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  1. toolsplus

    New intercooler

  2. toolsplus

    Underbody paint

    My 120's having a paint job this winter,so while it's at the body shop I'm going to have it painted underneath as well. Just wondering what you 'don't' paint underneath? Obviously not; Exhaust,shocks and brake lines What else should I not be painting? Cheers
  3. toolsplus

    buying a 150 series

    i'll be looking to buy a 150 series,just wondering what models there are in Europe to buy from 2009 til present? the 120's easy; LC3,LC4 or LC5 what differences do the models have in the 150 series? is the 2.8 a better engine than the 3.0 litre? i'll eventually be raising it 2'' and so on...
  4. toolsplus

    Rear steel non-slip

  5. toolsplus


    i'm been using Pradopoint for a few years now,it's always been an excellent forum and obviously a hive of information and advice lately it seems very quiet? anyone know why? cheers
  6. toolsplus

    Replacement sun-visor

    just priced up a driver's side replacement sun-visor for £240 from Toyota! i'll have a go at trying to fix it then...
  7. toolsplus

    end of the Prado?

    are Toyota going to end production of the Prado series? i heard the last ones will be made in 2021? cheers
  8. toolsplus

    time for new injectors?

    125,000 miles now is it time for new injectors? cheers
  9. toolsplus

    2007 120 for sale

    what injector seals did the 2007 120's have? do i need to get the chassis number to be sure?
  10. toolsplus

    120 Invincible,what years and spec. ?

    was the 120 Invincible sold in 2006 and 2007 only? was it much the same as an LC5? Cheers
  11. toolsplus

    looking for a 100 series,what were the best years?

    i'll be looking to buy a 100 in the UK this summer? just wondering what years were the best ones? when did the auto box become a 5-speed? i'm after something with 100k miles or less cheers
  12. toolsplus

    lights warning buzzer

    when i turn my lights and engine off, if i keep my foot on the brake the buzzer keeps sounding i presume for some reason the brake light circuit's operating the lights-on buzzer any ideas lads? cheers
  13. toolsplus

    Malfunction indicator lamp

    page 167 in the owner's manual MIL lamp is on sometimes,car will drive slowly,but worse uphill just wondering whether to risk driving to my local garage or get recovered [towing's illegal in Portugal] manual says; 'there's a problem in the engine electrical system,electronic engine control...
  14. toolsplus

    ARB lockers

    my lockers weren't working when i got the car a coupla years ago,fixed 'em, all good til now thinking about some ARB lockers,heard they're strong just wondering about any reliability issues? cheers
  15. toolsplus

    80 series standard wheel offset?

    is the 80 series standard wheel offset '0' ? cheers
  16. toolsplus

    halogen headlight bulbs

    just ordered some new headlights today thinking about buying some new halogen bulbs to put in i've had Philips bullbs in there for years but i'd like something brighter,but not interested in LED bulbs any ideas on some decent bright halogens? cheers
  17. toolsplus


    was thinking about fitting trackers to both my Land Cruisers, to aid recovery if they're stolen any experience on what's a decent make to buy? cheers
  18. toolsplus

    bonnet stays

    it gets a bit windy in the Algarve sometimes and i've nearly been guillotined by the bonnets on both my Cruisers. has anyone fitted steel bonnets stays to either a 120 or an 80 series? cheers
  19. toolsplus

    a roof tent story

    would be great if everyone put up 3 pics of their roof tent packed up on the car fully opened up and one more for fun make,model and how much they're new is nice to know? cheers
  20. toolsplus

    private messages

    can anyone explain why 'private messages' aren't called 'private messages' on this forum? i always go round in circles trying to find the useful info that someone has given me? i'm given up now and tea's ready cheers
  21. toolsplus

    12 volt microwave ovens

    with cig.socket plug maybe a Roadpro? any ideas lads? cheers
  22. toolsplus

    Roof tent for 1 ?

    Been looking at Roof tents for years now and vowed i'd never get one. I like the look of the hard-shell James Baroud ones, but i fancy a narrower base for a single sleeper,'cause it's just for sleeping. I think the JB Discovery is 148 cms wide,i was hoping for about 110 cms ish? Who has...
  23. toolsplus

    Disable alarm interior sensor,non-permanent

    I travel with the dog alot and i'm thinking about covering the interior movement sensor with something to stop it kicking off. Gona experiment today [somewhere quiet!] I dont want to permamently disable it 'cause sometimes i'm in 'scumbag lands' and i need it then. Anyone tried this? Cheers
  24. toolsplus

    80 standard offset?

    i've taken off the standard wheel arch glass fibre flares,now my 120 series OEM R17''s x 31'' BFG's fit perfectly. just wondered what the 80 standard offset was in 1992 on the R15 x 30'' original Brigdestone is? i like the look of the 80 without the OEM flares and now realise i dont need the...
  25. toolsplus

    Artic Trucks,masters of non communication...

    Never ever had a reply from AT,probably saved myself a lot of money tho'! Put my 33'' x R16 Cooper's on the 120,bit of trimming and all's well apart from the front steel chassis to body support arms,wheels are 25mm offset ie 'outie'. I'm gona need an AT body kit and 50mm offset to clear these...
  26. toolsplus

    Storage behind front seats.

