back & flattened both). I am thinking of installing a large SLA battery as a...
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    Hi & what is this sensor?

    Hi, I recently purchased a November 2002 100 series Sahara & am trying to identify the sensor shown in this pic. It has two green wires coming off it. As you can see one is broken off. I think it has been re-soldered before. The engine still runs, but is lacking power & the engine check light is...
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