    Took my back seats out and thinking about some kind of storage behind . Not off the shelf stuff,probably just a box that bolts to the vacant seat fixings with drawers. Anyone do this in a day? Cheers
  27. toolsplus

    Summer in Portugal

    After 40 years of summers in Jersey i've decided to stay put down here this summer for the first time. This forum has been great to me so i'm inviting anyone from the forum who's in the area to pop in for a cuppa. I'm gona chill and work on the 80. I'm here until summer 2020,if you want you can...
  28. toolsplus

    MOT 's,tyre age?

    do tyres have a shelf life in the UK MOT,or are they just inspected and passed on condition and tread? cheers
  29. toolsplus

    diff lock abuse?

    after owning the 120 series for 11 years and the 80 series for 3 years, i've just read in the owners manual that states 'do not exceed 5mph with diff lock engaged' i'm been hammering both cars up steep,difficult,long sometimes fast hill climbs with diff locks in, definitely way over 5mph,is...
  30. toolsplus

    1992 Toyota owners manual

    my 80 series was imported from Luxembourg so it has a german owners manual does anyone have an english version they would sell? cheers
  31. toolsplus

    steel corners

    dont like the look of any rear steel bumpers for my 80 decided to go for some decent steel corners instead Asfir make some,look ok on pics but very expensive-850 euros any others out there? cheers
  32. toolsplus

    suzuki samarai clutch...

    a good mate's having a problem sourcing a new tougher clutch for his Samarai down here any suggestions for a decent supplier in the UK? cheers
  33. toolsplus

    steel wheels

    looking for some decent modular steel wheels 16 x 8 with zero offset any ideas lads? cheers
  34. toolsplus

    passenger footwell water leak

    slight water leak in the passenger footwell,that appears 'under but not on top of' the rubber mat i cant find out where it's coming from,i assume it's either; the windscreen windscreen drainage blocked two separate mechanics have drawn a blank... any ideas lads? cheers
  35. toolsplus

    front brake discs

    my front brake discs need replacing after 112,000 miles is that a normal,decent or poor wear rate? i'm thinking i don't need OEM replacements? what's anyone think? cheers
  36. toolsplus

    lost mudguards...

    hit the same big mud hole too many times yesterday jet washed today and found the result of my enthusiasm,two missing mud flaps can anyone sell me the two left-side front and rear OEM mud flaps? cheers
  37. toolsplus

    BFG real tyre measurement...

    BFG All Terrain 285/70 R17 if anyone has the above tyre on their car can you do some measurements for me? measure[in inches]; diameter,width across the tread,width of the belly my BFG All Terrain 265/70 R17's just fit in behind the front steering arm a clearance of only about 1/2''... cheers
  38. toolsplus

    headlight bulb upgrade

    going to upgrade the headlight bulbs from candles up to something alot brighter my bulbs are at least 10 years old... what's good to by on the market now? cheers
  39. toolsplus

    shipping for RTW trip

    looking for advice on shipping my 120 from; Cape Town to Buenos Aires Colombia to Mexico Vancouver to Japan leaving for Morrocco one October heading south to Cape Town Argentina to Colombia Mexico to Alaska Vladivostok to Portugal guess i'll need a roof tent then...
  40. toolsplus

    side light upgrade

    there's not much i dont like about my 120 but the side lights are very poor is there a decent worthwhile after market bulb that's brighter? cheers
  41. toolsplus

    Coopers Discoverer S/T Maxx

    thinking about changing tyres soon,my BFG A/T's are four years old now and have had a lot of off-road stick and mileage i've always liked the look of Cooper tyres but never tried them i'm looking for owners experiences of the Discoverer S/T Maxx? cheers
  42. toolsplus

    comfortable suspension

    i'm going to buy some new shocks and springs for my 80. i have OME Nitro shocks and springs had them for a coupla years now and i'm fed up with the harsh ride on the dirt all i want is the most comfortable set up any ideas lads? cheers
  43. toolsplus

    James Baroud roof tents

    sick of spending £100 a night to tour the UK, so thinking about a roof tent so after 20+ nights it'll pay for itself,joined the caravan for this trip and haven't use one campsite yet, due to ill preparation,incompetence and laziness cheers
  44. toolsplus

    polishing headlights

    mine are looking a bit tired after 4 years on the dirt almost every day are they worth saving with a polish and which product? or bite the bullet and buy 2 new ones? i'm in the UK for another coupla weeks cheers
  45. toolsplus

    rock sliders

    fancying some rock sliders for my 80 what are people using on here? cheers
  46. toolsplus

    ARB rear steel bumper

    thinking about an ARB rear steel bumper for my 80 if you run one can you give a report of you're ownership and some pics would be nice cheers
  47. toolsplus

    waypoint 4x4 tours

    been trying to contact Barrie at 'waypoint 4x4',but his website seems to be down does anyone know how to contact him or is he not trading anymore? cheers
  48. toolsplus

    abs in high box only

    just wondering why the abs switches off if i select low box i know it should switch off according to the manual,just wondering why? cheers
  49. toolsplus

    tyres again

    i'm running BFG A/T 265/70 R17's at the mo' on standard alloys they measure about 31'' dia. no clearance problems does anyone on here run 285/70 R17's ? [about 32''] or 315/70 R17's? [about 34''] i realise i'll need to trim wheel arches and use bigger offset rims cheers
  50. toolsplus

    changing signature

    tried to changed my signature a few times it says 'saved changes',but it never does,any ideas lads? cheers
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